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507 Li Ge Hangs On A Tree And Lives To Death? (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The game system randomly arrived at the desert map.

     The route flies straight from the birthplace prison island at the bottom left of the map to the Military Base at the top right corner of the map, one divides into two sides at an angle.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the map, and marked a yellow dot on Picardo's side.

     Li Ge suddenly trembled when he saw Mark, which seemed to touch some of his unpleasant memories.

     Can't help scratched the head, "Shall we change the place?"

     After Miss Coke translated it,

     The audience in the live broadcast room also said "Cannot help but laugh."

     "That day Brother Li once again recalled the fear of landing into a box."

     "Puff haha, I didn't expect Brother Li to be counseled."

     Liu Zilang also laughed when he heard this.

     However, he is not very familiar with this newly released desert map, every time he shoots in Picardo and the mansion, he has never been to other places.

      thought until here, he cannot bear ask that id called "Life is unbearable" on the fourth floor of the road, "Xiaoshou, do you have any recommendations."


     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the life that was about to speak could not bear the corners of his mouth.

     He felt somewhat wronged and said, "Brother Lang, let's change the name."

     "Oh, sorry, sorry."

     Liu Zilang hurriedly apologized. He also realized that his name was a bit wrong, and quickly changed his words.

     "Then how do you feel."

     Life was unbearable and couldn't help but shook his whole body, and the tiger eyes tearfully said, "Brother Lang, you should let me suffer.""Then you said it earlier." Liu Zilang couldn't help complaining, "I obviously liked what I called the first time, so I have to change my tongue. I'm not honest at all."

     "Okay, then it will be a small pain for you."


     "Puff haha!"

     Hearing what the two said, the Coke in the voice suddenly "chuckled" and laughed.

     She had always heard that Douyu's face was flying like a chicken king, but she knew it today. It's a breakthrough horizon!

     Finally, under Xiao Shou's suggestion, the four chose the birthplace prison in the lower right corner of the map as their drop point.

     Apart from its not very good location and inconvenient transportation, this place is generally quite fat, and if it is on a regular route, more people choose this place as a landing point.

     Like this one right now.

     When he pressed "f" and jumped out of the cabin, when Li Ge saw the parachutes around, he suddenly screamed in his heart!

     There is an illusion of dreaming back to Picardo.

     But what they didn't know was when they fell into the prison at the bottom left of the desert map.

     In a yy voice.

     A small group of people landed noiselessly in a coastal town opposite the bridge on the north side of the prison island.

     "Huanyu, didn't we say that we are good at sniper vic? Why are you here?" A cannot bear ask named zej.

     "Yeah! Why did I follow you to jump here?" a wolf also couldn't bear asked.

     Randy said somewhat suspicious, "Don't you be afraid? Magic feather?"If the audience in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room sees the id of these people, they will understand that they are all the betta emperors who hang on the weekly list in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room.

     Seeing that Two Great Demon Kings fit together tonight, unable to hold back, I am excited to come over and attack a wave, but I did not expect Really successful!

     In fact, there are still a lot of sniper teams like this in the live broadcast room, but there are too many players in the national server PUBG. Many people are not easy to match even if they click to prepare at the same time, so this "four emperor team "It's better luck.

     Hearing the words of the three of them, Huan Yu immediately dismissed, "You don't seem to be stupid! Isn't it a gift if you jump with Vic?"

     "Let's search this place! After searching, block the bridge, isn't it pretty?"

     "Huh? It makes sense!" Randy nodded.

     "Unexpectedly, you still have such a vision!" Zej also sighed.

     But at this time, a wolf suddenly raised his own question, "What if the circle is brushed on the southern island?"

     Hearing the words of a wolf,

     The voice suddenly became quiet

     People have long-term worries and short-term worries.

     Even if Liu Zilang knew it, he couldn't take care of the Sihuang Bridge Blocking Team in the north, because he roughly estimated that in the prison position, they actually skipped three teams.

     If you are with Wei Shen or Shen Zeyan, then in this kind of passerby game, the other two teams probably won't even have enough gaps between their teeth.

     But in the current team, one is Li, who is about to finish the game on the skydiving simulator, and the other is a little sufferer.

      there is still one Coke of unknown depth.With this kind of team configuration, Liu Zilang is really not confident about whether he can get out of this place.

     Brother Li jumped so many times, he had to give him a game experience, Liu Zilang cannot bear saying, "Brother Li, don't run around when you land, just follow me."

     Upon hearing this, Coke and Xiao Su hurriedly said, "What about me?"

     "Coke is an interpreter with the team, let's keep up with it." Liu Zilang thought for a while, "If you have fate then see you again."


     "Puff haha! This is too real!"

     "It's a real hammer! Vic's ratio shouldn't be gay, and everyone pushes it out when sent to the door."

     "I find it difficult to say, and I can't rule out the possibility of deliberate, and then secretly add a WeChat account."

     "Nonsense! Is Vic like that kind of person? Hey seems to be really!"

     Because it was a vertical landing on a positive flight path, a few people fell to the height of the parachute before talking.


     A series of sounds of parachutes opening!

     Liu Zilang made a Thomas spiral in the air and quickly landed at the door of the building in the middle of the prison.

     However, just when he was about to go in and take the gun, Li Ge suddenly screamed in the air.

     "Brother Li hung up the tree!" Xiao Su cried out.

     Liu Zilang looked back and saw that Brother Li who was hanging on the iron shelf of the prison also couldn't bear, his eyes twitched.

     This is so toxic!

     He hurriedly said, "Brother Li, don't panic! I'll go in and find a gun. You can press f a few more times to try."

     After speaking, he rushed in.However, in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, when many people reach the same point, the time to land can be fight minutes, snatch seconds.

     Liu Zilang just missed a golden time with a gun after he was delayed just looking back.

     Sure enough, he had just entered the door.

     I saw a person rushing to the corner of s1897, bending over to pick up a gun, and turning his head to smile at him.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help eyes twitched when he saw it!

     It was a bit difficult to run at this moment, he hurriedly greeted Coke and Xiao Su who were following him, "Quickly! Let's get on together! Hammer this match!"

     As soon as the voice fell, he immediately rushed up with his Wang Ba fist.

     Then when he turned around,

     But I found that Xiaoshou and Coke had already slipped away!

     Damn it! This Nima is too loyal!

     There was a burst of grief and anger in Liu Zilang's heart. At this moment, he basically had some hope of survival.

     Brother Li has hung up the tree anyway

     But just after he blocked the man in the corner with a punch,

     next moment,

      The unexpected scene happened!