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481 Destiny, The World Wave Of The Finals! (Below) Third More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At this distance,

     The 98k sniper bullet almost came at once!


     without any precautions

     At the moment of closing, Shen Zeyan's dark third-level head suddenly shattered, and his blood volume was to drop a thousand zhang in one fall!

     Obviously, Liu Zilang hit him with this shot!

     However, with Shen Zeyan's delay, the illusion of being knocked down quickly crawled behind the bunker.

     He was about to say "This way can be saved", looked down at the poison circle, and suddenly his face turned white!

     They just ran the poison in the last ten seconds, which was originally surefire.

     But now that Liu Zilang has been so delayed, the deep blue radiation grid around it has already shrunk slowly with a death aura.

      It should be noted, this is the Second Last wave of the finals, it's a painful one.

      Even if Xiao Jue helped him up this time, it would probably be the result of him falling to the ground again before he could even fight.

     "Leave me alone, you go first."

     Seeing this, the illusion immediately said decisively.

     Xiao Jue hesitated for a moment, but turned and left helplessly.

     At this moment, Shen Zeyan squinted slightly and said calmly, "Be careful, there is someone behind the door."

     Upon hearing this, Illusion and Xiao Jue glanced at the direction where the gunfire had just come.

     Behind the door?

     For a while, the two of them couldn't keep up with their thoughts, and they didn't understand what Shen Zeyan meant.

     You want to say that you can understand behind the window, but there are people behind the closed door, how can you hit them?After Shen Zeyan, who was squatting behind the bunker, finished playing the first aid kit, he raised his head and drank a can of drink, and immediately said deadpan, "The bullet hole in the door just saw fire."

     Bullet hole


     Hearing this, Illusory and Xiao Jue simultaneously looked at the door that had just blocked Shen Zeyan.

      finally clear here.

     This Nima is this excessively tricky!

      At the same time, Liu Zilang behind the door pulled the 98k in his hand again.

     This kind of feeling that only he hits others but others can't hit him is really beautiful!

     Just when he decided to make another shot against the hole,


     Suddenly, Liu Zilang vaguely heard a sound of footsteps outside.

     The steps are very light and thin

      The opposite party obviously started the quiet step.

     After realizing this, Liu Zilang hurriedly replaced the 98k in his hand with the m16, and he immediately became alert.

     "Damn, how come this kid's ears are so good."

     Li Muqiu couldn't help being cursed inwardly when he heard the gunshots inside the room.

     He heard the footsteps in the room after coming out of the toilet and didn't pay much attention to it at first. Until Liu Zilang shot out of the hole behind, the sound of the gunshot knocked down the illusion.

     See the knockdown prompt,

     Li Muqiu suddenly reacted!


     But he never expected Liu Zilang to be so cautious when confronting a gun with someone, and he was discovered as soon as he touched the door.

     Don't this kid belong to a bat?

     Li Muqiu said ridicule in heart, but the movement in his hand did not fall.Now that he has been discovered, he is simply not being secretive.

     The other three of se7en in this game can be said to have all died from Liu Zilang's poisonous hands, this enmity unable to coexist under the same sky!

      Thought until here, Li Muqiu cut out a thunder with his backhand. After a wave of preheating, he threw his hand in through the window.

     Hard that monkey!

     Liu Zilang heard the movement of the grenade pull ring outside, and hurriedly ran upstairs.

     For a metaphysical weapon like a grenade,

     He has always been show respect from a distance!

     After Li Muqiu threw a thunder in, he heard the footsteps inside the machine, he immediately rushed in with the ak and pushed the door, just to see Liu Zilang's back on the stairs.

     Suddenly -!

     Li Muqiu raised his muzzle, and shot at that figure!

     Ding ding ding dang dang Dang!

     There was a spark suddenly on the handrail of the stairs, and Liu Zilang was shot in the calf before Liu Zilang could lift it up.

     "Fuck, who is so fierce!"

     Liu Zilang's heart is inwardly cursed.

     He thought that the other party would wait until after threw the thunder, but he rushed in without the other party's footsteps.

     At this time, listening to the other party's footsteps seems to be a little bit chasing,

     Liu Zilang is currently dissatisfied with his blood volume, naturally impossible to shoot with the opponent inferiorly, he could not help but cut out a thunder with his backhand and threw it directly on the corridor.


     Don't be afraid of death, keep chasing you!

     Li Muqiu heard a "gang-dang" from upstairs, and he couldn't help but hold his footsteps.



     After a while, there were two explosions in this two-story building."Tsk tusk, Vic and Qiu Shen are really enemies on a narrow road. I didn't expect to meet again here."

     "This wave looks like the two of them are frozen, but they are all in the circle anyway."

     "Yes, in this case, if two lone wolves ‘share’ a house together, it seems to be a not bad’s choice."

     "But wait! Royad fought with the bb team while running poison. This wave is about the Korean Civil War!"

     Accompanied by the commentary.

     After a fierce gunfire, the number of survivors on the court dropped from ten to six.

     There was a drop of four staff at once.

     Among these four people, two of the bb team were killed, but the assaultman Tapel of Royalad was also replaced by the opponent.

      there is still one is the illusion of being knocked down by Liu Zilang outside the circle, the two of ig have no time to rescue,

     The poison circle that was brushed over was made up.

     When the border between the drug circle and the safe zone coincided, the last safe spot appeared.

     After seeing that point, the audience suddenly let out a cry of exclamation!

     Because this circle is actually in the building "shared" by Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu.

     In the game, at the moment of seeing this circle,

     Liu Zilang was startled, and four words came to mind!

      Mandate of Heaven Returns!

     But thinking of Li Muqiu downstairs, he suddenly felt painful again

     The last wave of poison in the finals was different from the previous waves, and the time to shrink the poison was extended to three minutes and fifteen seconds.

     Because there is only one point in the last safety zone of the finals, and under normal circumstances, only one person can stand.Of course, if you can survive to the end in this game, Liu Zilang upstairs and Li Muqiu downstairs can perhaps stand at that point at the same time across the floor.

     But under normal circumstances is obviously impossible.

     So this long three minutes and fifteen seconds is the game left for the far hand before shrinking the circle, to solve it by fighting.

     But at the moment, the remaining six people are three-legged in the safe zone, each occupying a house.

     But no one would be stupid enough to attack the building first.

     In this case, the house where Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu of "Mandate of Heaven Returns" are located has become an artificial bombing zone.

     I saw the two teams of ig thundering towards their land through the window.


     In the fire and smoke,

     The bombing in the building suddenly became a continuous sound.

     Liu Zilang was a little annoyed by the bombing.

     Seeing that Li Muqiu who was downstairs hadn't come down yet, he pondered for a moment, and suddenly came quietly to the balcony at the back door of the second floor.

     After opening the door, Liu Zilang jumped onto the railing first.

     Then he jumped twice and jumped on the door, and finally climbed to the top of the building with both hands.

     "Tsk tusk, Vic is going to go to the house to reveal the tiles!"

     "Huh? I think this place is pretty good, with a very open sight."

     In the game at this time, Liu Zilang glanced at the roof and found that the two of ig had retracted.

     It seems that Lei threw almost there.

     However, being blocked from sight, gunshots still came from the house a little further away.At the next moment, Liu Zilang suddenly cut a thunder in his hand. After running a few steps on the roof, he rushed to the ridge, and suddenly his body jumped.

     Threw a high thunder into the air vigorously!

     In the picture, I saw that grenade drew a parabola in the air and suddenly passed the house in front of him.

     Then, like a "world wave" kicked out by a long-range shot of a super star, it whizzed towards the house where royalad was!