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532 Airport Brotherhood! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Everyone originally wanted to put Liu Zilang on the elevated ledge to catch a turtle in a jar.

     But no one thought he would not take the usual path,

     One step forward,

     Just jumped down.

     Seeing the "horse stepping on a flying swallow" operation with a foot on Zhang Xiaotong's head, everyone in the game who has been stalking the elevated bridge was so shocked!

     "My Nima... still have this kind of operation?"

     "Using Xiaotong sauce as a springboard is simply inferior to a beast|pervert!"

     At this moment, what thing suddenly flew towards the jeep parked outside the airport.

     Everyone in the game couldn't help but stunned.

     The next moment, I saw a piece of smoke gradually spreading around the jeep!

     "Not good! That crude man wants to run!"

     "Isn't it? Tell us to beat us to the ground? Persuaded?"

     "The dog thief should go away!"

     "If you want to run, you can leave Xiaotong sauce!"

     Seeing Liu Zilang Expeditious Retreat, I want to slip away.

     For a while, the people around the elevated bridge were suddenly unable to hold back, and they got up from behind the bunker and chased them up.

     "Ah! They are chasing here!" Zhang Xiaotong looked back and glanced at, said in a somewhat worried tone.

     Liu Zilang comforted, "Don't panic! Don't look back, go up and drive."

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     A rain of bullets suddenly hit!

     Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong ran side by side in the rain of bullets, looking like a scene where Lyon escapes the hunt with little Lolita in "This Killer Is Not So Cold"!Liu Zilang had already given M4 to Zhang Xiaotong under the elevated, but he was naturally impossible when he was sniping at the elevated. It was just that he beat others, and others didn't beat him. The medicine on my body had already been used up, and only a few bandages were left and used up after jumping off.

     So Zhang Xiaotong is still half blood, but Liu Zilang's blood volume is higher than her.

     Therefore, when the two rushed to the jeep in the smoke, he was always one position behind Zhang Xiaotong and blocked her back.

     At first Zhang Xiaotong listened to the sound of whistling from behind in her ears, and she was a little panicked in her heart when her blood volume was less than half.

     But halfway through,

     Zhang Xiaotong was not shot at all.

     When she turned her head slightly surprised, she saw Liu Zilang whose blood volume had fallen below her.

     Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help looking startled, and he quickly reacted in his heart.

      clearly only the character in the game, but she suddenly sensed a feeling of being protected.

     When the clinker was there, Liu Zilang suddenly shouted, "Hurry! Now it's you! Help me block!"

     As he spoke, he quickly ran in front of Zhang Xiaotong under his feet.


     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong's face was instantly moved black!

     From the corner of her vision, Liu Zilang was about to surpass her, so she quickly let go of her feet.

     Just rush forward!

      in the blink of an eye, the faint warmth on the court disappeared!

     The two of you chasing after me, they look like two wild dogs running off the chain...

     "Puff haha! Plastic siblings want to know more.""6666, this wave can be said to be very real!"

     "Fuck! I almost moved labor and capital! Lost money!"

     Fortunately, the distance was not far, and the two hurriedly rushed into the smoke.

     According to the previous plan, Zhang Xiaotong quickly jumped out of the driving position after getting in the car.

     Immediately stepped on the accelerator.


     The jeep engine buzzed!

     The next moment, the whole car suddenly rushed out of the smoke and whizzed towards the east bridge of the airport.


     Bullets flew around for a while, and the people in the airport behind were obviously not ready to let them go easily.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel painful when he saw this.

     His blood volume is already low.

     If this continues, if unfortunately you get off the car by a stray bullet, you will basically declare the game over.

      Thought until here, he couldn't help but leaned out of the car window holding 98K.

     At the moment the mirror was opened, due to the driving and bumps when the car went uphill and overturned,

     The sight of Liu Zilang's eight-fold mirror trembles violently!

     He held his breath for a while,

     At a certain moment, I suddenly shook my heart!


     The gunfire rang,

     A sniper bullet roared out of the car!

     At the moment when he heard the gunshots, the water friends in the airport suddenly shrank their heads.


     In this game, Liu Zilang, who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the "three pinnacles of Asia",

     Who dares not pay attention to him?What's more, in his live broadcast room, he has seen all kinds of abnormal and inhumane water friends, and he knows how terrifying this man is after picking up 98K!

     After the gunshots sounded, a water friend who climbed to the top of the C-shaped No. 2 building was hitting high.

     Suddenly I heard a "pouch" sound in my ear.

     His blood volume has dropped a lot.

     The man looked down,

     But found that the crotch has been stained red by blood!

     He couldn't help but trembled in his heart, and subconsciously thought in his mind that if this shot was in reality...

     Suddenly, sitting in front of the computer, he suddenly got cold for no reason!

     My Nima...

     This person is crude!

     The jeep rolled over the top of the mountain.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but shook the head when he saw that the gun failed to make merit. He didn't expect that his gun was aimed at the head. How could he hit there...

     However, Liu Zilang's gun originally had a lot of "bluff" content. Now that the already passed Shantou is out of sight of the opposite, he is quite satisfied with the effect of this gun.

     "Where are we going next?" Zhang Xiaotong in the driver's seat focused one's attention completely while speaking, staring at the front completely, as if he was afraid of bumping his head into a tree.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the safe zone when he heard the words, and the first circle had just been brushed out.

     This circle is more to take care of the players on the field, and the area of the prison air-raid shelter on the right side of the map is almost on the main course of the game.It can be said that in addition to finding a car to go to Port G or other places with few people on the left half of the map, those who want to perform at the end of this game, most of the rest are basically just when they get off the plane. Looking for Liu Zilang's figure with the "watermelon knife" all over the street.

     In this case, the circle is naturally relatively friendly to these people.

     As long as you run a little bit, you can enter the circle.

     Since the circle is brushed on the northern land,

     The two naturally still have to cross the bridge now.

     Liu Zilang pondered in his heart and couldn't help but said to Zhang Xiaotong, "Let's go to the house at the crossroads of Qiaotou to search for things first, and wait for the people behind."

     Regarding Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong didn't say anything, but he was quite convinced.

     What's more, she had just been "shot birds in the air" by those at the airport and chased her all the way.

     The little girl was suffocating for a long time!

     Now that there is a chance for revenge, she will naturally not let this opportunity pass.

     But what the two of them never expected was,

     Water friends in this game everywhere, leave no hole undrilled!

     After learning that the two had gone to the airport, the water friends who had jumped on the northern land immediately rushed here to find a car.

     There was even a "warm heart" scene where someone was looking for a car on the side of the road, and a car came behind instead of hitting him, but taking him for a ride.

     After arriving at the east bridge, they didn't have the patience to wait on the other side of the bridge, and went straight across the bridge to the building area at the crossroads on the bridge head.

     In the jeep.

     Liu Zilang felt something was wrong from afar.The next moment, he suddenly saw a low wall behind a three-story small building rooftop at the crossroads, and there seemed to be a green brain shaking.

     In a moment, Liu Zilang couldn't help but complexion changed, and hurriedly shouted to Zhang Xiaotong who was driving:

     "There... not there, there are..."