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490 One Man Is The Key, But One Man Is Not Open! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The waves are undulating, and there are waves.

     In the blazing noon sun, a group of seagulls hovered at low altitude on the distant sea.

     By the beach, a motorcade, small bridge cars, and bouncers are driving along the coastline.

     "After searching the area next to the bridge in front, let's cross the bridge."

     "Let's search faster, and the time is almost there. It may be blocked if it is too late."

     "It's okay. If it doesn't work, let's sail and get on from Port P."

     "Everyone should be careful in this game, and no more mistakes, we already have no chance."

     "Well, this game meets 4a and go straight away, especially don't get close to that vic, that guy is our disaster star!"

     Hearing the words of the last captain Kendesud, the three of bdg nodded vigorously.

      In the first game this afternoon, they were killed by the 4a group and didn’t say anything.

     Skill is not as good as people, willingly acknowledge defeat!

     But in the second game, their boat was overturned by Liu Zilang on the Inland River. The four people were stuffed under the cover like Steamed Pork Pressed Over Vegetables. In the end, they were blown up and killed by the boat. Up

     That feeling

     Just thinking about it makes people full of love!

     So when I heard Kendesu's words, the hearts of all four of them were deep to be so.

     Immediately afterwards, the four of them made a slight circle around the fishing village beside the bridge, and then turned off and stopped the car.

     "The doors are closed, no one."

     "It's better to be careful, let's seek stability and search in pairs."After speaking, Kendesu held the gun and pushed open the door carefully and prudently, and the assaultman takoayo behind him hurriedly followed.

     After opening the door, they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when they saw the first aid kit and drinks on the ground.

     It seems that there is really no one.

     "Hurry up."

     Kendesu picked up the first aid kit on the ground, and then went inside and opened a door.

     In the next moment, the pupils of Kendesu who looked at the two guns on his face in the door shrank suddenly!


     Suddenly -!

     In the small space, gunfire suddenly sounded!

     Before Kendesu could lift the gun in his hand, he knelt on the ground with a "plop".

     "Someone! Two!" After a start, he quickly shouted, "Don't come here yet!"

     At the moment they heard the gunshots, the other three of bdg "ge-deng" in their hearts, and immediately knew something was wrong.

     At this time, takoayo, who entered with kendsu, did not rush forward, but quickly turned and ran out, wanting to meet his teammates first.

     The two people in the other room outside also quickly went out to support them, but when the three met at the door, outside the house, in the bushes not far behind them,

     Two people stood up coldly

     Da Da Da -!

     Da da da-!

      Without omen gunshots suddenly sounded!

     Fire from the muzzle burst into the room,

     I saw the firepower web interwoven by two tongues of fire, and it shot at the three people at the door.

     "Behind! Someone behind!"One of the bdg three people who were suddenly attacked behind the door fell to the ground in an instant, and the remaining two did not care about the others, and hurriedly squeezed into the door.

     However, the door of the cabin was narrow, and the two of them were "Hearts of One Mind", and they got stuck at the door the moment they entered.

     Seeing such a scene in this kind of world competition, the audience suddenly laughed out loud after being startled!

     "Will these people come to be funny?"

     "Puff haha! LMAO! I was detained under the boat and got stuck at the door again. bdg contracted all the laughs of today's game."

     "Speaking of several teams in Japan, the best performance this time is nhera sauce, right?"

     "It seems yes, it seems that the island country e-sports is under the shoulder of nhera sauce alone!"

     "You such a saying, why do we suddenly feel that the rise of the island country fps e-sports is a bit heavy and a long way to go!"

     "23333 strongly urges the island country to bring his boss to the jungle next time!"


     In the game, how can the two remaining bdg survive in this situation?

     Xiaomu and Aluka in the room, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen outside the door. The four players fought back and forth in a wave, and the remaining two of bdg died on the spot.

     Seeing the four boxes neat and tidy placed inside and outside the house, the three of Wei Shen couldn't help but feel unbelievable. They were so easily destroyed.

     In their previous matches, once encounters with other teams, when should you not pay the price of blood?

     But at this time, after they cleared the bdg, not only were they full, but the four of them even lost a drop of bloodThought until here, they couldn't help but cast their gaze on Liu Zilang, sincerely admiring, "Nicole is really full of (jiao) wise (zha) (e) planning (du)!"

     After all, this kind of old Yinbi routines closely linked with one another may not be everyone can think of.

     "You're too kind!" As the planner, Liu Zilang modestly smiles, "Everyone cooperates well."

     The three men of Wei Shen, who were slandered in their hearts, suddenly corner of the mouth twitch, they are tied together.

     Come on, it's better to lick the bag!

      has to say, bdg's boxes are like a long drought for them!

     The few people who had been poor all the way hurriedly rushed forward and slid for a while.

     That's a fragrance!

     After licking the bag, the first wave of poison will be refreshed in less than half a minute.

     "How to say, go to the sea or go to the bridge?"

     Aluka touched the full match 4 in her hand, but in her heart she paid tribute to bdg arising involuntarily.

     After all, it is not fat near the airport. It is not easy for a few people from bdg to find such equipment in such a short period of time and deliver it to the door rain or shine.

     Hearing Aluka's words, Wei Shen opened the lens and looked at the bridge head, "Now the bridge head on the airport island is still in the first circle. There should be no one blocking the bridge at this point. Let's try to go first. What does vic think?"

     "I think it's okay." Liu Zilang nodded.

     After all, this wave of bdg not only sent equipment, but also three cars. If you throw this away, it will inevitably be a pity.

     So next, the 4a group of four drove on the car, formed a convoy and drove all the way towards the bridge.At this time, the last "aircraft fighter" at the airport hadn't arrived yet, and I didn't know if the fight was over, but even if it wasn't finished, it was probably the same.

     If they successfully cross the bridge, Liu Zilang and the others certainly don't mind turning around and accepting the "tolls".

     "Ahem, this wave of bdg is a bit careless."

     "But it is said that the 4a wave of squatting is too patient. Who would have thought that they had squatted in the room for so long, and they really squatted to bdg.

     "Well, the team at the airport is also ready to come out. They didn't smash to the end in this game."

     "It looks like 4a is going to choose to drive across the bridge, but wait, someone seems to be coming over the bridge head near the land."

     Bridge head position.

     The four members of the Wanwan team jt, who had just finished playing in the nearby "Twelve Houses", looked at the bridge head, and suddenly gave birth to a kind of pride in one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies!