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495 I Have A Special Airdrop Position!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Swipe the safe zone,

     Most teams have started to transfer.

     However, at this time two or three teams in a certain location, even though they are not in the next lap,

     But they all chose to hold back one's troops without moving.

     Because on the roof of the barn in this housing complex, there is still one airdrop box with attractive red smoke swaying in the wind.

     All three teams are waiting now,

     Wait for the other two teams to leave, and then go for an airdrop by yourself.

     But until half a minute before the fourth wave of poison was refreshed, the three teams were still deadlocked here.

     "Should we go first?" someone suggested at sst.

     Hearing this, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but sniffed, her eyes a little sad.

     Although she really wants to get this airdrop for the team,

     But I also know that there are some things beyond our power, and if we continue to insist, it will slow down the team's rhythm.

     At this time, she can only nod her head,

     He gave a dull "um".

     In the voice of Tyloo’s team chat, Hou Dongfang who has been staring at the room area cannot bear saying, "Team White, the team in the room area seems to be moving."

     Bai Shaobin was nodded, his eyes continued to stay on the ig side not far away from them.

     The two dogs in the team looked at the time to shrink the poison and couldn't help but say, "Since they dare not take it, should we go to the housing area and try to throw thunder?"

     Bai Shaobin continued to stare at ig, and after a while, he suddenly said, "The other party can catch any point outside the house. What if the other party gives you a shot when you throw a thunder?"Hearing this, the minds of the three of Tyloo could not help but simultaneously appeared in their hands holding Lei Gang and pulling the strings, but they were shot and headshot kneels down on the ground.

     Why is this Nima so scary?

     "Then What we do? The poison will be wiped out later." Hou Dongfang's tone was slightly worried.

     When Bai Shaobin heard it, he smiled lightly and said six words.

     The enemy won't move, I won't move.

     ig are you ready to move?

     You must know that in this game, the two teams ran all the way from the top right of the map. It can be said that they know the roots of each other, and of course not have the slightest mentality of contempt.

     At this time, I saw that Tyloo not far away had no thoughts of action, and Shen Zeyan was there, ig also to stay calm.

     You won't move?

     Then I won't move, to see who can consume it.

     At this time, the teams in the safe zone were almost all shifting, and suddenly there appeared two teams that looked like rocks in the river, motionless like a statue, which naturally attracted the attention of everyone on the field.

     "Hehe, ig and tyloo are exhausted, which is interesting."

     "The main reason is that the airdrop is so eye-catching. If you throw thunder next to it, it is a target, but both teams have ideas about this airdrop. Now it's up to who can calm down to the end.

     "Well, maybe the two teams will have to fight the poison in this wave, but the third wave of poison is okay. It hurts if it doesn't hurt, and it doesn't hurt like that, and both teams have it. Car, time is still too late."

     After a while, the countdown to the contraction of the poison ring ended.The circle of deep blue radiation nets on the Jedi Island shook suddenly and pushed back toward the middle from all sides.

     Most of the teams outside the safe zone have already moved, and in this wave of "northern migration", the number of survivors on the field also dropped sharply, dropping directly to 49.

     Soon, the area near the airdrop box was also covered by a radiation grid.

     But ig and tyloo still did not move.

     At the moment, they were babbling each other with bandages in poison, while Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin stole each other's shots from time to time.

     But when they were both defensive and restrained, the two shot several shots at each other.

     But none of them hit the opponent.


     However, at this moment, the roar of motorcycles suddenly came from the poison in the southwest!

     At the next moment, I saw a motorcycle drew an arc in the air over the top of the mountain, and immediately landed steadily on the ground.

     This is naturally after being knocked out by inhuman and finding the car in poison with great difficulty,

     At this time, the 4am few people who were able to run poisonously.

     Da Da Da -!

     Naturally, ig and tyloo will not let go of this opportunity to "fish for extra money". The two teams directly fired with guns, but the distance between the two sides was too long and the motorcycles were too flexible and fast.

     As soon as the gunfire sounded, Aluka turned the front of the car and quickly pulled it to the side.

     And quickly reported in the voice, "Be careful, there is someone in the direction of ne150."

     Obviously, Aluka riding a motorcycle at this time is only one "Ranging Scout".After all, once the car rushes into the face of other teams in the fourth row, it is too easy to be blown by the fire. With great difficulty, to find a small yellow car at 4am, in order to avoid making such a mistake, we can only let the agile and fast Aluka in Explore the way ahead.

     "Let's go around."

     Hearing Aluka's words, Liu Zilang quickly turned the front of the car and turned to the side.

     When Ig and Tyloo saw the little yellow car turning a long way from them, they also knew that they seemed to miss a big fish.

     But they are not in a hurry.

     Because the location of the two teams is the only way to the next safe zone.

     Even if the opponent turned, they would at best change the direction and not drive over their faces, but more or less still had to pass this way.

     The next plot development was as they expected.

     But what is more beyond expectation is,

     When the little yellow car reappeared in their field of vision, it actually rushed over towards the area where it had dropped by air.

     "What's the situation? 4am also wants to lead away a goat while passing by, take an airdrop?"

     "That's a bit troublesome, they might still do not know that the house is completely under the gun line of ig and tyloo, and they can't even stop the car."

     "Well, this is a mistake in information judgment. I feel that preparing for Vic to start a death train."

     The roar of the car engine from far to near.

      in the blink of an eye, the little yellow car that was speeding up approached the barn where the roof was dropped.

     However, the ig and tyloo teams not far from here did not shoot, but slightly hid their bodies.Obviously, they wanted to wait for the car to stop at 4am and throw mines at the airdrop.

     Then arrange them to be clear and direct!

     The next moment, the little yellow car approached the housing complex, just as the two teams lurking not far away were beginning to stir.

     An unexpected scene appeared!

     I saw the little yellow car drifting sideways abruptly, rushing up the slope in front of the barn, and then flying horizontally on the roof of the barn in an incomparably elegant manner.

     As soon as the brakes were stepped on, the three quickly got out of the car.

     "Fuck! A's body on the equipment, by the way, also put on auspicious clothes.

     But then, the three of them didn't slip away, but directly set up their guns on the roof.

     All of a sudden, the situation on the field reversed.

     Although the three teams are currently in the poison, the two teams, ig and tyloo, are relatively far from the safe zone.

     But there is a faint feeling of being stuck in a 4am backhand