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545 The Troubles Of Three Girls At Home! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Oh! This year's water friends are still not enough united!"

     "It's not that our army is not united, but that Vic is too insidious!"

     "To put so many water friends in the air-raid shelter, only a crude anchor like Vic can dare to do this kind of thing."

     "The most unforgivable thing is actually bullying Xiaotongjiang! It's almost deranged!"

     "Betta fish Vic loses good faith, I live and die with Xiaotong!"

     "Huh? But I think Xiaotongjiang just sings and learns to cat meow is a little inexplicable just now!"


     In the game, Liu Zilang has already stood at the last safe zone.

      The empty hand, empty fist Zhang Xiaotong was looking at him eagerly from outside, looking miserable but not daring to move.

     Liu Zilang's gaze fell on Zhang Xiaotong, and suddenly couldn't help feeling softened.

     So he turned around,

     My heart feels much better!

     Son of a bitch!

     Zhang Xiaotong murmured softly in his mouth.

     She glanced at the smaller and smaller poisonous circles around her, her eyes suddenly flashed with "evil" light!


     Hearing the familiar sound in his ears, Liu Zilang suddenly heart sank!

     No way?

     He turned the angle of view stiffly, but saw Zhang Xiaotong, like a little demon, slowly leaning towards him with a thunder in his hand.

     You know that they are very close now.

     Unless Zhang Xiaotong takes the initiative to throw Lei out, even if he "suddenly" Zhang Xiaotong, he will be killed by Lei Yubo if he stands in a safe area.Liu Zilang hurriedly said, "what do you want to do! Calm down! I want to call when you come over!"

     "Humph! Blow you up! Get out of the way!"

     Zhang Xiaotong's face was sharp, obstinate said.

     Between thoughts,

     Liu Zilang weighed the pros and cons quickly in his heart, but still felt that he could not let the water friends eat chicken.

     After all, Zhang Xiaotong can also be regarded as her teammate. She eats chicken and eats chicken by herself almost the same.

     But if you let the water friends eat chicken, then this wave of water friends game will be lost.

     "OK! The deal, this place belongs to you!" Liu Zilang quickly slipped out of the safe zone.

     "Huh! You are considered sensible." Zhang Xiaotong raised Lei in his hand demonstratively.

     Then she raised her chin,

     He walked in proudly.

     Liu Zilang looked at the poison ring behind him, but there was a pain in his heart. He could only mute if I don't enter hell who will enter hell, closes the eyes in pain.

     But the next second, Liu Zilang suddenly opened his eyes again.

     "Xiaotong, where's your thunder?"

     "Huh? Aaaaaaahhh!"

     "Throw quickly!"

     Zhang Xiaotong hurriedly shook his hand and threw it hard, and the thunder suddenly shot out!

     At this moment, the two men raised their minds almost at the same time and watched the grenades flying out!


     No more then!

     As soon as the grenade flew out of Zhang Xiaotong's hand, it suddenly burst into a bright flame!


     Accompanied by an ear-splitting explosion, the world suddenly became quiet!

     Rank: 2nd!Kills: 41!

      continue the struggle, you will definitely eat chicken next time!

     Liu Zilang looked at the settlement statistics on the black and white screen, and he was dumbfounded.

     Generally speaking, if the anchor kills a second over ten people and finally eats a chicken ass, the live broadcast room will be wailing.

     But this game,

     Liu Zilang killed 41 people!

     In the end, he still got a chicken butt.

     So as you can well imagine, how broken his heart is at this time.

     After a while, Liu Zilang opened the live studio.

     He originally thought that the audience members would be as sorry as he did, but he did not expect that there was a happy laughter and cheerful voices in the live broadcast room at this time. The friends were full of joy!

     "Xiaotong sauce well done! Hahaha, let Vic scream after being rough!"

     "41-killed chicken ass! Why did I almost laugh!"

     "Where is the water friend who just ate chicken? Don't you go to the Xiaotongjiang live broadcast room to get a card to show it?"

     "Yes, right! It's not too much to get a card, I just got on the Rockets!"

     "It turned out to be the Emperor Yu. It is said that your Four Emperors team was dispatched twice, but Vic was shown as snakeskins."

     "Why... bullshit! That's Huxiu! Does Huxiu understand?"


     In the voice, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but said a little bit, "I'm sorry...I just..."

     "No need to explain! I am strong!"

     Liu Zilang waved his hand to interrupt, and said with tears in his eyes, "The girl I brought with you will live with a smile no matter how bad it is."

     "..." Zhang Xiaotong.

     .......Of course there is only one water friend competition.

     Liu Zilang didn't want to experience this kind of high-intensity life and death pursuit again.

     After Misaka Kotomi returned from shopping, he pulled on Misaka Kotomi and Wang Qianqian.

     The four played a few passerby rounds together and finally ended the live broadcast tonight.

     After the live broadcast, Liu Zilang was ready to go to sleep.

     Tomorrow Monday, he has already missed a lot of classes, and his father Liu Yi just sits in town. He is naturally impossible, "As long as he is bold, he will be fake for a week."

     Unfortunately there are no female teachers,

     Otherwise, you can perhaps find a way out elsewhere.

     As soon as he opened the door of the clinker, he saw Kotomi Misaka walking out with his changed clothes.

     After seeing Liu Zilang, Misaka Kotomi immediately gave a thumbs up excitedly:

     "It's wet... you were so tired just now!"

     "Ahem, low-key, low-key." Liu Zilang pressed his hand down, "You want to take a bath too?"

     "Yeah." Kotomi Misaka nodded, and immediately reacted, "Why do you want to wash it when it's wet? Go ahead!"

     "You come first, you come first."

     Liu Zilang pretended to give way while walking.

     "No, no! You are still wet!" Misaka Kotomi waved back and retreated.

     At this moment, Wang Qianqian's door suddenly opened.

     Upon hearing the words of the two, she said coldly as she walked towards the refrigerator.

     "Why don't you two wash it together?"

     Hearing this, the two were taken aback!

     Liu Zilang shook his head, and shook out some inexplicable scenes.Misaka Kotomi was blushing the egg by Wang Qianqian’s unobstructed words, and then ran into the bathroom from Liu Zilang in front of Liu Zilang.

     With a "pop", the door was closed tightly.

     Liu Zilang was startled when he saw this.

     Is it true that being a teacher will really be with you?


     Is that kind of person as a teacher?

     He turned his head depressed, just looking at Wang Qianqian who was raising his head gūlū gūlū after taking out a bottle of milk from the refrigerator. Suddenly he unconsciously followed a drop of liquid at the corner of her mouth and slid down along his chin.

     Damn it!

     Liu Zilang quickly looked away.

     Soon, he sat down on the sofa.

     He now finally knows what does it mean that smile of unknown meaning when Dad is leaving.

     Damn it!

     That was the Mengniu big fruit granule that labor and management had just bought this morning. She actually drank it without saying hello!

     Is there any king of this Nima!

     And the silly apprentice Misaka Kotomi...

     Being a teacher is just humility with you. Didn't you see that the tired body of being a teacher is already hard to support?

     By the way, even if you chuck, you should chuck back to the room, why did you chuck into the bathroom!

     This don't tell me it's not long planned?

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang, who sat on the sofa, suddenly showed a live without hope's posture...

     And at this moment,

     His eyes floated to the balcony outside the window.

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