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542 Killing The Prodigal Son Liu! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In this game, many people drove into someone.

     But, have you tried a row of people, standing in front of you and being crushed crazily by you?

     Bang Bang Bang!

     With the little yellow car bashing sideways and colliding straight on from the tunnel, the whole picture looked like a harvester in a wheat field, and large swaths of people were knocked into flight.

     That feeling...

     It makes people from head to toe only two words left.


     Liu Zilang was very sour right now.

     After he had just finished talking with Zhang Xiaotong, he sneaked out and drove in the small yellow car driven by the Four Emperors team.

     After the "group show" water friends are in place,

     Liu Zilang immediately launched the small yellow car and led Zhang Xiaotong to stage this crazy counterattack of "from internal into external"!

     In fact, if the opposite party could shoot together, there would still be a chance to blow up a car or knock Liu Zilang down. But the problem is that the person in front is blocking, and the person behind is basically unable to shoot.

     And Liu Zilang's wave of "mad pythons out of the hole" is really too anxious, too fast and too sudden!

     The person in front of him was knocked up and down before he could react, and some were even stuck on the window of the car, which became a "human body shield" more perfectly.

     In this case, the bullets that some people swept desperately were naturally blocked.

     When Liu Zilang drove out of the air-raid shelter in a small yellow car, the long tunnel behind him suddenly became extremely quiet, but it seemed that countless unwilling souls could be heard faintly!At this moment, criminal ringleader, main offender Liu Zilang’s car hood and car windows also have two lean unsteadily from side to side corpses, which have been sifted into a sieve by his own people,

     Crazy ghosts in hands dance and feet trip...

     Ten kills!

     Just this wave,

     Liu Zilang won ten kills!

     The number of survivors on the court suddenly dropped from 30 to 20.

     Seeing the crazy scrolling kill prompts on the upper right of the screen, the other water friends who surrounded Liu Zilang from the other three openings were also shocked!

     "Just... Vic was driving?"

     "Is this a joke?"

     "That scene...I can't imagine it, this Nima is too cruel!"

     "Vic is really cunning and vicious, deranged!"

     "Grass! Chase quickly, don't let that rough slip!"

     All of a sudden, the people who entered the air-raid shelter instantly merged into a torrent, chasing up from the tunnel that Liu Zilang had just rushed out of.

     And at this moment, there was another roar of the engine suddenly outside.

     They originally thought Liu Zilang was going to "hit-and-run".

     I didn’t expect the next moment,

     An unbelievable scene appeared.

     I saw the yellow car walking along the tunnel, and its taillights flashed in quickly.

     This Nima...does he still want one more time!

     This person is rough!

     All of a sudden, the people in the tunnel were angry!

     This time they did not flinch.

     The person in front immediately squatted down, and the person behind raised the gun directly!Labor and management do not believe that you can't kill your grandson!

     Whoops whoops—!

     A wave of bullet rain hits in an instant while the muzzle is flaming!

     But this time Liu Zilang was not tough.

     He suddenly reversed the car diagonally, parked the car diagonally in the air-raid shelter, then quickly applied the handbrake and jumped off from the other side at the second position.

     ? ? ?

     Seeing this, the water friends below couldn't help being filled with black question marks.

     What is this ratio?

     At the next moment, after Liu Zilang walked up a few steps, suddenly he fell down with a tactic.

     Immediately lifting the M16 is a burst of extremely fast bursts!

     Accompanied by the "boom" a loud sound, he hit the little yellow car directly!

     You know that in this game, when a vehicle is blown up, even if you use a thunder bomb, you won’t move it at all, not to mention the vehicle stuck in the air-raid shelter...

     "This ratio... is it trying to block us?"

     "Haha, interesting, he might not know that all four holes in this air-raid shelter are open."

     "Eh, wait! Do you think he will..."

     "Damn...this Nima...isn't it?"

     For a while, the friends below all thought about whether Liu Zilang would block the remaining hole.

     And in fact,

     They really guessed it!

     Just when Liu Zilang was blocking this side, Zhang Xiaotong, who was split with him, had already gone to block another hole.

      It should be noted, these water friends were able to come here so quickly to encircle Liu Zilang, basically they drove a car.At this time, the cars parked at the entrances of the holes became the perfect "tools for crimes" for Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.

     After Liu Zilang got out of the hole, he drove a Jeep directly to the nearest hole on the left.

     Then play the same old trick, a grenade plus a shuttle bullet, directly blow up the hole again.

     Next, he went out and rode a motorcycle, and rushed to the last hole of the air-raid shelter with Zhang Xiaotong, who also blocked a hole just now.

     At this time, in the tangled and complicated air-raid shelter, the water friends who are like headless flies are going crazy!

     Because when they rushed to the second entrance, they happened to see Zhang Xiaotong leaving behind.

     Immediately afterwards,

     There was another explosion from Liu Zilang.

     Needless to say, they only have the last way out!

     "Quick, quick! Stop Vic that rough guy!"

     Many water friends hurriedly used all one's strength and rushed towards the last entrance of the cave!

     Next, when the one running at the front arrived at the entrance of the cave.

     Seeing the faint light coming from ahead, he couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath, and said fortunately:

     "Huh! This... this hasn't been blocked yet!"

     As soon as he finished speaking, his pupils suddenly shrank, and his eyes suddenly widened!

      in the blink of an eye, I saw a black shadow like a dark cloud, covering a large area of light at the entrance of the cave...

     The man rushed to take a closer look!

     I saw Liu Zilang, who was reversing in the driving position of the jeep, holding the steering wheel with his left hand and the back of the seat with his right hand, and he seemed to look back at him and smile!In an instant, the coolness of having one's hair stand on end instantly went from the heel of that person to the Tianling Gai!

     Dog thief, labor and capital are fighting with you!

     That person instantly took out the gun, and shot at the front like a frantic burst!

     However, Liu Zilang slanted his body, cut the second position to pull the brakes and jumped off. He threw out two grenade immediately, raised the M16 to face the car and swept half of the shuttle very quickly.

     Then it does not turn round and walks outside...




     The next moment, three consecutive explosions sounded behind him!

     As if there is a scorching wave of air and fireworks,

     Surging out from the hole!

     Obviously, the convertible jeep has exploded again.

     Four holes,

     All are sealed up!

      Without a doubt, at this time, the remaining nearly 30 water friends must be almost all below.

     Next, once the safety zone is brushed out of the air-raid shelter, the result is natural as you can well imagine ...

     So in other words, Liu Zilang killed nearly 30 water friends in one fell swoop!

     This Nima is simply "Jedi White"!


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