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525 Real 1V4V4! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The home improvement is more Embracing the Younger Sister Tightly Until Death.

     Liu Zilang's slaughter of cats between his hands and knees is what makes people have to sigh for his special posture!

     "I've taken it! The cat with the left hand, the killer with the right hand, and give tea to the boss."

     "It's so yuppie! This wave asks who else is there?"

      "Stuff it! Really think we are unable to discern this wave is 98K for small milk cats?"

     "I see, Vic was playing cats on the surface, but actually let 98K give him power."

     "Why did the 2333 live broadcast room suddenly become two in mystery?"

     After solving this "uninvited guest", Liu Zilang once again entered the "sage" mode of running cats.

     98K, who curled up with his legs hanging between his knees, licked his paws and gave a low "meow", but for a while, he "dare not to speak".

     Perhaps in my heart I was praying that the person who came back holding it would show up soon and give this Muggle a punch!


     Then the poison circle on the field shrank,

     The safe zone is refreshed again.

     Liu Zilang was lucky in this game, and the factory where he was in the next few laps was sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms in a safe area.

     But the hair on the head of the little milk cat 98K was almost bald by him, but he was not waiting for the next person to come in.

     At this time, the location of the third factory in the north of the Lion City, except for the factory where he was located, the other two factories seemed to be occupied by gunshots.

     After the Second Last safety zone was refreshed in the finals, there were only 9 people left on the court.

     "Nine people?"words exceede 5100Most of these people are "thinking about change in a deadlock" and want to pull the gun line from his workshop, but although the opponent is cautious and timid, most of them have not found him at this time.

     That would be easier.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help chuckled, and quickly cut out a shock bomb in his hand.

     In this game, the character will make a slight noise when switching weapons.

     But at this time, the teammates behind the two and the team in the opposite factory were playing blissfully, and there were endless gunfire on the court.

     Liu Zilang cut out the slight sound of the explosive bomb, which was naturally not surprisingly hidden by the gunfire.


     The next moment, he squatted behind the door and pulled the lead.

     "Wait buddy! I seem to hear something."

     "what sound?"

     "It looks like someone threw thunder."

     As soon as he said this, Liu Zilang suddenly stepped forward and threw the shock bomb in his hand.


     In an instant, the vision of the two of them fell into a vast expanse of white, accompanied by the eardrums filled with humming that made people feel a little harsh and disgusting!

      At the same time, the voice of the team next door also became a mess.

     "Fuck! There are people in this plant!"

     "We were flashed, please help us."

     "Don't panic! It should be the lone wolf, we are here."

     next moment,

     Two people rush out in the next building.


     Liu Zilang is a shot AM!

     The moment the bullet burst out,

     The man fell over.At this moment, the people in the factory building on the left also noticed the battle here.

     "The opponent seems to be fighting!"

     "Someone fell!"

     "Come on! Follow me!"

      has to say, the team on the left plant is still very nice's grasp of the timing.

     Liu Zilang was thinking of relying on AM to play "surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements" after blinding them with a shock bomb.

     In the end, I didn’t expect the people from the factory on the left to come so timely.

     Well...you're welcome...

     As soon as they came up, they knocked down the two people who had just been blinded by Liu Zilang and were spinning around between the two factories, and then they fired in a wave of speed.

     It was made up on the spot.

     Knock it!

     Liu Zilang eyes twitched, a pain in his heart, and then a huge resentment!

     For the low-quality behavior of grabbing heads,

     He has always been detest bitterly!


     Liu Zilang put away the AM, M16 has been cut into his hands, and immediately opened his backpack to take a look.

     It's the red dot!

     The next moment, the sound of footsteps outside the left side of the factory building approached, and Liu Zilang didn't try hard, but quickly retreated from the door on the right side of the factory building.

     After all, if the other party is all four people coming together, in the case of frontal rigidity, then his marksmanship will not be the same even if it is rain and dew.

     Fortunately, there were only two people on the opposite side. Liu Zilang flashed away when he saw it and quickly stole one of them.


     "Don't rush, don't rush, we two go around."

     "I'll hold it for you, you climb out."

     The moment one fell to the ground,The other party responded quickly.

     Obviously, four people can make up to the finals, and this team seems to have something.

     However, Liu Zilang behind the wall raised the eyebrow when he saw it. He cut out AM with his backhand, and immediately missed his body as if he wanted to make up for the person who was climbing on the ground.

     The man with the gun outside was really anxious.

     When one comes out, he will fight.

     However, Liu Zilang AM's quasi-center was slammed toward the upper right, and another shot!

     At this distance,

     The time the bullet is in the air is almost negligible.

     The man fell down instantly.

     But at the same time, there was a gunshot from Liu Zilang's side.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Liu Zilang, who was pulling the bolt, suddenly burst into blood, and was unfortunately hit on the head by a stray bullet, and his blood volume suddenly dropped sharply.

     Liu Zilang was heart trembled, ignoring the two people on the side, and quickly slipped in from outside the factory.

     "Hold on, Brother Lang!"

     "Fight medicine! Fight medicine first!"