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494 The Laws Of Nature!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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A wave of baffling attacks,

     After going around, baffling grabbed the next spot in the safe zone.

     At this time, the few people at 4am finally settled down.

     However, what is more beyond expectation is,

     They originally wanted to use this small house area as a temporary transfer point, but they didn't expect that when the third safe area was refreshed, the four of them were still in the circle.

     "This circle is a little beyond expectation, but I haven't been in Port P."

     "Yes, there are 66 people left on the field now. From the third lap, In general will enter a stage of sharp drop in numbers."

     "Well, there are several teams hidden in the housing area of Port P in this game. I am afraid that when they are running drugs, they will probably fight each other."

     "Speaking of jumping to the airport, 4am did a good job. I thought they might be cold, but I didn't expect 4am not only to be cold, but also to successfully break out of the airport."

     "Hehe, although they are walking in a rather embarrassing situation, they have gained a lot along the way. The team's head kills once again lead the audience."

     "Yes, I think 4am qualifying should be extremely certain, so the biggest suspense of this game is whether they can eat chicken again after the second game defeat and complete a ‘double-cock qualifying’ achievement."


     At this moment, a transport plane suddenly appeared in the scene of the director.

     When the plane passed a certain area, a small black spot suddenly appeared under the plane.

     Then a red and blue airdrop box was hung on the parachute and floated swaying down.The director quickly looked for a moment the supplies in the airdrop box, and the audience on the spot could not help but exclaimed when they saw it!


     The airdrop was filled with aenhera sauce. It was indeed the mascot of the island nation. I didn't expect that the airdrop was not riding on the face, but riding on the roof. "

     "We can see that the two teams hovering nearby are ig and tyloo. These two teams are in great demand for airdrop supplies."

     "Yes, because there are pinnacle snipers like Ze Shao and Nighthawk in their team. Once a big sniper is launched in the airdrop, it will undoubtedly increase the combat effectiveness of the entire team!"

     "However, in this situation, it seems that we can only try to blow it down with a grenades, but in a situation of confrontation between multiple parties, no one should do this kind of thing."

     "Yes, so now ig and tyloo have suppressed their impulse, but they haven't left yet, they seem to be looking for opportunities."

     Just as the three commentators on stage analyzed the situation on the airdrop box, the third wave of poison on the field began to shrink.

     From the perspective of the director's map, it can be clearly seen that the teams that are still outside the field have begun to shift.

     Especially in port p,

     The gunfire spread instantly!

     The car is like a torrent,

     Drive out one after another towards the outside.

     At this time at 4am, although their housing area was in the circle, the team in the direction of Port P was the only way to the safe area.

     Listening to the constant noise of cars outside,

     From time to time, two teams chased and fired.A few people at 4am also let themselves go, and took the opportunity to export them in the window on the second floor.

     After a few waves of stealing, they really knocked down two people from the passing convoy.

     And these teams are chasing each other, and there is no way for their teammates to be beaten down. They can only seek fortune for oneself.

     In this case, 4am naturally made up the head steadily.

     But I can’t control my teammates,

     But it doesn't mean that other teams won't be able to get 4am.

     After one or two teams entered the lap to find a good spot, they came to 4am with a "puncture package" on the spot.

      This time, the shortcomings of the simple configuration of the small house area are manifested, except for the motorcycle that Aluka rode directly into the building, and survived, because there were not enough shelters, they parked outside the two cars, bouncing and car Eight tires were all blown out in one round.

     Several people at 4am upstairs heard the "puff puff puff" puncture sound below, and there was a twitch in their hearts.


     But fortunately, they are in the circle and don't rush to transfer.

     At this moment, the car was hit and hit, only to pinch his nose to recognize it.

     Next, time passed by minute by minute.

     After the third wave of poison coincided with the border of the safe zone, the fourth lap of the game was refreshed.

     After seeing this circle, not only Liu Zilang and the others, but also everyone from other teams on the field are all bad.

     You must know that this game starts from the first lap, and almost all teams "betting" on the last lap will be in Port P in the southwest.

     But the next reality,

     But the circle is getting more and more northeast.In the fourth circle right now, the safety zone is directly brushed to the northeast of P Chengnan Mountain.

     Does this follow the natural law of "Football is bought backwards, and villas are by the sea"?