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488 The Spring Of Burning Fire Sticks!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The gunshot came too quickly, too quickly and suddenly.

     But it makes sense.

     4am and kd played here in full swing for so long,

     The gunfire blasted the wild,

     The other party only needs to hear no problem, then, there is no reason to hear.

     The only thing that Liu Zilang is more puzzled about is,

     It stands to reason that the airport has fallen in this game. That many people, shouldn't they fight each other now? Why are you staring at them here?

     He was bandaged behind the tree, wondering


     A bullet suddenly hit from the right side suddenly, and a cloud of blood suddenly appeared on Liu Zilang's right foot!

     "Be careful, there are also people in the police station on the right!" Wei Shen quickly reminded.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang hurriedly shrank his body to the left.

     However, this seemed to be a signal, and the gunshots on the right were suddenly connected.

     All of a sudden, a rain of bullets roared from the left and right sides!

     The four people at 4am immediately hid behind the tree shiver coldly, looking like a small boat, undulating on the sea surface of howling wind and torrential rain, with the possibility of capsizing at any time.

     "This wave of 4am is a bit troublesome. They seem to be in the same situation as the Kd just now."

     "What's more embarrassing now is that 4am and kd have not developed much, so they knocked out kd, but the equipment is still very poor."

     "Well, I just noticed that at 4am, only Wei Shen has a double mirror in his hands, and almost everyone else has a basic mirror in his hands.""But the ifty and anarchy that put them on the mountain are different. They don't lack four and eight times, so this wave feels a bit difficult to get out of 4am."

     "Is there any smoke? If there is smoke, they can stop going back to the airport and drive away. Anyway, this game is not an airport circle."

     The three people on stage were right.

     At this time, the team chat at 4am was also asking who had smoke on his body.

     However, they took the novice outfit and came directly to the Qingren this wave, and the original plan still attacked Building One.

     To bring thunder,

     Naturally no one carries cigarettes.

     After the four a spell of silence, Wei Shen suddenly said, "In this way, Vic and I will set up a gun, and I will move the car with Aluka. We will try to see if we can slip."

     After speaking, he cannot bear asked again, "vic, do you have a sniper?"

     "Well, I just picked up a handful of 98k." Liu Zilang nodded.

     "That's good." Wei Shen sighed with relief.

     Liu Zilang's sniper, he is quite relieved.

     However, Aluka, who was not far from Liu Zilang at this time, couldn't help but glance at the 98k Liu Zilang held in his hand, always feeling a little strange.

     The next moment, the corner of his mouth suddenly crooked, "Your 98k has no mirror?"

     Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders helplessly, "I have a hologram on my side, and put the rifle on it."

     Hearing this, the three of them couldn't help but twist their lips.

     At such a distance of 98k without a magnifier, it is almost equivalent to a fire stick.

     Wei Shen is thinking about whether to make a new plan, such as three guns, one person moving the car, etc.

     boom!without omen

     A crisp 98k gunshot suddenly exploded!

     Liu Zilang's muzzle flashed behind the tree, and a sniper bullet had already pierced through the air like Rainbow Piercing The Sun!

     At the next moment, a spot of blood burst suddenly on the elevated bridge!

     what's the situation?

     The Wei Shen trio were stunned, but somewhat astonished to find that System Notification was displayed on the upper right of the screen.

     "4am-vic used kar98k to headshot anarchy-suk!"

      Damn? !

     Seeing this knockdown message, not only Wei Shen, but the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms were also shocked!

     "Man! Pure man!!!"

     "Give the big pilot a big shot!"

     "Zhuang Zai, I am aiming at the players, women only use magnifiers. Real men always use cameras to aim!"

     "Don't blow up the one in front! Give you a shot, stand here and give me a try?"

     In the game, Wei Shen couldn't help but his eyes twitched when he saw this. He suddenly heard that he was at the gate of Building A when he was with Liu Zilang for the first time.

     Holding the sight 98k,

      one shot one kill The situation when the moving target heads.

     Although it was a relatively low passerby game at the time, Liu Zilang's ability to achieve that level of accurate headshot still made him unable to help hold breath cold air.

     But he couldn't think in such a Professional League, Liu Zilang actually dare to play like this,

     And he really did it.

      Thought until here, Wei Shen didn’t hesitate anymore, and said simply, “Alu and Xingmu will leave first. Vic and I will help you set up guns, and we will be covered after you pass the slope.”

     "no problem."Aluka complied, swiftly and Xiao Biao quickly ran from behind the tree towards the jeep on the slope,

     He didn't even bring his head back.

     Obviously after seeing Liu Zilang's brilliant shotgun headshot, he is already very relieved to hand his back to his teammates.

     In the airport, the location of the police station.

     Ifty's a saw the two running up the slope, they reacted immediately, "The opposite seems to be slipping."

     "Sleeping? Is it that easy?"

     The sniper vk held up eight times 98k in his hand and previewed the driving position of the jeep on the hillside behind the bunker.

     Only people get in the car,

     He will shoot directly and straightforwardly!

     Soso glanced at vk's second-stage head, just trying to remind him to be careful.

     The next moment, Aluka on the hillside approached the Jeep.

     The vk behind the bunker suddenly turned his probe sideways and instantly set up the 98k in his hand!


     The crisp sound of gunfire is like Fengming Xishan,

     Suddenly uploaded from the mountain!

     At the moment when vk held the gun and opened the mirror, before he could pull the trigger, a cluster of blood blossoms suddenly burst out on his head, and his vision shook violently in the blood.

     Soon the whole person's knees softened,

     Plop fell to his knees.

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms were all dumbfounded!

     "Aiming and sniping?"

     Msjoy's eyes widened at the commentary stage.

     After saying this, he swallowed two or three salivas, as if his throat was dry.

     Because in the footage just given by the director,Everyone saw that when Liu Zilang leaned forward, his muzzle was not aimed at vk.

     But the moment vk leaned out from behind the bunker, Liu Zilang quickly caught him,

     Immediately, the muzzle resembling a fire stick slammed, and a deadly spark was thrown out!

     "What a perverted dynamic vision and responsiveness!" After speaking, a wry smile appeared on Sy's face.

     He shook the head and continued, "To be honest, I have been playing sniper for so long, and I can do it with more confidence, but personally feel that the quasi-centre of the eightfold lens is better, and the quaternary quasi-centre does not feel good. Great,

     As for the sights

     I really saw this today. "

     Hearing sy's words, the audience in the live and broadcast room also nodded their heads, looking at a place on the stage match stand like a monster-like.

     Aiming and sniping?

     Just thinking about it makes people feel like a fantasy story

     However, the man performed this scene like a miracle before their eyes!

     This is still human?
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