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533 If It's A Man, Come And Cut Me! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Hearing Liu Zilang who was quiet all the way, he suddenly shouted, Zhang Xiaotong, who was driving, was startled, somewhat uncertain:

     "Why not there?"

     Liu Zilang hurriedly said, "There is someone ambushing us, turn around!"


     Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong was so frightened that he braked sharply, and immediately turned towards the beach.

     The teams who had been waiting for a long time at the crossroads suddenly felt anxious when they saw the duck flying away!

     "Fuck! Who was just seen by him?"

     "I don't know, Vic's eyesight is too good."

     "so what to do now?"

     "Leave it alone! Beat him!"

     As soon as the voice fell, there was a burst of gunfire in the room at the intersection!

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     In an instant, a wave of bombs and rain came and drove toward the sea on the body of the jeep.

     A series of sparks splashed immediately.

     However, thanks to Liu Zilang's reminder, Zhang Xiaotong turned in time and did not drive close.

     If not, they will meet each other in this wave.

     Even if it is not knocked down from the car, the jeep will be directly bombed.


     On the coast.

     Listening to the weaker and weaker gunshots in the ear, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     However, at this time Dongqiao was blocked by an unknown number of people. Zhang Xiaotong glanced at the map and asked somewhat worriedly, "Should we look for a boat or go to Xiqiao?"Liu Zilang pondered for a moment, then he said, "Let's find the boat directly. Some of these friends should be watching our live broadcast. Most of them are waiting for us in Xiqiao."

     For Liu Zilang's words,

      Zhang Xiaotong of just escape from calamity is now believe firmly without any doubt.

     After hearing that, she nodded immediately, and the two of them searched along the coastline.

     Finally, they finally found a boat near the fishing village of Xiqiao that was docked on the coast and seemed to be relatively safe.

     Then sailed out to sea, heading for the land to the north.

     And seeing Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong being intercepted by various pursuits, they had to flee in embarrassment.

     The audience in the live broadcast room suddenly said "Cannot help but laugh".

     "666, the water friends are finally working hard!"

     "Hahaha, I didn't expect Vic get what one deserves!"

     "OK! This is the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds I have played!"

     "23333 is a big illusion of watching Vic live-are we playing the same game?"

     Obviously, compared to Liu Zilang's various "killing Gods exterminating Buddha" perverted operations in the game in the past and the game way that makes people suspicious of life, this game undoubtedly makes everyone find a touch of intimacy...

     After crossing the sea, Liu Zilang and their four-bedroom parking lot in a fishing village near the head of the East Bridge.

     This place has obviously not been searched yet, and the two decided to replenish them.

     After all, they don’t even talk about medical supplies. They even have weapons for each person, one for long range and one close combat.

     In this case, if you are blocked again, can you have such good luck it is not easy to say.After disembarking, Liu Zilang did not forget to tell Zhang Xiaotong, “Let’s search faster and don’t stay for too long, otherwise this group of Guapi water friends will come soon.”

      "Un." Zhang Xiaotong nodded seriously, and the two quickly searched.

     It can be said that Heaven never bars one's way, it can also be said that Huang Tian pays off.

     The two of them searched the four houses in the fishing village near the east bridge and found a lot of medical supplies. After the medicine was given, the blood volume was full.

     What's more regrettable is that there's nothing about it weapons. Zhang Xiaotong only added an S12K, and Liu Zilang only found a Thomson submachine gun here.

     Fortunately, Zhang Xiaotong picked up a lot of "tattered" in his backpack.

     Pieces together, but also made Liu Zilang's Thomson a full silencer.

     Seeing this, he could only make do with it first.

     After the search, the two did not stop and ran to the north. Although this place was already on the edge of the safe zone, it was not a safe zone for them.

     Or in other words,

     In this game they have no safe zone.

     Because as long as you stay in one region/place for more than a minute, the water friends from all around will come in droves, and it is possible to create an "artificial bombing zone" for him.

     It quickly proved that

     Liu Zilang guessed right.

     After they ran to the north, they saw a motorcycle on the road when there was a sound of cars nearby.

     Obviously, these lingering water friends are here again!


     Zhang Xiaotong immediately jumped on the motorcycle and sat in the driving position. When Liu Zilang saw this, the corners of his eyes twitched and he hurriedly said, "Let me come!"

     After all, a motorcycle is different from a jeep. If a jeep doesn't drive well, at most, it will be smashed and overturned.

     The motorcycle doesn’t drive well,

     That would kill people.

     Remember that time Zhang Xiaotong laughed heartily and said "Look at me riding a motorcycle flying over your head",

     Then a wheel shot him to death,

     There was a twitch in Liu Zilang's heart.

     Fortunately, Zhang Xiaotong is also very knowing oneself. When she heard Liu Zilang's words, although she was lightly snorted with dissatisfaction, she still cut back to the back seat of the motorcycle obediently.

     After Liu Zilang got into the car, he hugged his waist.

     At this time, the water friend in the game saw Liu Zilang actually riding a motorcycle, and suddenly couldn't help being shocked!

     You know that in this game, two-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles are for Liu Zilang,

     Represents two completely extreme definitions.

     If three-wheeled motorcycle is a kind of "Lethal Blow" for him.

     So two-wheeled motorcycles,

     It is a qualitative leap!

     After riding the motorcycle, Liu Zilang instantly accelerated!

      With a burst of piercing tearing sound, he galloped towards the north on a ride.

     Although the water friend who had just arrived was afraid of Liu Zilang's perverted violent motorcycle, he hurried after seeing him "abducting" Zhang Xiaotong.

     At this time the first lap on the field has been reduced.

     The second safety zone was brushed between the Horseshoe Mountain Prison and the air-raid shelter.Riding a motorcycle, Liu Zilang glanced at it and seemed to have two motorcycles chasing him behind him. He couldn't help but a thought flashed through the mind, with an indistinct smile on his mouth.

     Immediately he turned his direction and drove quickly towards the location of Horseshoe Mountain Prison.

     "Fuck! Vic laughed just now? He definitely laughed, right?"

     "Meow meow meow? How do I have ominous premonition!"

     Along the way, it stands to reason that with Liu Zilang's driving skills, he only needs to find some strange terrain, and the distance between the two sides should be getting farther and farther.

     But the reality is gradually,

     The distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer.

      in the blink of an eye,

     They walked around the logging yard with three motorcycles one after the other and came to the horseshoe mountain in the prison.

     Looking at the cliff ahead, the smile on Liu Zilang's mouth became more and more obvious...

     It's time to show the real technology!