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521 Life And Death Jump! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

without a doubt!

     Liu Zilang was indeed shown.

     The opposite is not without Hearing the sound of his grenade pulling strings, he is fully confident about his reaction and the pan, so he doesn't panic.

     Damn it!

     Looking at Brother Li, who was kneeling behind the window furniture, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel pain.

      It should be noted, Brother Li is down.

     It also means that the other party can be deadlocked and delayed, but Liu Zilang must break the deadlock as soon as possible.

     Otherwise, I can only watch Li Ge Liangliang...

      Thus, the initiative on the field can be said to be completely controlled by the opponent.

     "Brother Li's blood drops a bit fast, I'm afraid this wave is not going to end."

     "The other side is also a bit unreasonable. You said you would show Vic when you show it, and it blows up Brother Li..."

     "Brother Li: MMP! Labor and capital are eating a melon next to him, don't even know him."



     Deeply exhaled, Liu Zilang's body leaning against the wall suddenly protruded.

     Da Da Da—!

     Under the extremely fast rate of fire of the M16,

     The bullet roared into the window, but it seemed to have a long aftertaste in this small room.

     However, he just wanted to use Firepower Suppression to walk to Brother Li's side, but the other party didn't come out from the left side of the window, but coldly under the window. Face revealed his figure!


     The fire flashed, and the turbulent bullets flowed back in an instant!

     Liu Zilang's pupils shrank, and his body quickly receded.


     A cloud of blood burst out of him instantly!After the bullet was torn apart, the third-level defense on his body was completely shattered.

     But when a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, Liu Zilang, who took two steps, still flashed back behind the wall in time.

     Because in this situation just now, there is a bunker on the opposite side to show off at any time. Liu Zilang's situation in the zero bunker and the opponent's success rate of gun shooting are too low.

     Therefore, he who made the judgment in his heart will directly admit the counsel and withdraw.

     Seeing this thrilling scene, the friends in the live broadcast room were really surprised this time!

     If there is still some luck and trickery in the pan mine just now, then this wave of opponents, whether it is the timing of the shot, the marksmanship and the situational awareness,

     It can be said that they are all so good that they completely choked off Liu Zilang's vitals!

     "Fuck! Vic has really met his opponent?"

     "Hi—! The level of passersby is so high now? Isn't that a joke?"

     On the corridor outside the window.

     Vivian was also slightly surprised.

     Just now he thought that Liu Zilang, who had no cover, would be a life-and-death wrestle, so he could take away each other as long as two flashes.

     But she did not expect the other party to be so stable.

     He returned directly.

      has to say, this is also the wisest choice.


     Vivienne habitually blows the long oblique bangs on the front of her forehead, and there is a faint glow of excitement in the ice-blue pupils.

     It's been a long time...I haven't met an opponent.

     At this time, although she knew that the opponent's blood volume had been crippled by him, she did not dare to rush in.

     Because she came in from outside to cross the window.But when the character makes a jump action, he cannot shoot.

     Although this time is short, she believes that the other party will not miss this opportunity even if there is only a trace of blood.

     So Vivian act without taking time to think took out a grenade, and immediately held it in her hand for two seconds to warm it up.

     There was a whistle in his mouth, and he threw it in after shaking his hand.

     Try the big guys!

     Liu Zilang hiding behind the door to fight drugs. Seeing the grenade flying from outside the window in his field of vision, the corner of his eyes twitched slightly.

     According to his "Thor Reincarnation" experience,

     Judging from the flight path, this grenade is almost 100% a rebound geometric mine!

      thought until here, he sharp-eyed and deft-handed stopped spraying drugs,

     Pull out the pan backhand.

     At the moment when the grenade flew, it suddenly pulled out!

     Yan flashback watching labor and capital!

     Damn it!

     The grenade was in close contact with the pan and made a crisp sound!

     The grenade flew in the opposite direction toward the window, and it was about to go back!

     Unexpectedly the next moment,

     The grenade hit the window, bounced back, and rolled on the ground.

     Shows a kind of palpitating activity.

     At this time, the most palpitating one naturally knelt down behind the furniture, and brother Li, who had already lost most of his blood.

     Seeing the grenade that baffling rolled to his side, Brother Li's Adam's apple rolled, and he swallowed subconsciously.

      Between Lightning Spark, it is like Forthwith Millennium.

     The grenade suddenly turned into a ball of broken iron that was urged by the fire, and burst out a hot wave!Li Ge's body suddenly seemed to be melted, and in a blink of an eye it became a box...

     "Vivian used a grenade to blow up Hideonbush!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the water friends in the live broadcast room were stunned for an instant, and then suddenly exploded!

     "Fuck! The anchor killed his teammate, report it and go!"

     "Distressed for a wave of my brother Li, I got cold without doing anything..."

     "Brother Li: What evil did I do? All these people were born crudely?"

     In the game, Liu Zilang was also shocked!

     The heart can only secretly say,

     I'm sorry, Brother Li, a fellow Daoist is not a poor Dao.

     But Vivienne?

     This name... I look familiar.

     At this moment, too late to think and explain, Liu Zilang hurriedly pulled up the blood volume with a first aid kit.

     Now that Brother Li is dead, it means that the other party has also given up the initiative just now.

     Both sides stood on the same starting line again.

     However, Liu Zilang also faced a situation similar to that of the opponent just now when the opponent was stuck on the stairs outside.

     That is, as long as his offense is over the window, the opponent will definitely abrupt him directly.

     Judging from the current situation, it seems that the two sides will only have to wait until the next lap to refresh, when the two ran against drugs.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang turned his head and glanced at the window on the side of the house he was in. There was a sudden movement in his mind, and a bold idea emerged.

     Done it!

     In the next moment, Liu Zilang act without taking time to think and cut out a shock bomb, and threw it directly toward the window where the two sides confronted each other!Shock bomb?

     Vivienne couldn't help but cocked her mouth.

     She quickly dodged her back and instantly avoided the blinding effect of Liu Zilang's explosive bomb, but there was still a brief buzzing sound in her ears.

     Liu Zilang is waiting for this opportunity!

     He didn't surprise from the window where the two sides confronted each other, but cut out AM three steps and two steps, quickly rushing towards the window of his hiding room.

     When he came to the window, Liu Zilang did not hesitate at all and jumped out with his hands on the ground!

     You know that although the two windows are separated by a wall,

     But the distance is not far.

     So the moment Liu Zilang came out of the window, Vivian suddenly appeared in his left field of vision, squatting on the outer ladder.

      In a white steed flits past a crack, Liu Zilang in the air turned his spear very fast!


     AM's muzzle burst out a dazzling fire!

     The next moment, his whole person also fell down suddenly.

     And at the same time,

     There is no trace of defense.

     Vivian, who was half squatting on the outer ladder, suddenly burst into blood on the dark third-level head!