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485 A Bold Idea!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The course of this game vertically from the bottom up and down, like a watermelon knife to divide the entire map into two sides.

     This uniformly divided route is undoubtedly more sufficient for the utilization of the entire map resource.

     When the plane flew over the sea and came to the sky above the airport from directly below the map,

     A black spot suddenly appeared under the cabin.

     Obviously, there were not many people who jumped to the airport in The last battle.

     Among these teams, some of the teams have their own fixed tactical ideas, and the other part of the team is purely ranked 20th in the first two games.

     The last one wants to jump to the airport and have a go.

     Otherwise, if they play according to normal tactics, the teams that are 20 out of two consecutive games even if the top-ranked team before the third game total defeat of an army, they will still be upset.

     However, if the head kills are not enough, it still has no chance of qualifying, which is why those teams choose the airport.

     "This game seems to have a lot of teams choosing the airport. We can see that the bdg who chose the airport in the previous two games jumped to the airport again."

     "But they seem to be used to playing wild next to the airport, and they are not going to go to the Military Base."

     "Well, there are also two Korean teams kd and anarchy, and our domestic ifty team also jumped to the airport!"

     "Oh! Good fellow! It seems that there are so many airport hunks at the airport in this game."

     "Kd and Anarchy's jump to the airport in this game is actually in my within expectation, because their rankings in the first two games are not ideal.""Well, like this kind of team with good strength, at this time you really need to go to the airport to try it."

     Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters was being analyzed on the commentary stage, and everything seemed to be in their expectations.

     But at this moment, msjoy suddenly shouted somewhat astonished, "Wait! I jumped to the airport at 4am?"

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw the four people at 4am, after leaving the cabin over the airport island, headed down and fell straight toward the Airport Military Base.

     "It's a bit strange. In the first two games of 4am, one eat chicken and one second. The total points lead the whole game. A team like their leader only needs to find a place to get into the top ten in this game. It’s safe to get first, but they chose the airport instead."

     "Yes, if the horse stumbles, it is likely to be followed by se7en, ig and royale taking advantage of innocence to get between the sheets."

     Upon hearing the commentary, at the beginning of the game, some spectators who were not focused and looked down at their phones raised the spirits and looked up at the game screen.

     The airport for this game seems a bit difficult!

     When the plane arrived at S City, the terminal of this flight, the last two or three teams also jumped out of the cabin.

     Both the ig and royad teams got off the plane at the last stop, but royad floated towards the bright top at the top right of the map, and did not intend to compete with ig for the city of s.

     As soon as the director's camera turned around, several teams from the airport also landed at low altitude.

     "Fuck, these guys are taking medicine. Why are there so many people in the airport?"Aluka, who gathered information in the air, looked around and said with some tingling sensation.

     "Don't panic, don't panic!" Wei Shen stared at the C building below, "According to our training game tactics, grab the 2 and 3 of the C building."

     "I'll go to number two." Liu Zilang said.

     "Okay, then I and Xiao Xingmu will go to number three." Wei Shen nodded.

     At this moment, Aluka floating above his head suddenly said, "Be careful, someone has jumped into the C building with us."

     Several people turned their heads and saw that there was indeed a team nearby turning around at low altitude.

     "Can't you change points?" Xiao Xingmu somewhat worried.

     "The airport is full of people. Unless we go out to the jungle, it's too late to change anywhere." Wei Shen not a word or movement shook the head, "Let's be together. We didn't miss the training match."

     However, when the team saw that 4am was concentrated in Building 2 and Building 3, they did not forcefully come over, but went to Building 1 to the north.

     But I never thought that Liu Zilang was just landed, and Aluka who was still floating in the air suddenly exclaimed!

     "Vic, be careful, someone jumped into Building Two with you."


     Liu Zilang just fell to the top of the building,

     I heard the sound of the parachute retracting.

     Turning his head, he found a person not far away from him.

     This is not the point.

     The point is that the man clearly saw the gun on the top of the building when he was at low altitude. After landing, he looked like a wild dog running out of hold.

     He ran the gun and rushed past.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes twitched when he saw this.He visually inspected the distance between the two sides, feeling that he should be competitive, and hurriedly ran towards the gun.

     The director's footage quickly caught this scene on the roof of the second building and quickly cut the footage.

     "Is it done? It's too intense, right!"

     "Who is cold without a gun in this wave, it feels a bit hard to beat!"

     One step, two steps

     Liu Zilang suddenly heart sank!

     Huh huh!

     That man was one step faster than him,

     As soon as Liu Zilang rushed there, he was extremely fast, but he only grabbed 30 rounds of 556 bullets on the ground

     "It's kd's merald, he got the gun!"

     The next moment, the man bends down and picked up the scar-l on the ground. When he picked up, he seemed to raise his head and smile at Liu Zilangyin.

     Knock it!

     He groaned in his heart, and a fist was a punch.

     Merald was naturally not stupid, and immediately jumped up while moving flexibly.

     Seeing that the situation was wrong, Liu Zilang hurriedly turned and ran towards the back of No.2. When passing by the edge of the building, he picked up a thunder.

     Then he jumped and jumped straight down.


     Merald with a good bullet saw Liu Zilang about to run, and immediately raised his leg and chased him a few steps.

     Then he jumped down.


     After landing, Liu Zilang supported the ground with both hands.

     Get up quickly and get up.

     However, his face did not have the hurriedness he had before, instead he looked up somewhat calmly and looks above.

     as expected,

      A person's silhouette also jumped over the railing.Merald thought Liu Zilang would jump into Building 2 from the back window and hide and seek with him after landing.

     But as soon as he lowered his head, he saw the person below who looked up at him like a second fool, and he was shocked!

     What the hell is this?

     Da Da Da -!

     With the gun in his hand, he quickly shot in the waist, and a huge grass came temporarily!

     However, the aim of the waist shot is not stable,

     He shot halfway again.

     Before this wave was fired a few shots, it fell to the ground.

     Merald bent down,

     His hands supported the ground.

     However, when he got up, he saw a fist as big as a sandbag, shouting at him!


      One Punch Man.

     Merald had just received a punch from Liu Zilang in the chest, and the punch took him away directly!

     "4am-vic knocked down kd-merald with a fist headshot!"

     Seeing Liu Zilang’s sudden punch, the audience suddenly couldn’t calm down.

     This comparison is too routine!

     At this time, Evermore, who is responsible for observing gather information like Aluka, has not landed yet.

     Seeing the tragedy of his teammates, the corners of his eyes suddenly twitched, and he quickly called for support.

     However, after Liu Zilang knocked down Merald, he saw the figure floating in the sky from the corner of his vision, but a bold idea suddenly appeared in his heart.
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