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496 Life And Death In The Drug Circle!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After a while, the poison circle overlapped with the safe zone.

     The next safe zone is refreshed.

     However, in the last wave of poison at this time, there are still three teams of "happy poison men" deadlocked there.

     Wait until Aluka's motorcycle comes around and stops behind

     Several people at 4am looked at the two teams in poison not far away, smile on face gradually became wicked

     "Ig and Tyloo are a bit uncomfortable now, they were actually stuck in a 4am backhand."

     "Speaking of vic’s wave, I really didn’t expect that he would get the airdrop in this way. It seems that he is very familiar with the terrain of this housing complex, so this wave will drive with confidence. come."

     "Well, this is why many professional players can make judgments without looking at the map, because they have a complete map in their minds."

     "Let's talk about the situation on the court first. Ig and Tyloo are a bit uncomfortable now. Look at the tires of the two teams."

     Da Da Da -!


     After the three people at 4am got on the roof,

      live high and look down, with a wide view.

     With the handheld "Xeon Sniper" amp!

     At this moment they can't go anymore if they want to go, unless they get rid of the 4am stuck in front and run into the circle in a straight line.

     Otherwise, they want to run around from the side without a car on such a long road. When they enter the circle, the next wave of poison will almost have to be brushed.

     We must know that the damage of the fourth wave of poison is not low, and it will not be impossible for a whole team to die outside the safe zone.

     While thinking about it, ig and tyloo realized this tricky problem at the same time!"Can't consume it anymore."

     In the team chat voice of ig, the captain made a quick decision after gritted his teeth with the illusion, "Ze Shao shot a gun, and we three are pushing forward. We must knock down the team on the roof, otherwise we can't enter the circle at all."

     Shen Zeyan on the side heard it, and it was not a word or movement nodded.

     ig's style has always been to do it.

     After seeing Shen Zeyan nodding his head in agreement, the three of them quickly cut out the smoke bombs and threw them forward.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi -!

     Amid the spit of smoke, a white "smoke corridor" soon appeared on the farm in front of the southern mountain of the city.

     Or to be more accurate, there are two.

     Because not far away, Tyloo's side also began to spread smoke and attack, and the captain Bai Shaobin set up a gun in the rear.

     Obviously, the idea of the two teams,

      in this brief moment resonated.

     On the roof of the barn.

     Liu Zilang's car was behind the arc, and unfortunately they couldn't get a tire in return.

     At this time, looking at the "smoke corridor" on the wheat field ahead, 4am also quickly became alert.

     At this juncture of matter of life and death, ig and tyloo clearly united the front.

     But this is no one can say anything.

     Because PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was originally a game like this-first destroy the enemy that threatens you the most!

     At this time, they hit their tires and blocked them at 4am on the way into the lap, which is undoubtedly the most threatening enemy of the two teams.

     "Can't let them get closer."Upon seeing frowned, Wei Shen quickly commanded, "Follow me, let's get stuck behind the reverse slope in front."

     Aluka reminded him, "Be careful, I just saw that they didn't come all the time. Someone was behind with a gun."

     Hearing Aluka’s words, Wei Shen hesitated for a moment, and immediately said again, “Then, vic will help us set up a gun on the roof, and Aru will suppress the smoke team on the left, is that okay?

     In Wei Shen wanted to come, even if there are two people behind the two opposing teams, but Liu Zilang got a few people who don't know at all. The two teams placed in front of yourself are ig and tyloo.

     Da Da Da -!

     Next, Wei Shen and Xiao Xingmu took the lead in attacking the ig people in the smoke.


     As if thunder struck across the sky,

     A dull gunshot suddenly rang in everyone's ears!

     As soon as the person at the edge of the smoke ig on the right showed his head, he collapsed suddenly.

     "4am-vic uses a.

     And Liu Zilang and others at 4am didn't even know that there was an ig in these two teams.

     On the roof,

     When Liu Zilang, who was pulling the bolt in his hand, saw the kill prompt, his pupils suddenly shrank!

     It's ig!

     Then the man they were holding the gun behind

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang crouched suddenly and retracted behind the airdrop box.



     And almost at the moment when he squatted down, two gunshots suddenly struck from the left and right sides of the wheat field in front!

     Liu Zilang, who drew back in time, could even feel the speed of heartbeat as the bullet grazed his ear.Suddenly, Liu Zilang couldn't help but "fuck" in his heart, and he squatted down and gave a bandage to shock.

     You must know that he is still in poison at the moment, even if he hits the drink, his blood volume cannot be full, so no matter which bullet hit his head, the third-level head has to be directly cold.

      At the same time, Bai Shaobin, who originally thought he would kill with this shot, was also shocked!

     My Nima kid reacts so quickly?

     Or am I too murderous?

     At this time, Bai Shaobin didn't expect that Liu Zilang just realized that there might be Shen Zeyan on the opposite side. He subconsciously shrank his head and retracted himself, but he did not expect to dodge his shot perfectly!

     After the shot was empty, there's nothing about it emotional fluctuations in Shen Zeyan.

     For him, an empty shot is nothing more than another shot. His mentality of playing sniper all the year round has been tempered and calmly composed.

     And just when Liu Zilang and their three gunmen had different minds, the three Wei Shen and the ig Yu Tyloo who rushed up to the smoke had already shot each other crazy and fiercely in the wheat field.

     In terms of numbers,

     The opponent undoubtedly occupies a huge numerical advantage.

     However, at this time, the ig and tyloo who rushed up to the smoke did not have shelter, and could only hide in embarrassment in the smoke from the bullets.

      Thus, Wei Shen and the others have played back and forth with each other.

     As for Liu Zilang hiding on the roof,

     After putting on a bandage, he was shocked, and after calming down, he touched the awm in his hand,

     But my heart gradually became unconsciously hot.
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