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472 The Antelope Flies Across And Has Gone Wrong?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     There was a flash of fire at the window of the corridor on the second floor, and a faint burst of black smoke appeared, and even the wall seemed to faintly shake.

     However, after the fire and gunpowder smoke, everything in the building was calm as usual, and a reminder that doesn't have any emerged.

     "People don't seem to be in the corridor."

     Shoroi said with some regret.

     "Is there any thunder?" asked f1nky7 on the side.

     "No, it's all over." shrugged the shoulders.

     Before the words were over, I just listened to the sudden "boom" from the puzzle building next door!

     The kiz people downstairs couldn't help but froze, immediately alert, and then found the source of the sound somewhat astonished.

     Srookie's face was startled, and couldn't help being surprised, "Is there anyone next door?"

     "I don't know." Shoroi was also confused, "Who was he bombing just now?"

     Hearing shoroi’s question,

     The other two kiz were also stunned.

     Yes indeed!

     Just now, this Lei Ting's voice clearly came from the puzzle building next door.

     So the question is, who is he bombing?

     At this moment, compared to the doubts and puzzles of the three kiz players in the game, the audience in the live and live broadcast room was at that moment when the grenade exploded,

     But they screamed in exclamation!

     In the big screen of the game, Liu Zilang just threw the grenade not far behind him in the eyes of countless people.

     Immediately afterwards, at the moment the grenade exploded, fiery waves and impact came!Liu Zilang was affected by the impact of the explosion. Standing on the edge of the building, he instantly soaring high into the air and flew out like a kite with cut string.

     But the normal phenomenon of these all are grenades exploding is not surprising.

     But what really made everyone stunned and exclaimed "fuck" is that after Liu Zilang was blown out,

     Not only did not fall to death,

     Instead, he flew inconceivable to the top of the building next door, and the residual blood survived!

     Seeing this, no one can understand.

     Liu Zilang’s thunder did not blew himself up.

     Obviously it's a catapult!

     As for his reckless approach, even if the audience in the live and broadcast rooms saw it with their own eyes, they still had a feeling of "Damn" in their hearts.

     "This Nima is not an illusion? Is there such an operation?"

     "I'm a turtle! It's worthy of being the best physics engine in the world. This wave is so beautiful that my hair is almost gone."

     "By the way, if Vic fell in the air and fell to death just now, it was God's work."

     "2333 said it was a black fan who fell to death? But why do you still have a little expectation after thinking about it"

     Host the commentary stage.

     The three of them also opened their mouths in shock, almost smashing their chins on the table in front of them.

     Right now Liu Zilang can even play this kind of operation. What else can they say except a capitalized character?

     At this moment, sy, who was the first to recover his wits from shock, watched Liu Zilang, who was squatting on the top of the building and spraying medicine after watching the "Ejection Start" flying past.

     He couldn't help but touched his chin, and guessed, "Is Vic going for a sneak attack?"Su Changming on the side is nodded, "I think this may be the biggest, otherwise this kid doesn't need to go to a lot of trouble to pass this way."

     msjoy stared at the game screen blankly, but the light in his eyes became more and more bright!

     He suddenly clenched his fist and punched his palm, and said excitedly, "This wave of Vic is really a genius like thinking!"

     Seeing msjoy's excitement, Su Changming and sy also reacted.

      It should be noted, there is only one way to the top of the puzzle building, and that is to climb up through the corridor.

     But now the tyloo in the building is guarding the building, and no one can climb to the top of the building without them noticing it. This will create a psychological blind zone of "no one can go upstairs" for them.

     Now Tyloo and Kiz are stalemate below each other, and they are about to fight.

     When Liu Zilang comes down from the stairs,

     The result is natural as you can well imagine

     Many viewers at the scene also thought of this, and for a while, everyone's eyes became somewhat anticipated.

     However, in the game at this time, everyone in the live broadcast room knew that Liu Zilang had crossed the gap between the two buildings in a wave of "catapults", and jumped inconceivable to the top of the building where they were.

     But there is no tyloo from God's perspective and kiz downstairs doesn't know at all!

     Kiz thought that the building next door also had other teams, and even suspected that Tyloo in the building was separated from the same team.

     So the thunder has been thrown at this moment, and they are all somewhat begin to stir.

     As for Tyloo in the building, he heard the explosion next door.words exceede 5100Bai Shaobin felt that since Hou Dongfang suddenly charged, there must be his reasons.

     So he did not stop, but quickly drew his gun to keep up.

     As for the three Kiz outside the building, they were also more alert. They were not blown down by Hou Dongfang's grenade, but quickly dispersed, forming a three-point cross fire at the door.

     For a while, the three Tyloo who rushed to the door showed their heads before being pushed back again.

     "Flash! Who has the explosive bomb on his body!" Bai Shaobin quickly took over the command and shouted loudly, "This group of Bi is holding us outside and give them a light burst!"

     "I have it!"

     The two dogs in the team cut out a shock bomb and glanced outside, grinning grinningly, "Try the big guy!"

     As soon as the voice fell, I only heard a "bang"!

     The four of Tyloo's eyes suddenly became white, and they couldn't see anything except the harsh buzzing in their ears!

     And at this time, the two dogs who had just cut out the shock bomb in his hand were immediately confused

     What is the situation with Nima?

     The shock bomb exploded ahead of time?