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523 The Fastest M16 In Asia! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

If Liu Zilang knew what Vivian was thinking at this time, I am afraid he would hum unceremoniously.

     Not a big deal,

     The tone is not small.

     But at this time he has no time to take care of these, because the next safety zone has been refreshed, and it has also been refreshed to the three large factories on the back of the Lion City.

     That location is not far from what he said,

     Said it is near but not near.

     After Liu Zilang glanced at the map, he just ran over there and wanted to ride a "happy motorcycle".

     In the end, Xiao Su saw weakly persuading him in his voice, "Lang Ge Lang! Now there are two over ten people left, let's eat the chicken steadily!"

     "Yeah, let's stay steady, Brother Li hasn't eaten chicken yet." Cola also echoed.

     Liu Zilang hadn't taken care of it at first, so it was exciting to think about driving a motorcycle in a place like Lion City.

     But when Cola mentioned Brother Li, he suddenly felt a sense of guilt that had just killed Brother Li.

     He glanced at the motorcycle downstairs in front of him, and at the safety zone behind him.

     Liu Zilang hesitated,

     Still decided to settle for Li Ge's "chicken"!

     Immediately, he cut out the M16 and faced the motorcycle for a while, and directly hit the tires of the front and rear wheels.

     "Puff haha, quality anchor, pay attention!"

     "This hand what remains unseen is deemed to be clean, it's okay, Vic's natal motorcycle is not on."

     "Vic: If I don't get you, I will destroy you!"

     "But Vic is better than Tailang. I feel that even if I don't drive a motorcycle, I feel cold in a place like Lion City."The audience in the live broadcast room has such a judgment that it is not shoot without aim, because the lion city in the desert map is different from the city P in the island map. Although the city P has many buildings, it only needs to be careful when it comes to fighting. Professional players are better at playing passersby. It is easy to have more enemies with less, and it is not easy to be attacked.

     However, although the buildings and houses in the Lion City in the desert map are much more than those in the P City, the houses are spaced apart, just like the R City. Very possibly there might be fire between the two sides.

     You have a good fight with people here,

     Then his teammates came out unpredictably as a shuttle back or sideways.

     That's basically a cold!


     After the fetus, Liu Zilang instilled a Red Bull to fill up the energy bar, and quickly ran towards the safe zone in large strides.

     He originally thought he was low-key enough to run into the circle, but he didn't expect to be stopped by one person as soon as he touched the edge of the safe zone.


     The long-lost stapler is online,

     A light muffled M24 gunshot suddenly came!

     A cloud of blood mist suddenly appeared on Liu Zilang, who was running, and his blood volume dropped a small amount instantly.

     Damn it!

     Liu Zilang hurriedly found a place to squat down on the slope and put on a bandage. He naturally heard the gunshot of the opponent's M24 and couldn't help but eyebrows raised.

     Because of blowing Sting!

     After putting on two bandages, Liu Zilang leaned forward very quickly and opened the mirror instantly!


     Seeing the figure as empty as anything in the field of view of the eight-fold mirror, he suddenly felt confused!

     What about right?

     People?at the same time,

     In the voice of the team on the side of Poxia.

     "I held him! You guys hurry around behind."

     One person hid behind the wall of the factory building below the slope and said, "This ratio should be a lone wolf. I just saw that I was carrying an AM on my back, and I felt a little flustered."

     Someone in the team quickly said, "Don't panic, don't panic! What's so scary about the lone wolf, don't let him run away."

     Another humane said, "When we get closer, you open up and hit him to attract his attention."

      has to say, judging from the cooperative actions of these passers-by, it is indeed not lucky that they can live in this circle.


     At this time, Liu Zilang is here.

     Put two or three bandages on, and poured another bottle of Red Bull Queen.

     He hid behind the wall on the slope and glanced at it.

     The person who just hit him at the factory location still did not show up, it seems that the M24 shot just did not exist.

     Everything is fake.

     However, seeing that the other party didn't seem to have the intention to attack him, the poison circle behind was about to be brushed over again.

     Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment.

     Still decided to run away first.

     Who would have thought that as soon as he took a step here, the sound of a "stapler" came from below.


     A sniper bullet slid across Liu Zilang's side.

     Obviously, the opponent's accuracy in hitting the moving target is not very good. Most of the gun body just now is a blind cat finds a dead mouse.

     But since the other party is willing to show up,

     Liu Zilang naturally has no reason to be unwelcome.While the person is running, the AM behind him has already slipped into the palm of his hand, not a word or movement.

     next moment,

     The gunfire sounded again at the position of the plant downhill.

     But this time, the other party also seems to know the insufficiency of his sniping achievement, and replacing M24 with M4 is a wave of bursts.

     Whoops whoops-!

     A wave of bullets suddenly roared!

     The corners of Liu Zilang's mouth rose slightly, seeming to be somewhat bewitching in the bullet rain,

     Immediately Spear Departs like a Dragon!


     AM it’s like a stuffy thunder-like sound,

     Suddenly exploded on the slope!

     The moment a sniper bullet burst out of the chamber, flickering in an instant flickering through the air!

     The next moment, a flash of blood flashed on the head of the man in the factory, and he fell to the ground suddenly.

     "I'm a ghost! Have you started?!"

     "I like to watch the Vic show. This jump looks really cool!"

     After a shot was taken, Liu Zilang glanced at the bullet screen while pulling the bolt to change the bullet, and couldn't help but grinned and said, "Sit down and sit down. It's all basic exercises. What's the point of making a fuss about nothing."

     "I think the anchor is good enough to get a card. Don't give away airplanes and rockets."

     Seeing that Liu Zilang's hint was no longer a hint, the barrage of the live broadcast room suddenly booed.

     However, at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly complexion changed.


     A wave of without omen came into his ears!

     In the next moment, seeing the three people appearing obliquely behind him suddenly, Liu Zilang was a little dumbfounded!

     "Fuck!"He exclaimed, but in his hand he switched from M24 to M14 very quickly!

     At this moment, one person happened to rush out from behind the wall where he just hid!

     Liu Zilang quickly raised his gun and opened the mirror.

     But at the moment he opened the lens,

     The audience in the live broadcast room was suddenly taken aback!

     Because Liu Zilang's M16 at this time was equipped with a quadruple mirror. Under this almost face-to-face sniper, you said you took a quadruple mirror to hit someone...

     Isn't it helping people body inspection? !

      At this moment, Liu Zilang's heart couldn't help but another "fuck"!

     But he is different from others. If the average person makes such a big mistake at this critical moment,

     I guess he's already a horse in panic.

     But Liu Zilang pulled the spear sharply with his hands to the extreme, dragging it directly to the person's nostrils!

     Knock it!

     Let you see today,

     What is the fastest M16 in Asia!