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540 A True Elite Teacher! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After three attempts, Liu Zilang replaced Thomson with the most commonly used M16.

     He continued to use Thomson.

     But the problem is that Thomson used .45 bullets, which basically no one carried.

     As for Zhang Xiaotong.

     Under Liu Zilang's suggestion, she still chose the S12K big sprayer, and the rest was looted some throwing goods and medical supplies.

     But soon, when they reached the third floor, there was a sound of footsteps downstairs.

     Obviously, the people below came up.

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang act without taking time to think and said, "You block here, I'll be right back."


     Zhang Xiaotong was stunned, and said in a little panic, "I...I'm afraid I can't stop..."

     "It's okay, just spray on the corridor!" Liu Zilang does not turn round, "You can!"

     "I can!" Zhang Xiaotong clenched a fist and said in the heart.

     The next moment, the shadow of the corridor flickered.

      Bang Bang Bang Bang —!

     A series of pops sounded one after another.

     The man in front of the corridor was startled by Zhang Xiaotong’s spray before he showed his head.

     Hastened to crawl and ran back.

     "Fuck! Who is this! The firepower is also fierce!"

     "Don't ask, it's Xiaotong sauce!"


     The two people on the second floor were suffering from Zhang Xiaotong's Firepower Suppression.

     However, in the constant roar of gunfire, they did not notice that Liu Zilang had already jumped from the third floor, and at this time had already copied over from the back bread with a handful of M16.The next moment, the three people on the second floor suddenly heard footsteps coming from below.

     At first they didn't pay attention, thinking it was a water friend who had just heard the wind to support from other places.

     But when he saw Liu Zilang holding the M16 face to face and turning over one person,

     The other two suddenly woke up!


     It's Vic!

     However, this time is too late to react.

     What is the fastest M16 in Asia?

     In today’s interview for the Asian qualifiers, a Singaporean said in an interview after the game:

     When Vic’s M16 gunshot sounded, everything was already finished!

     Precise shooting, extreme pull!

     Almost just a breath blink of an eye, and the remaining two people were instantly knocked to the ground.

      At this time, Zhang Xiaotong, who came down from the stairs, saw that one of them was still kneeling, obviously there were teammates on it.

     So she walked up with no trace of politeness, raised her hand and sprayed the person to make up for it.

     "Fuck... so cruel?"

     "It's over! Xiaotongjiang is blackened by Vic's training!"

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps from above.

     "Hurry up and go to Motorna."

     Liu Zilang said in his mouth, but he quickly cut out the grenade in his hand and threw it on the ground while running.

     When the two of them ran out of the corridor, they only heard a continuous loud noise!


     In an instant, the fire surging in the corridor, a raging heat wave gushing out.However, Liu Zilang does not turn round, and followed Zhang Xiaotong to the listening motorcycle at the third factory on the left.

     But he just came out of the building,

     Suddenly there was a gunshot over the head!

     The gunshot was very fast, very fierce, very powerful...

     It just seems a bit inaccurate.

     What's the situation...Flying grass?

     Liu Zilang had just reacted in his mind and was about to raise his gun to counterattack.


     As a result, when he looked back and saw the man, the corner of his eyes twitched.

     I saw the person who jumped from the top of the building, sprawled out on one's back, lying flat on the ground, directly "made in a box"!

     "*WTF*... Is this Nima poisonous?"

     "2333 This is the real landing into a box!"

     "Just playing with flying grass? A shame! It's a shame for our water friends!"

     Liu Zilang also couldn't bear shook the head. Obviously, this water friend had miscalculated his own blood volume and the damage of jumping off the building, which caused such a dramatic scene.

     Of course, it is also possible that he originally had a mortal heart, but unfortunately he overestimated his marksmanship...

     When he came to the motorcycle, Liu Zilang hurriedly got into the car, and Zhang Xiaotong jumped up immediately.

     Seeing the water friends rushing out of the prison building one after another, Liu Zilang grinned, "Bye bye!"


     He activates the motorcycle to directly increase the throttle,

     Raise the speed instantly,

     Then he galloped out of the prison along the hillside.

     However, at this moment, there were still many people around the prison who arrived at this time because there was no car.Saw Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong riding motorcycles.

     These people couldn't help but stunned one after another, looking dumbfoundedly at the car whizzing away for motorcycles.

     what's the situation?

     Because different teams are too far apart to communicate, and there is a delay in the live broadcast room to obtain real-time information, these people basically came to the prison with the heart to collect Liu Zilang's body.

     After all, that many people surround the prison,

     No matter what he thinks, Liu Zilang is completely without and may run away.

     However, the motorcycle just didn't look like a water friend?

     This Nima...

     Won't you really run away?


     A moment later, in the YY voice of the "Four Emperors Team" of Liu Zilang and Li Ge.

     Looking at the delayed picture in the live broadcast room, the magic feather on the slope of the air-raid shelter held the AM in his hand and couldn't help shook the head and said:

     "Tsk tut... a bunch of mobs, it seems we still have to go."

     "But now the question is, who knows where Vic hides where did it go?" Zej shrugged.

     Randy touched his chin and waved his hand. "It's okay. The delay is only one minute. We can find him as long as they stop moving. I don't believe he can still bend with Xiaotong sauce."

     At this moment, A Wolf suddenly started talking, "Huh? You guys, it sounds like a motorcycle!"

     Zej frowned slightly, turned his head and asked, "Vic just escaped with Xiaotongjiang on a motorcycle?"

      "Un." The phantom feather is not a word or movement, and nodded, and then held up the AM in his hand.Opening the lens eight times, a motorcycle galloping across the field suddenly appeared in the field of vision.

     Two ponytail girls, √!

     M16 and 98K, S12K and AK, √!

     Huan Yu suddenly mind shook and exclaimed, "It's them, it's Vic and Xiaotongjiang!"

     In a moment, the other three people lying on the slope of the air-raid shelter also raised the spirits.


     Randy snapped a finger, staring at the front, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, "It's time for them to see what is truly elite!"

     "For justice!"

     "For glory!"

     "For the dignity of two million water friends in the live broadcast room!"

     "For Azeroth!"

     "Kill Vic! Catch Xiaotongjiang alive!"

     Four people after talking a while,

     The blood is boiling unconsciously!

     The scene seemed like a warrior wielding a huge sword to clear the dungeon all the way, and finally came to the Demon King Boss. Not far away, there was a sleeping princess lying on the crystal bed waiting for their rescue.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were passing by the air-raid shelter on the motorcycle.

     Zhang Xiaotong noticed the four people standing on the grass slope at the exit of the air-raid shelter, and couldn't help but wonder:

     "Are those four also your water friends? Why do they look silly and fufu?"

     "Hmm..." Liu Zilang groaned, and guessed, "Maybe it's dropped."

     "Ah! That's great!" Zhang Xiaotong immediately clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Let's go take a wave of subsistence allowance!"

     Obviously, Zhang Xiaotong has a soft spot for the dropped person, because she killed her for the first time in this game.It's the people who dropped at the end of the flight...


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