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505 Douyu Has Only One Brother Li! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Douyu only has one Brother Li, it's definitely not Li Laoba.

     Lee Ge is the champion mid laner of a certain team, named Lee Sang Hyuk. He is a man with outstanding talent and perseverance in ba e-sports games, and is affectionately called the "big devil" by fans.

     He has a passion for games,

     But in his ups and downs career, I am afraid that the downturn was not the loss in the competition, but when he met a man named "Ma Datou"...

     Of course, this is another story.

     Tonight, Brother Li started broadcasting from time to time in Douyu, but Game Server was temporarily maintained very weakly.

     So he can only "build a bridge" lonely.

     At this time, Translator Cola saw the "blood book" of the audience in the live broadcast room, and couldn't help but ask him in Korean.

     "Eating chicken?" Brother Li helped lower the bridge of his nose and lower his eyes, was somewhat puzzled said, "Do many viewers want to see it?"

     "Yes, yes! very many very many audiences want to see it!"

     Coke said in her lovely voice with a little exaggeration.

     "Oh." Li Ge pondered nodded, "Well, let's play a few games."

     He has an easygoing personality and rarely refuses the requests of fans and audiences.

     So next, after getting an account.

     Big Demon King Li is offline,

     Paratrooper No. 1 Lee Sang Hyuk is online.

     Five flights in a row, what is the poison ring after Li Ge landed doesn't know at all, people are already cold.

     "LMAO, I didn't expect Brother Li to have such a bad time."

     "I took five planes in ten minutes and made a profit!""Brother Li: This game skydiving is really fun!"

     "I found that Li Ge's operation has improved a lot, and this hand light speed retreat is no less than teacher Ma!"

     "I beg you to stop showing off and find someone to bring Brother Li!"

     "Vic seems to be on the air! Have a brother and I go to the chicken king's live broadcast to move rescue soldiers?"

     "Pay attention! Don't fall behind when you reach the Yan value zone! Don't see a young lady just go in the live broadcast room."


      at the same time, in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room in Yan Value District.

     After starting the live broadcast, he was chatting with the audience in the live broadcast room about the afternoon game.

     At this moment, a large crowd of viewers suddenly swarmed into the live broadcast room, and then a large-scale barrage appeared.

     "The King of Chicken, please take Brother Li!"

     "Brother Li has already parachuted into autism."

     "Let Chenyuan presents a super rocket to the anchor-ask the anchor to give Li Ge a game experience!"

     "Sugar cube is presented to the anchor with a super rocket-tell Li Ge this game is not a skydiving simulator."

     Liu Zilang in front of the computer looked at the barrage in the live broadcast room and couldn't help scratching his head, "Brother Li? Who is Brother Li?"

     Hearing Liu Zilang’s doubts,

     The barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly flicked.

     "Betta fish only has one Brother Lee, that's me, Lee Sang Hyuk!"

     "Brother Li is of course the faker!"

     "Everyone is a great demon king, you can't watch the dying yet not rescuing them!"

     Seeing that the fans in the live broadcast room came over to pick up the Super Rockets, Liu Zilang was not good at giving face.In addition, he was very curious about this brother Li, as if he had heard his name somewhere.

      He thought until here, he could not help but said with a smile, "That's okay, you can make an appointment over there. By the way, the audience who come in remember to pay attention!"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the audience who poured into his live broadcast room suddenly became excited.

     But then, it was not the translator Coke who contacted Liu Zilang, but the official staff member of Douyu.

     It turned out that when the platform’s supervisor discovered this situation and reported it, Douyu’s live broadcast administrator quickly discovered the topicality and quickly arranged for the two of them.

     After a while, the official drew a banner on the homepage of the platform through train with the title "Shock! Two Great Demon Kings merged for the first time because of..."

     Liu Zilang saw the banner on the homepage when he was so bored, he couldn't help but complexion turned black!

     Shocked your brother-in-law!

     But at this moment, a lovely soft female voice suddenly sounded in yy.

     "Yeyyyy, are you there?"

     "I'm here." Liu Zilang said quickly, "I'm Vic."

     "Hey, call me Coke, this is Brother Li."

     "Anihasai..." Lee Sang Hyuk said immediately, his voice sounding a little shy.

     Although he doesn't understand Chinese, he can also understand the pronunciation of the two Chinese characters "Brother Li" that Huaxia fans ridiculedly call him.

     So when Coke mentioned him, he could not help but greeted him immediately.

     "Brother Li? Long Yang Long Yang!"Liu Zilang’s remarks are not polite. When he was just bored Baidu It, apart from discovering that this person’s career was more brilliant and legendary,

     I also found some interesting things...

     But this is not the time to talk about this. Now that everyone has arrived, Liu Zilang opens the mouth to ask, "What is your id? I'll pull you guys."

     "My name is Brother Li's id, let me see... it's called hideonbush, I posted it on the public screen."

     Coke smiled and said, "I'll be with you, mainly to help Brother Li translate, don't think I'm a fool."

     "It's okay, you just need to protect Brother Li."

     Liu Zilang alarming smile, and soon after copying their ids, he dragged them into the game.

     After the three clicked to prepare, the picture changed and soon entered the game loading interface.

     "Are we a trio?" Coke suddenly remembered something.

     "It should be four people. I forgot to cancel passers-by." Liu Zilang shook the head with a smile, "Forget it, bring one when you meet passers-by."

     The next moment, the three people immediately went to the prison square in the desert map.

      After Enter Game, before the three of them had time to speak, suddenly there was a somewhat messy exclamation in their voice!

     "Fuck! Arranged! Arranged for them!"

     "Really? Damn it, okay brother!"

     "Hurry up and let me say hello!"

     "Vic cheats!"

     "Fuck, did you say hello like that?"

     "Brother Li, come on! Go back and hammer the horse to death! Be brave to love!"


     Hear the following words,

     Liu Zilang almost laughed out of nowhere.Brother Li heard some calling him, but he asked in a daze, "Well...what a thief?"

     When the audience in the live room heard that also couldn't bear, they all suggested that they should arrange it for the teammate.

     It seems that this is a college monk who is queued to play games in the bedroom, no wonder they are all so "Youthful"... Liu Zilang sighed in his heart.

     At this moment, a voice that sounded a little uncomfortable said excitedly, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my roommates like to mess around, vic, I'm your fan!"

     "The young man has vision!"

     Liu Zilang felt happy, cannot bear ask, "Do you think I and Ze Shao are better than how is it?"

     "Uh..." the man hesitated, "Five-five?"

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang had not had time to express his dissatisfaction.

     Li Ge seemed to be touched by memories.

     Because he is in South Korea, he faintly remembers that there seemed to be someone who was like him at the beginning...