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489 Just Be Bold! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the airport.

     At this time, anarchy and ifty were brought down by Liu Zilang with two shots.

     For a time, they quickly rescued people.

     However, both teams have suffered from 4a, of course what is more important 4a is the current leader in points.

     They want to get the spot today, but whether they eat chicken or not, the most important thing is that the points of the 4a game must be pulled down.

     Therefore, in this case, one of the two teams saved their lives, but the remaining two slammed into the hillside from behind the bunker.

     The meaning of "flashing" is naturally stuck in and out of the bunker, which will undoubtedly reduce firepower.

     But no way,

     I know the existence of the man on the mountain

     Who would dare to beat his head there?

      At the same time, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen on the hillside are also the non-stop output of a spear connects with a spear. Although they didn’t knock anyone down after the opponent was prepared, they provided it for Aluka and Xiao Xingmu. Fire cover.

     Moments later, at the price of a rear tire, Aluka and Xiao Ming managed to move the car behind the reverse slope of the hill.

     "Come on, I and Xingmu will help you with a gun." Aluka said immediately.

     "Well, vic, we are going to withdraw, don't love the battle." Wei Shen said.

     "It's a pity that I didn't make up for that person just now." Liu Zilang sighed saying, immediately put away the gun.

     "I count 321, let's run together! Alu and the eye-catching position may not be able to hold them too far away. This wave depends on who of us moves more snakeskin." Wei Shen sucked in a mouthful of air, Immediately counted down, "3! 2!"Unexpectedly, when he counted here, the corner of his eyes suddenly twitched.

     I saw that Liu Zilang was already like a wild dog running away, and he rushed up from behind the tree!

     This is not a good person!

     The corner of Wei Shen's mouth was crooked, and he quickly followed.


     Seeing that the two were about to run, how could the two teams below easily let them go, and quickly raised their guns and started shooting.

     Suddenly, it rained, pouring from behind!


     Liu Zilang's back waist was full of blood,

     The blood volume suddenly dropped.

     He takes a deep breath, he looked at the Wei Shen who was running happily not far away with a missed shot on his body.

     I didn't feel irritated at once in my heart. How could these gang hit me?

     Obviously, he underestimated his threat and hatred in the hearts of ifty and anarchy.

     You should know that at the moment, the two teams at the airport basically greet him with more than half of the bullets.

     If this continues, Liu Zilang will not be able to run up the mountain.

     It may get cold halfway.

     But at this moment,

     The gunfire at the police station suddenly became a mess!

     In the next moment, even Liu Zilang, who was running crazy snakeskin, felt the pressure behind him suddenly lightened.

     what's the situation?

     "Oh! It's the Thai macho team from the boiler room! They stole Ifty's ass!"

     "Yes, Vk, who was just rescued, was knocked down again. What do you say about this wave? But the big brother's reaction was very violent! He also knocked down the opponent with his backhand.""Then those who are still holding guns are left with the elevated anarchy. It feels like this wave of Vic and Wei Shen hope to leave the airport, a place of right and wrong."

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience also raised their minds and stared at the snakeskin figure on the hillside.

     Can this wave run?


     Liu Zilang heard fierce and chaotic gunfire behind him,

     Between thoughts,

     The whole person also reacted quickly.

     At this time, there is less pressure from a team of people, and the distance between the two sides is further extended.

     Even if the anarchy on the overhead has a high-power lens in hand, the retention time of rifle bullets in the air is too long, and the accuracy has been greatly reduced.

     And there are Aluka and Xiao Huong behind the mountain to help with the gun. They dare not fight too unscrupulous and need to squat to avoid bullets from time to time.

     So now Liu Zilang's pressure is greatly reduced.

     In this case, he glanced at the direction of the police station,

     Can't help chuckled.

     I saw that he was running the After two steps, taking advantage of the gap between the people on the elevated platform being back pressured by Aluka and Xiao Ding,

     Suddenly turned around,

     A backhand shot blasted behind him!

     At this time, the fighting in the police station was anxious.

     Itfy’s Comprehensive Strength Evaluation is naturally stronger than the Thai macho ith team, but they were stolen by a wave of ass.

     So now both sides are falling to the ground.

     The remaining people hid behind their respective bunkers and framed each other, turning sideways at gunpoints from time to time.

     It was difficult to distinguish the outcome for a while and faintly fell into a deadlock.


     Suddenly, there was a clear and long gunshot,Suddenly upload from the mountain!

     Immediately afterwards, a kill prompt appeared on the upper right of the screen.

     "4a-vic killed ith-cigarettes with a kar98k headshot!"

     Everyone on the field was stunned when they saw this!

     The head is filled!

     Obviously no one hadn't thought. Liu Zilang, who was beaten and fled in embarrassment a moment ago, turned around and stole the head with his backhand at this moment.

     "Fuck! This is too deranged!"

     "I finally knows this is better than why I can get such a high kill, this Nima is really killing him!"

     "The key is such a long distance, how did he get a headshot with a sight?"

     "Or Too young ah, the "imperial eagle eye" of Betta's face value chicken king want to know more?"

      has to say, Liu Zilang's long-range machine aiming has a headshot, even if he hits a kneeling unmoving target, it is still amazing!

     In the game, the three of 4a were shocked to hear the gunshots beside them.

     Turning their heads, seeing Liu Zilang holding up the gun again, the three of them couldn't help but twitch!

     This ratio is really to see a gap and stick in a needle!

     Upon seeing this, God Wei hurriedly said, "Come up quickly, don't provoke others, when the three teams will beat you together."


     The gunfire sounded, and another swipe appeared on the screen, and Liu Zilang stole the vk that Ifty fell to the ground.

     But he also knows quit while one is ahead,

     Before the two teams below could react, they eagerly ran up.

     Behind the police station, Ifty and Ith saw their two teammates being replaced, they were dumbfounded for a while.Then they reacted and raised their guns to look at Beishan, only to find a figure of a rabbit jumping up numbly and quickly over the hill.

     Seeing this scene, both teams were silent

     Especially ith, when they knew that ifty had just hit Liu Zilang,

      utmost feeling in the heart For a while, I should not regret it!

     This kind of crudeness should be given to him by waving his arms together!

     Cross the hillside and get on the jeep.

      elatedly Liu Zilang, who has received two heads, is not the slightest feeling the resentment behind him.

     At this time, the first circle on the field was in the lower left part of the land, but the bridgehead of the west bridge on the airport island and the wild area near the bridgehead were still in the circle.

     Wei Shen glanced at the spectacle too horrible to endure equipment of several people, cannot bear saying, "Let’s not cross the bridge first, and develop in the wild area of the bridge head first."

     "Well, that's okay." Little eye-catching nodded.

     Aluka frowned and said, "I seem to see someone in the air jungling around the airport."

     "That is probably already searched."

     Wei Shen and Xiao Xingmu were slightly disappointed when they heard this.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's mouth suddenly curled up.

     "What if it hasn't been searched?"

     When the three Wei Shen heard Liu Zilang's words, they couldn't help but reacted immediately.

     The next moment, there was a sound of "hey" in the car