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514 Thanos Player! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

AM can be regarded as the "Xeon Sniper" of act wilfully in this game because it can kill everything!

     But sometimes the crossbow is used well, and the effect is not worse than that of AM, even in terms of concealment.

     Take the current confrontation between the two sides.

     After the shot AM on the opposite side exploded the Coke, several people immediately kept quiet out of fear and squatted down quickly.

     Seeing that Liu Zilang and the others were directly "from the heart", the person holding the AM suddenly felt a sense of scorn.


     Know it!


     Another gunshot came!


     The tire of the sports car that stood in front of Cola and Li was blown out instantly!

     Use AM to get a tire?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes twitched.

     There was a pain in my heart.

     AM's bullets are just that...what a prodigal thing!

     He hasn't finished the clinker.


     There was another thunderous gunshot!

     The two tires on the side of Li Ge and the sports car in front of Cola were all blown up in a blink of an eye!

     "Oh, let's have a baby at the beginning, is this team so hard?"

     "In 23333, it is also domineering to use AM for abortion, this buddy has ideas!"

     "I feel that this is the rhythm of irreconcilable until death, but if I dare to play like this in front of the two big devil kings, I seem to see the death star above his head shine..."

     Seeing this scene, the water friends in the live broadcast couldn't help but mourned for the team.

     At this time, Liu Zilang, who was squatting behind a stone on the top of the mountain, really couldn't bear.What a prodigal!

     He suddenly got up with the crossbow in his hand, and instantly opened the quadruple mirror and aimed at the opponent.


     The shock of a crossbow arrow breaking through the air suddenly came!

     The man wearing a third-level head and holding AM at Yingshi Langgu saw the outcropping Liu Zilang, and he couldn't help but secretly say that he was not afraid of death.

     He raised the gun and sneered at the corner of his mouth.

     However, in the next moment, I looked at the crossbow arrows suddenly on his head.

     The smile at the corner of the man's mouth suddenly froze.


     "Vic123 used AM headshot to knock down the up and down interaction!"

     You should know that not every player who eats chicken watches the game and watch the live broadcast, just like the team in front of them.

     When they saw that Liu Zilang used a crossbow to headshot the man who was holding AM,

     The first thought that came up in my heart was not "it turned out to be him", but "Fuck, this grandson is so lucky?"

     Obviously, the crossbow is a metaphysical weapon that is as famous as Tanzi in this game. Liu Zilang's arrow is regarded as a metaphysical weapon and is not altogether inexcusable.

     Someone on the other side was dissatisfied with it, cannot bear saying, "I still don't believe it, brother, give me AM and see if the labor and capital are not a shot him."

      The person kneels down on the ground also thought that Liu Zilang had better luck just now, but when he dropped AM on the ground, he still felt distressed and said, "Brother, you can save a bit, there are only so many bullets left. "

     Hearing this, the man who lowered his head and picked up AM couldn't help but the corners of his mouth twisted.

     So why are you playing so hard just now?Next, one of the people on the opposite team rescued, but the remaining two held the stone where Liu Zilang was.

     As for Liu Zilang and the others, Brother Li is helping Coke. Currently, only Liu Zilang and Xiaoshou have combat effectiveness.

     But when Liu Zilang rewinded a crossbow arrow, his head was revealed again does not hesitate at all.


     So arrogant?

     Seeing this scene, they couldn't bear it decisively, and they both got up and raised their guns at the same time!

     call out-!

     A crossbow arrow pierced the sky above the mountain,

     Roar away again!

     The next moment, the person holding AM on the opposite side had a crossbow stuck in his head, and fell down a confused face.

     It’s just good luck...how bad is that going to be?

     Immediately afterwards, Liu Zilang quickly replaced the crossbow in his hand with an M16.

     At the same time, the extremely fast mouse slipped,

     The quadruple mirror on the crossbow was installed on the M16.

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     A bullet pierced through the air.

     But Liu Zilang didn't persuade him at all, and there was a wave of four-fold M16 guns!

     Da da da-!

     Amid the intensive gunfire, a wave of bullets like a tide immediately counterattacked back!

     Although the M16 has a very fast rate of fire, it is actually not easy to press even with a red dot, and the degree of muzzle shaking is second only to AK.

     However, at this time, the audience in the live broadcast room watched in astonishment that Liu Zilang was very inconceivable to control the M16's quasi-centre to a fist size.

      from start to finish,

     Never moved the slightest..."Fuck, Vic's M16 is just flying!"

     "The fastest M16 in Asia with the face value chicken king want to know more?

     "The fastest? Hmm... With Vic's hand speed... Maybe it might be really fast..."

     "I'm so panic! What are you talking about, I don't understand what to do?"

     In the game, at the moment of hearing the gunfire,

     The man remaining behind the bunker on the other side was also taken aback.

      It's not right!

     Shouldn't this distance be everyone's shot-by-shot burst?

     But opposite this gunshot,

     How come Nima sounds faster than fully automatic?

     As soon as this thought came out of his mind, the man was shot in the head.

     not good!

     Next, before his neural reaction could be implemented into his hands, he received another shot in the neck!

     All of a sudden blood spilled into the sky,

     The teammate next to him knelt to the ground...

     At this moment, the two couldn't help but glance at each other, both of them were a little dumbfounded. This was a monster!

     At the same time, Liu Zilang's little sufferer was also confused.

      With great difficulty there is a chance for performance, Xiao Shou is thinking about showing his skills in front of the audience in the two big devil live rooms.

     As a result, he didn't have two shots right here, but Liu Zilang on the side has already solved the battle...

     Are these Nima playing the same game?

     "Don't be stunned, keep up, let's take them."


     After Liu Zilang replaced the M16 in his hand with the shuttle bullet, his figure pressed forward very quickly.

     There is still a chance of performance,

     Quickly followed up.At this time, the remaining one on the other side was still helping people.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the red and blue airdrop box on the hillside, act without taking time to think and cut out a grenade.


     After the grenade was pulled, he kicked his heel on the ground,

     There was a sudden run-up.

     The next moment, I saw him jumps up suddenly on the top of the mountain, like a giant throwing a spear,

     Throw the grenade towards the high altitude ahead!

     Damn it, isn't it!

      Xiao Shou who was following behind was immediately dumbfounded, and his eyes looked straight at the grenade in the air ahead!

     Liu Zilang in front of the computer, with a smile on his lips, left the keyboard with his hands.

     Immediately afterwards, he suddenly snapped a finger,

     He whispered, "Boom!"


     In the game, I saw that the grenade hadn’t landed at the moment it flew over the airdrop box.

     There was a burst of fire suddenly!

     At the next moment, a series of scarlet kill prompts appeared on the screen.

     And hearing Liu Zilang's fingers snapped,

     Together with the shocking picture in front of me.

     The audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but took a deep breath. Is this especially Thanos debuting?


     Genius remembers this site address in one second: .. Mobile version reading URL: m.