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484 It's Time To Go Home!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the last game, the entire team killed a total of 29 at 4am!

     From that moment, they seemed to have a certain indissoluble bond with this mysterious number.

     For example, in this game, in the statistics of 4am, the terrifying 29 kills behind Liu Zilang id ranked first!

     Single player 29 kills!

     Remove the integer twenty,

     There is one more fraction than Li Muqiu.

     Under such horrible killings, how can the fans on the scene cheer?

     Host the commentary stage.

     "It's really inconceivable. Looking at it this way, I know that vic will definitely have a lot of heads in this game, but I didn't expect him to take so many abruptly!"

     "The main reason is that this boy, A Lang, was a bit tricky in this game, and he was lucky. He stole a lot of heads from several teams. Otherwise, if you want to take 29 kills in this kind of professional competition, it's not so easy."

     "But anyway, if I didn't remember correctly, in all the current offline pubg matches, there hasn't been a record of 29 kills, right?"

     "Well, I heard that Satan from Europe and the United States converted to Pubg a while ago and got more than 30 kills in a offline match. However, the scale of his match is naturally incomparable with our Asian match. It is said to be a US player. It’s a state league."

     "Is there anymore? Tsk tsk! It seems that the talents of these top legendary players can be looked up to in any fps game.

     "There should be no suspense in the points. If the points are the first in this game, it should be 4am."

     The voice on the commentary stage just fell,The backstage director also quickly gave the Point Ranks of each team in this game.

     As soon as the result came out, everyone at the scene suddenly revealed a look that was both expected and somewhat astonished.

     In the big screen of the game, I saw 4am once again leading the second with a score of 890, no! Se7en is the first to eat chicken,

     Full 210 points!

     Seeing this amazing data, many Liu Zilang and 4am fans on the scene suddenly burst into ear-splitting cheers!

     "Tsk tsk! 4am can finish the counterattack on the points in second place in this game, thanks to our organizers of this event!"

     "It's true. If it weren't for the organizers of this tournament to insist on lowering the basic points of eating chicken rankings and improving the head kill points, I am afraid that the second game would have 4am at most and se7en evenly matched.

     "Well, this also reflects the development of our pubg game from the side to this day. Although it still focuses on survival, but it is no longer the kind of simple struggle. Fighting and killing are the competitive contests that our players need to experience. , Which is what our audiences and commentators like to see."

     On the aisle of the stage players, they heard the general cheers of mountain cry out and sea howl.

     During the next break, Wei Shen and Aluka waved to the fans around them all the way.

     On the side, Liu Zilang was walking with his head down.

     "What happened? You look a little awkward." Aluka, who walked aside, reached Liu Zilang's arm and asked.Hearing Aluka's words, Wei Shen and Xiao Xingmu, who were walking aside, also cast curious eyes.

     Liu Zilang raised his head and glanced at the surrounding auditorium, and said with a live without hope, "Usually there are a lot of female fans in the labor-management live broadcast room. Why are there rough guys at the scene? Why does Li Muqiu have so many fans? "

     ""Three people.

     Liu Zilang put his hands around his chest, raised his hand and rubbed his chin, making a suspicious look, "Is it true that the people in my live broadcast room are all cute girls? Impossible?"

     "What big x cute girl?"

     Li Muqiu, who went back to rest together, didn't know at what time, and came over.

     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough, turned his head and glanced at him, "Who said Dax Mengmei? Did you hear me wrong?"

     If you lose, you don't lose, this time he can't expose his roots in front of Li Muqiu.

     "I heard it wrong?" Li Muqiu half believing, half doubting.

     "Of course." Liu Zilang said with a serious face, "Look at you, thinking about the big x cute girl all day, let your female fans know how chilling it is!"

     ""Li Muqiu.

     But he quickly reacted and chuckled, "I understand, you are jealous of my female fans!"

     "Haha, I need to be jealous of you? Eight kills Asian god of murder?" Liu Zilang gave him a sideways look, "Besides, why don't you compare with Ze less than a female fan."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Li Muqiu opened his mouth to argue, but found that he suddenly didn't know what to say.

     Because Liu Zilang's twenty-nine kills in the last game, it can be said that he was crushed from head to tail, even if the odds were one more than him.Than female fans,

     Shen Zeyan’s "Wife Group" is not a joke.

     The phrase "Shen Zeyan's woman will never admit defeat" is enough to crush all the female fans in Li Muqiu's scene.

     Looking at Liu Zilang's back, Li Muqiu suddenly felt itchy!


     So angry!

     After the second game,

     The short break time passed quickly.

     In a short while, the players from each team reappeared from the backstage.

     After the first two games, the teams are almost clear about their positions today.

     Some of the bottom-ranked teams looked calm, apparently letting go in The last battle.

     When Royad's Kim Dou-hwan entered the stadium, he couldn't help but glance at 4am.

     After seeing the familiar and unfamiliar face, after these three days of competition, before The last battle, Jin Douhuan's face was changed? A trace of confusion appeared in a trance!

     Three years ago and so three years later?

     Is it really impossible to get rid of this curse?

     Do not!

      Thought until here, Jin Douhuan suddenly bowed his head and clenched the teeth. He didn't want to experience something like that again.

     A miracle will always be at the end!

      isn't that so?

     After the players of each team entered the arena, the equipment was tested again and confirmed.

     Host the commentary stage,

     The three commentaries are in place again.

     After a brief introduction and review, all the players on the scene are almost there."All right, The last battle of our Asian qualifiers will start right away. In the end, which three teams can obtain our qualifications, representing the Asian region to participate in the upcoming World Invitational in California, USA? Let's wipe one's together eyes and wait!"

     The commentary just fell,

     There was a sudden roar of aircraft engines.

     The picture on the big screen lit up, and a flying plane appeared on the sea level in the distance.

     "What do we say about this game?"

     At 4am, Aluka couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask after seeing the route.

     Wei Shen took a deep breath and slowly said, "It's time to go home!"

     At the next moment, a red marker appeared in the map right below!

     There it is, the airport!