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531 The Fairy Touches The Top, The Horse Steps On The Flying Swallow! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"My roommate is watching Vic live! He just sent me a game message saying that Xiaotongjiang has been floating to report to Vic!"

     "Ah! It turned out to be Xiaotongjiang!"

     "This Nima is so angry!"

     "Don't shoot, don't shoot! Xiaotongjiang wants to live!"

     However, not everyone can hear them,

     The people in the K building were beaten by Liu Zilang and dared not show their heads. Suddenly, when he saw that there were still people floating in the air at this time, his heart suddenly became angry!

     Labor and management can't beat that pervert!

     You are still floating in front of your eyes, isn't this owing to clean up?

      Thought until here, the people in the K building suddenly started looking for opportunities, and from time to time they stole two shots at Zhang Xiaotong in the air.

     Whoops whoops-!

     All of a sudden, the bullets that broke through the air suddenly shot towards Zhang Xiaotong!

     "Aaaaaaahhh! Someone hit me!"

     A sanguine light surged up from Zhang Xiaotong in the air, and he screamed in fright.

     But the opposite is afraid of Liu Zilang on the elevated bridge,

     You can only steal a shot from behind the bunker, so the accuracy is naturally not guaranteed.

     Many bullets were not able to hit enough advance, and almost all floated to the parachute above Zhang Xiaotong's head when they hit.

     Fortunately, this game parachute Indestructable,

     Otherwise, her parachute would have been scattered and smashed long ago, and then fell off and died.

     Soon, Zhang Xiaotong finally landed on the ground.

     She has less than half of her health,

     He quickly trot and hid toward the other side of the elevated, and then threw himself down."Which one is playing Xiaotong sauce, the quality of this year's water friends is not good!"

     "2333 feels sorry for a wave of Xiaotong sauce, and the feeling of being beaten up in the sky is simply desperate!"

     "By the way, Vic's tactics of the'Air Combat Command' really flew up! It's up! It's up!"

     As soon as Zhang Xiaotong landed,

     The gunfire around the elevated gradually subsided.

     At this time, the people around couldn't beat Zhang Xiaotong, and Liu Zilang on the elevated platform couldn't beat him. He could only hide behind the bunker and try to maintain the game experience...

     But soon,

     They just waited for reinforcements.

     Due to the one-minute delay of Liu Zilang's drive, the people in the boiler room and the star-gazing building didn't know at all his exact location at first.

     But at this moment, the shots on the overhead and the footage from the live broadcast room revealed his position.

     For a while, people from the boiler room and the star-gazing building in the airport all came to support them and joined the encirclement and suppression army of "killing Liu Zilang and catching Xiaotongjiang alive"...


     "Are they... gone?"

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was lying on the grass in the north of the elevated highway, crawled forward and observed carefully.

     "There are three more in the C building and two in the K building," Liu Zilang recalled.

     At this moment, he suddenly added, "Eh wait! Four more came over from the factory."

     Upon hearing this,

     Zhang Xiaotong's face was about to cry suddenly.

     She panting with rage gushed, "How are they! I...I want to report them!""Precisely ... the quality of the water friends this year is too bad!" In front of the audience in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang immediately nodded and followed him.

     "Fuck! This person is rough, right?"

     "Didn't you say you wanted to smash us to the ground? Now?"

     "Brothers at the airport, give me some strength! Don't run away from this game, just block Vic on the elevated bridge."

     "Precisely, if Vic dies anyway, even if he loses!"

     "Everyone, don't show up. When the poison comes and he goes down the stairs, you will hit him. I don't believe he can still walk A or not!"

     "Good idea! Brother is a talent, worthy of being a water friend in Vic's live broadcast room!"

     After listening to Liu Zilang's words, the audience friends in the live broadcast room were immediately shocked by Liu Zilang's unscrupulous words. For a while, the crowd angrily came up with various ideas on the barrage.

     In the game, Zhang Xiaotong asked worriedly, "What shall we do now?"

     "I think we can sneak out secretly." Liu Zilang is not the slightest ashamed of fleeing.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who had just come down from the world, immediately said grievances, "But I haven't picked up anything yet, no! You have to make up for me."

     "Compensation?" Liu Zilang teased her deliberately, "Can I make you a gunpoint compensation?"

     Zhang Xiaotong: "......"

     "66666, what are you doing in a snakeskin show!"

     "This wave of Vic is a bit inappropriate, Xiaotongjiang's heart is broken."

     "Contract Xiaotong sauce, come to us, I will support you!"

     "Attention earlier, it is illegal to raise loli, and you will be arrested and shot like you.""The 23333 shooting is okay..."

     After speaking, Liu Zilang estimated that this girl must have a black face in front of the computer, cannot bear saying, "Don't be angry, don't be angry, give you another M4, is this good?"

     Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong's little face suddenly became cloudy and clear. Obviously among the rifles, she had a soft spot for a gun like M4 that was fully equipped and held the left button without letting go.

     She one's hearth is happy, her face is proud, "You are sensible, huh!"


     Liu Zilang smiled carelessly and shook the head, "There is a car outside, let's go straight away, by the way, come pick me up."

     "Pick you up?" Zhang Xiaotong didn't understand, and suddenly said somewhat anxious.

     "Am I going out and driving in?"

     "No no." Liu Zilang glanced down at the position of Zhang Xiaotong who was lying on the ground from the elevated, "You move to the left."


     Despite having doubts, Zhang Xiaotong climbed carefully to the left.

     "Click to the left."


     "After that, go a little more to the right."


      "All right, now you can stand up."

     Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong immediately subconsciously stopped/stood.

     She was somewhat uncertain in her heart,

     At this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared on the ground under her feet.

     Did something fall off?

     Zhang Xiaotong subconsciously raised her head, and suddenly found a person whistling towards her head!


     The next moment, Liu Zilang stepped on her head...In an instant, he was originally dissatisfied with the blood volume to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, but it stands to reason that his blood volume should be directly killed, but now Liu Zilang has survived miraculously.

     "Get down!"

     After the two stopped suddenly, Liu Zilang fell to the ground, and immediately fell down in a tactical manner.

     "Huh? Oh!"

     Zhang Xiaotong, whose head was still a little dazed, suddenly reacted, and hurriedly followed Liu Zilang's side.


     as expected.

     The moment she got down,

     A bullet swiftly passed above her.


     It's so risky!

     Zhang Xiaotong breathed a sigh of relief somewhat rejoiced when she heard the gunshots, but the next moment, she suddenly turned black and snorted, "You...you...you step on my head!"

     "Ah? Haha, is there?"

     Liu Zilang, who was bandaged on the ground, said bewildered.

      "Hmmph!" Hearing Liu Zilang pretending to be stupid, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly became uneasy.

     "Next time I will step on you too."

     "..." Liu Zilang.

     However, compared to Zhang Xiaotong’s irritation at this time, the surrounding water friends with spiral staircases on both sides of the elevated,

     At the moment, it is a bit daunting!

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