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510 Isn't This A Hunter? (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In order to prevent beat the grass to scare the snake,

     Liu Zilang did not shoot while they were running.

     Next, in the blink of an eye, the man who ran in the front has left the prison and got on the sports car.

     A baby dared to kick my pants!


      Between flash of lightning, morning dew, a crossbow arrow suddenly tore through the sky and whizzed away!

     The next moment, the man in the driving position of the sports car suddenly tilted his body and suddenly fell from the sports car.

     "Vic123 used a crossbow headshot to knock down Lao Chen of the Galaxy!"

     Old Chen, who was thinking about getting in the car, saw this kill prompt, and suddenly couldn't help but trembled!

     "Fuck! Vic is eyeing us!"

     "Where is it? Where is the person?"

     "I do not know!"

     The three looked back at the prison warily, but they drew their guns and looked around at a loss...

      has to say, at this time the concealment of the crossbow has been fully reflected.

     The other party is basically unable to confirm where Liu Zilang is.

     But at this time, after Liu Zilang's arrow passed, he immediately jumped off the platform outside the prison building.

     With the help of the abandoned car parked at the front entrance of the prison that was disordered and in a mess, he blocked the opponent's vision, and touched the people at the door with agility and agility.

     After searching for a while, the other party still did not find Liu Zilang. Old Chen, who was knocked down by Liu Zilang, looked around vigilantly.

     Kneeling on the ground, he changed his position around the sports car and said tentatively, "Here can be saved, he should not be able to shoot."

     Old Chen's teammate hesitated,He carefully glanced at the direction of the prison, and when he found no one, he quickly squatted down and began to save.

     However, what he didn't know was that Liu Zilang had quietly set up the crossbow again.

     Looking at the two people squatting behind the car,

     A smile rose from the corner of his mouth.


     Another crossbow arrow came out of the string!

     It’s like an immobile target squatting over there to save people. At this distance, you don’t even need to think about the trajectory.

     Hit the bullseye with one arrow!

     "Fuck! Labor and capital have fallen!"

     "It shouldn't be! He can shoot at our position?

     "Be careful, I think that ratio should already be down!"

     At this moment, one of them suddenly said in surprise, "I saw him, he is behind that big truck!"

     While speaking, he had already raised his gun and shot Liu Zilang at the location.

     Whoops whoops—!

     The bullet screamed, hitting the railing at the rear of the truck and splashing fire.


     In the sound of some ears, Liu Zilang put another crossbow on the crossbow in his hand.

     He got stuck in the car and looked at the opposite side, and his body suddenly protruded from the back of the car, amid numerous oncoming bullets,

     A crossbow arrow goes upstream!


     Immediately, the whole root was submerged in the person's head, and the arrow feathers on the tail quivered slightly in the air.

     One more person!

     In an instant, the person left behind the car was also right!

     How come you got into this kind of monster... I knew I wouldn't jump into prison.And seeing this one after another picture, the audience in the live room was suddenly shocked!

     "Fuck, I'm afraid it's not a hunter?"

     "The hunter has a stone hammer, the cliff is an elf archer!"

     "Wait... Could it be that this compares to destroy the team with a crossbow?"

      Almost at the same time, many viewers in the live broadcast room thought of this, and their eyes widened in horror.

     This Bizhen considers himself Hanzo?

     However, Liu Zilang told them with facts that only you can't think of it, and he can't do it without him.

     After he loaded a crossbow bolt in again, Liu Zilang did not continue to hide behind the car this time, but walked out from behind the car boldly and decisively holding the crossbow.

     The man behind the opposite car saw Liu Zilang walking like a god of death. He was obviously holding a crossbow that hardly anyone played in this game, but he was panicked with an M16 in his hand.

     "You said...Is it too late for me to surrender now?"

     "Can perhaps try?"

     "Just say it's the water friend in his live broadcast room!"

     "Good idea, Vic must be live streaming, I don't believe he will kill water friends in front of so many viewers."

     After a wave of exchanges between the four, an idea suddenly came to mind.

     The next moment, I saw the person squatting behind the sports car suddenly turned on everyone's voice, squatting behind the sports car and shouting, "Leader, don't shoot! Your own people!"

     "What are you talking about?" Liu Zilang's voice came.

     "I...I'm your fan." The man hurriedly said.

     "Oh, fan! Say it early."

     Liu Zilang's tone eased.The man couldn't help but feel relieved when he heard it. In order to show his sincerity, he quickly stood up from the back of the car and said, "Yes, yes! My teammates and I always like to watch you live, we are all your fans."

     "All my fans?"

     Liu Zilang somewhat suspicious, immediately said, "Well, in order to test whether it is true or false for your true fans, I will ask you a question about the basics of my live broadcast studio."

     That person really watched Liu Zilang's live broadcast.

     As soon as he heard that it was basic common sense, he immediately patted his chest and said, "Just ask! Real fans can stand the test!"

     Liu Zilang pondered for a moment, "Um...then you tell me how much the room number of my live broadcast room is multiplied and divided by six."

     That person: "???"

     "3! 2!..."

     "Wait, why is this countdown?"


     The voice just fell,

     Liu Zilang does not hesitate at all. He raised the crossbow, and when he flung his hand, he shot a crossbow!


     The sound of arrows penetrating the skull came.

     The next moment, the man looked at the crossbow arrow stuck in his head, a confused face fell down ...

     My Nima...Is this guy born crude?

     Liu Zilang shook the head and said, "Even if this doesn't know at all, he still says he is a real fan? Hey, the current liar is too unwilling."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the water friends audience in the live broadcast room suddenly said "cannot help but laugh".

     "I'm a ghost! Your comparison started?"

     "Puff haha, the number of fans is -4! The fan anchor is paying attention!""Quickly calculate how much Vic's room number is multiplied and divided by 6. Maybe it will be used next time."

     Seeing this deranged scene, the "Four Emperors Team" who was preparing to block people at the north bridge in the live broadcast room was also shocked!

     Magic feather cannot bear saying, "Fuck, whoever of you will calculate how much this is multiplied by the room number divided by 6."

     "Labor and management have long been over, there is no way to eliminate it!" Randy said.

     "Come on! Don't forget it." Zej sneered, "Do you think he won't start if he gets the answer right?"

     Upon hearing this, the four of them suddenly reacted!

     A wolf shivered, "Yes! This one is more vicious and merciless than vicious and merciless, and it will definitely not let us go!"

     "Then don't worry about this, move the car and seal the bridge."

     Zej stared at the other end of the bridge, without hesitation,

     "Our wave was unsuccessful,

     Ben Chengren! "

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