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483 Asia Kills The Gods, Does Not Explain The Fraud
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Liu Zilang ran to a corner,

     Want to conceal a little jump down.

     As a result, when he lowered his head, he was shocked when he saw the person suddenly appeared at his feet!


     People seem to be stepping on what thing

      At the same time, Xiao Jue saw Liu Zilang jumping off the roof abruptly, and immediately exclaimed, "Come down! He jumped down!"

     When he said that, he raised the m4 in his hand.

     "Where?" Shen Zeyan looked around.

     "On your head!" Xiao Jue said under the critical situation, but he felt that something was wrong.

     But at this time, Liu Zilang took advantage of Shen Zeyan's head, but he also quickly raised his m16!

     Fire from the muzzle burst,

     In a burst of gunfire,

     The two have already turned over the fire.

     In this case, how could Shen Zeyan not be able to respond!

     However, although the volume model of the characters in this game is very real, there is no such setting as "stacking Arhats".

     Although Liu Zilang's "Flying Dragon Riding Face" stopped paused on Shen Zeyan's head, it was quickly landed.

      Thus, when Shen Zeyan pulled his vision abruptly and raised his head.

     There is only one sun above the head,

     Where is there anyone?

     not good!

     Suddenly -!

     Liu Zilang, who slipped behind Shen Zeyan, shot a gun at the back of his head.

     "4am-vic knocked down ig-4 with m16a4,

     One is the semi-automatic m16.In the muzzle flames, dense bullets shuttled at a very close distance!

     Liu Zilang doesn't have a sight for this wave,

     It turned on the waist shot!

      At the same time, he moved sideways while pressing c frantically.

     The whole person seemed to be seizures.

     That's right, this is New Year's greetings marksmanship!

     In close encounters, the first effect of this kind of marksmanship is to frighten the opponent.

     Of course, a more reliable statement is to reduce the area of the shot, making it more difficult for the enemy to aim. On the other hand, you can Crowd Control the gun to make the shot more dense.

     Xiao Jue, who was opposite, was naturally not shocked.

     But when he used the red dot to open the lens and aim, he found it painfully, with the frequency of Liu Zilang's shaking, his own hand actually twitched faintly.

     This Nima is poisonous!

     This idea just came up,

     The next moment, Xiao Jue's field of vision suddenly turned black and white, but Liu Zilang survived the limit of residual blood.

     "4am-vic used m16a4 to kill ig-xiaojue!"

     Seeing this inconceivable reversal and the scarlet kill prompt that appeared on the screen, there was a burst of up here, down there in the audience around the scene!

     "Nice! Vic played so beautifully in this wave! The body is also shown to the extreme!"

     "It's a pity Ze Shao, tsk tsk! Vic's jump from this angle is too tricky, and Ze Shao has no chance to fight back."

     "Well, and if I read it right, Xiao Jue seems to have given Ze Shao a shot or two just now.""Uh, we can't talk about it right now, but wait and see the replay."

     "Then there are only two people left on the court, Vic and Qiu Shen, what do you say about this battle of Tianwangshan?"

     Accompanied by the passionate words on stage, Zhang Xiaotong in the front row of the audience also clenched her small fists nervously, staring fixedly at the big screen behind the stage with her big eyes.

     At the next moment, Zhang Xiaotong's face was suddenly startled.

     Opened his small mouth in surprise.

     Under the reflection in her pupils, one person suddenly jumped off the balcony on the second floor!

     Suddenly -!

     People are still in the air, but blazing flames are already spit out from the muzzle!

     Flying dragon is wrong! It's flying grass!

     After Liu Zilang killed Xiao Jue here, he hurriedly ran away with feelings!

     Unexpectedly, this wave of Li Muqiu,

     He jumped off the balcony decisively.

     Needless to say,

      only one face to face, Liu Zilang with blood remaining was pressed to the ground

     "Lore! Qiu Shen jumped down and killed Vic!"

     "Has to say, this is Deadly Strike in time!"

     "Congratulations to se7en for finally breaking the curse of our competition and successfully eating chicken after entering the finals!"

     "Congratulations se7en!"

     The lights on the scene lit up and the world's best music sounded!

     There was also a round of applause and excitement from many female fans in the audience!The footage on the big screen was given to the se7en game bench. Finally, relaxed Li Muqiu lay on the gaming chair behind him, and immediately stretched out his hands and high-five the excited teammates on both sides to celebrate.

     After sensing the scene of the director,

     A smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     Then he suddenly raised his index and middle fingers, raised his thumb to make a gun gesture, and immediately reached his temple.

     "Piu" at the camera!

     This was just a simple gesture of greeting and celebration by se7en.

     Unexpectedly, the female fans at the scene saw this scene, and the screams suddenly increased.

     As if he was too excited to close his legs!

     Liu Zilang, who took off his headphones, couldn't help but curl his lips when he heard the sound of the surrounding audience.

     Really show up!

     Wei Shen and Aluka on the side patted him on the shoulder for comfort.

     There's nothing about it on the faces of the three of them at this time. After all, it is not easy for Liu Zilang to get second in the single four-row situation.

     At this moment, the picture changed on the big screen gave the statistics of each team in this game.

     The first one on the screen,

     Naturally, the se7en team is the last to eat chicken.

     Rank: No. 1!

     Total team kills: 12 kills!

     Next is the statistics of individual kills and headshot rates in the team, as well as the output damage of normal games.

     And Li Muqiu, who lived alone to the end, took eight kills in the whole game,

      Fully deserving, without any reservations, won the mvp in the team!Seeing this scene, the female fans in the audience immediately cheered and screamed again!

     "Qiuqiu is amazing!"

     "Asian killer! The cheating does not explain!"

     "Aaaaaaahhh! Qiuqiu we love you!"


     Amidst the cheers, everything on the big screen was given to the second 4am.

     After seeing the data on the big screen, the cheers and screams on the scene suddenly seemed to be muted.

     Suddenly fell silent.

     Only some fanatical female fans are left standing in the audience with their hands up and cheering!

     But gradually, when they noticed the scary and mysterious 29 kills on the big screen

     The swing of the arms of a few people gradually became smaller in an instant.

     The whole person opened his mouth wide in surprise, his eyes seemed a little unbelievable.