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482 The Style Of That Jump!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw the high-throw thunder that Liu Zilang threw over a house and flew straight to the second floor window of another house.

      bang sound!

     There was a crisp sound of broken glass.

     The goal is scored!

     In the house, Royal Kim Doo-hwan and Mercedes-Benz on the first floor were taken aback when they heard the sound of glass on the second floor.

     Jin Douhuan frowned slightly, "Who threw the thunder?"

     "It should be the person in the building in front of us." Brother Benz guessed, but then said with a smile, "It's okay, he threw it to the second floor."

     The voice just fell,

     Just listen to "Kang Dang"!

     What thing in the corridor hits the wall.

     When Jin Douhuan heard the movement, he suddenly thumped for no reason.

     The next moment, watching the grenade that bounced off the corridor and rolled all the way in front of them.

     Mercedes-Benz smile on face also froze instantly!

     What kind of thunder is this Nima?

     If there is slow motion playback at this time,

     The audience at the scene can perhaps see that at that moment when the grenade rolled in front of the two of them, Kim Doo-hwan and Benz made a turn almost at the same time.

     But unfortunately not

     Therefore, the audience in the live broadcast room only saw the moment when the fire was on the ground.

     A violent air wave hits,

     The two suddenly turned upside down and flew out in opposite directions.



     There was a sound of collision between the two bodies and the wall.

     The next moment, the two slid feebly to the ground in opposite directions, stared wide-eyed staring at each other.Sitting opposite, dead but will not close the eyes

     "4am-vic used a grenade to blow up royal-azeael!"

     "4am-vic used a grenade to blow up royal-benz!"

     Seeing this picture on the big screen, the scene suddenly fell into deathly silence!

     Almost everyone opened their mouths inconceivable and looked at the scene in front of them with some tingling sensation.

     Young man

     What thunder did you throw?

      At the same time, the barrage in the official live broadcast rooms of major platforms also exploded!

     "Woc! th-th-th-this is special, is Thor reincarnation?"

     "Give the big guy a lot of ice, this Nima can blow up people, and labor and capital can be regarded as convinced!"

     "Who told you this is a grenade, it is clearly an intercontinental cruise missile!"

     "The intercontinental missile is too much. According to my experience, this should be an Armstrong cyclotron jet Armstrong gun!"

     "Please don't show up, the two big Korean pots should have been blown up and crying now."

     "By the way, speaking of the last game, Royal was also killed by thunder in the finals, right?"

     "You remember correctly, but I have to add that the same person killed them."

     "Hi! The power of a thunder is so great, vic is a bit scary than this!"

     "There are two heads again. Does anyone remember how many vic killed? It feels like this guy is killing God in this game!"


     During the game, Liu Zilang on the roof saw two kills jumped out, and he couldn't help but dazed for a moment.Looking at the line of blood red "27kills" that appeared on the panel, Liu Zilang was even slightly surprised.

     He felt that he had done nothing along the way.

     It's just to run away poison, occasionally chivalrous, secretly kill so many people unconsciously?

      Sitting nearby, the three Wei Shen saw Liu Zilang's killing, they were so excited from ear to ear!


     Take a walk in California, USA!

     "Stay steady! Now there are four people left, let's try to eat another chicken!"

     "Right right! Chicken is really stable! Can't give them a chance!"

     "come on! Come on!"

      The three people quickly cheered on Liu Zilang.

     To be honest, when Xiao Xingmu and Aluka were killed in p city, Wei Shen died halfway

     At that time, they had almost given up on the third lap, and they only had the idea of letting Liu Zilang be the first.

     But they never expected Liu Zilang to be deceitful in many ways on this road. No, it’s to devise battle plan in a tent!

     Unconsciously, he entered the finals and scored such a high head kill.

     This is beyond all of those people's expectations!

     "Don't worry, I've always been stable." Liu Zilang comforted the three of Wei Shen who were excited beside him.

     But at this moment, he suddenly heard footsteps downstairs from the roof.

     It turned out that Li Muqiu on the first floor heard the movement above. After seeing the screen swiping on the screen, he immediately guessed the location of Liu Zilang.

     At this moment, Li Muqiu directly rushed forward from the corridor with ak and blocked Liu Zilang on the roof.Hearing the movement on the second floor, Liu Zilang, who was about to get off the balcony, suddenly corner of the mouth twitch.

     This guy is quite fast.

     Suddenly, the situation between the two suddenly became

     Come down!

     Come on!

     The result is that no one will move first.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Speaking of vic's thunder is really accurate, he kicked out the two Korean royad all at once."

     "It is indeed a world-class thunder, so now there are only three Chinese teams left on the field. It is a wave of civil war, and there are three people in it who are still old teammates."

     "At present, it seems that Vic and Qiu Shen are fighting each other. By the way, Boss Su, who do you think can eat chicken in this game?"

     "Uh, from the geographical point of view, Xiaoqiu will have to face Zeyan's ig two in the next. On the contrary, A Lang, who cannot come under the roof, has a certain advantage, so I think his possibility is greater. "

     "I think Boss Su is a bit too direct, right? Did Vic offend you before?"


     at this time,

     The director's shot was suddenly shown to the ig two.

     At this time, the last wave of poison would shrink within a minute, but Shen Zeyan and Xiao Jue did not move closer to the center of the building where Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were.

     Instead, they ran in the opposite direction to the building where the royad and the two were killed.

     "Huh? Do the two of ig want to lick the bag?"

     "But it's this time, what thing do they still lack?"After a while, the two ig who had finished licking their bags detoured into the building where Liu Zilang and them were.

     The audience finally knows what they are missing

     Kang Dang!

     A grenade without omen was thrown on the roof.

     Next, the second one, the third one

     Xiao Jue even threw a Molotov cocktail!

     It was just a blink of an eye,

     Liu Zilang on the roof is like trying to overcome the catastrophe and soars, falling into the endless "Heavenly Thunder and Earthly Fire"

     Hearing the footsteps outside the house, Li Muqiu on the second floor was thinking about whether to steal a chicken at first.

     But when he heard the movement on the roof again, he immediately dispelled the idea, waiting for someone to jump off the building love to hear and see.

     On the roof at this time.


     The fire flashed, and another grenade was thrown up, and Liu Zilang's heart trembled by the explosion.

     Fuck deranged this is!

     Listening to the successive bangs in the ear,

     Liu Zilang suddenly live without hope, like those who lose, his eyes closed.

     Jumped directly from upstairs.

     However, he couldn't think, there are still people following him!