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480 Looking At The Leopard In The Tube, The World Wave Of The Finals! (Middle) Second More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"In the sw185 direction, someone has entered the room."

     ig's team chat voice.

     Xiao Jue was keenly aware of a person's figure.

     Shen Zeyan, who was staring at the other direction, couldn't help but turned the head around.

     He held up the 98k in his hand, subconsciously opened the lens and glanced.

     In the field of view of the eightfold lens,

     Sure enough, I saw a person crouching at the door of a small building, looking around.

     I looked around at the illusion, knowing that this time must be played by the One Hit Kill sniper.

     If they shoot rashly, if they can't kill in seconds, the other party will definitely enter the house.

      Thought until here, I could not help but look at Shen Zeyan, "Can you knock him out? It seems like a lone wolf, knock him out and we will occupy the house."

     "I will try." Shen Zeyan said calmly.

     There is no ups and downs in the tone of voice.

     But Illusion and Xiao Jue were determined to hear this. They and Shen Zeyan had been teammates for more than half a year, and naturally they had already figured out his character.

     In general, in a game, apart from shaking his head, Shen Zeyan said when he tried,

     That is basically extremely certain.

     At this time, that person wagging his head in a high-spirited manner at the door with a second-level head. Shen Zeyan’s sniper level is the "three peak sniper gods in Asia". This level of shaking will not affect his sniper accuracy. .

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Crap! Vic was discovered by ig when he entered the house! Ze Shao seems to have an idea for him!""Well, his third-level head was just blown upstairs by Ze Shao, and now there is only one second-level head on his head. If this wave is hit again, it will be cold."

     "By the way, why didn't Vic enter the house, and what did he do at the door?"

     "I think Qiu Shen who just came out of the toilet heard his footsteps, so Vic is still investigating."

     "But Ze Shao has taken aim here! What do you say about this wave? Vic is not leaving yet?"

     Along with the words on the commentary stage, in the game screen on the big screen behind the stage,

     I saw Shen Zeyan following Liu Zilang's head coldly eight times 98k, shaking side by side.

     Shen Zeyan took a deep breath.

     His eyes condensed suddenly,

     The expression on his face also became fierce!

     The next moment, he pulled the trigger suddenly!


     The crisp gunfire blasted into my ears,

     A sniper bullet burst out!

     At the moment when the gunshot was heard, the audience seemed to have already saw it that Liu Zilang's helmet shattered and the whole person collapsed.

     But at this moment, the scene that made everyone's eyes straight appeared!

     In the game screen on the big screen,

     At the moment when Shen Zeyan fired his shot, Liu Zilang, who knelt down at the door, suddenly closed the door!

     He...closed...the door!


     The sniper bullet that Shen Zeyan predicted for a long time fell on the wooden door.

     The sawdust scours the ground,

     A huge bullet hole suddenly appeared on the door!You must know that although the bullets in the game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can break wooden doors, they are limited to breaking.

     So ig’s illusion and Xiao Jue saw the abruptly closed door and the bullet hole in the door.

     There was a twitch in the corner of his eyes, and he couldn't bear to turn his head to look at Shen Zeyan's face...

     At this time, Shen Zeyan's deadpan's face is still deadpan, but he narrowed his eyes slightly.

     The expression in his eyes became extremely cold.

     The audience in the live and live broadcast room also laughed after being startled! Isn't this bit too skinny? Does Nima have this kind of operation?

     "Puff haha, laughed out of the eight pack of labor and capital, vic's ratio is so beautiful!"

     "Di: Your friend "Bulletproof Door" is online!"

     "I've served it! People are a four-level pot, vic is a four-level door!"

     "This wave of cliffs is a blind cat finds a dead mouse, so vic's life is too hard, it's a bad person lasts for a thousand years!"

     "Ze Shao: I have a sentence p is not worth talking about!"

     During the game, Liu Zilang, who had just closed the door, heard gunshots and movement on the door.

     Suddenly it was shocked!

     what's the situation?

     Turning around, I saw the hole in the wooden door...

     Liu Zilang reacted immediately, his eyes twitched, and his heart became angry.

     Who is so insidious about this!

     He squatted in the room, staring at the hole speechless for a long time.

     It is not his style to be beaten and not fight back!At this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly had divine light flashes in his mind, and a bold idea emerged.

     He chuckled,

     The 98k behind has already slipped to the palm of his hand.

     Then I saw him squatting behind the door, looking through the hole, secretly observing in secret, and got up.

     All of a sudden, a kind of wretched voyeurism assaults the senses!

     What is he doing?

     The audience at the scene and in the live broadcast room became interested in seeing this scene, and the director's camera could not be removed for a while.

     So people want to know what he wanted to do when he squatted behind the door with his gun open.

     and many more!

     Seeing that hole, someone suddenly woke up!

     A feeling of "Damn" suddenly rose in my heart.

     This Nima... isn't it?

     At this moment, the director's lens also gave Liu Zilang's first perspective.

     In the big screen of the game, all the spectators in the live and broadcast room were led by Liu Zilang, and opened the door of New World's through that hole...

     At this time, the next wave of poison will be refreshed in less than ten seconds, and several people in ig have begun to move into the circle.

     Although they have been staring at Liu Zilang, Liu Zilang's door has not been opened.

     They only thought that Liu Zilang was scared to hide like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow.

     Obviously, at this time, they completely forgot a simple knowledge of junior high school physics.

     They can't see Liu Zilang,

     But Liu Zilang can see them through that hole...


      without omen,

     A crisp gunshot suddenly came from the door!At the next moment, a cluster of eye-catching blood blossoms suddenly burst out on the second-level skull of the running illusion.

     Immediately there was a stagger under my feet,

      crash sound fell to the ground!

     "4avic used kar98k to headshot ig-cuojue!"

     After witnessing this incredible scene throughout the whole process, the audience at the scene and the live broadcast room was suddenly shocked!

     This is so...it's done?

     "Crap! There is this kind of operation?"

     "Take notes, this wave really faints me!"

     "2333 dare to ask your surname Miao?"

     "Miao? Miao Renfeng! Like Li!"


     The ig three who were running drugs were also beaten up!

     Shen Zeyan immediately found the bunker, quickly opened the mirror with his backhand, and subconsciously aimed at the second floor window sill of the small building where Liu Zilang was located, following the gunshots.

     no one?

     Seeing the vision of not a soul in sight in the eightfold mirror,

     He could not help but slightly knitted the brows.

     But at this moment,

     Another gunshot came from that small building!

     At the moment when he heard the gunshots, Shen Zeyan was startled and quickly wanted to get back.

     But...but it's too late!