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553 Piano Keyboard (second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After a while, even the IG and Se7en people at the next table were attracted.

     Seeing that everyone looked at the cellphone and smiled at him from time to time, Liu Zilang, who was suffering from a sudden headache, felt that he had taken Wei Shen’s microphone in the afternoon.

     It was an extremely wrong decision!


     The next afternoon.

     Liu Zilang and his three teams set off from the hotel where they stayed and headed to the California Colt Arena, which they had visited once yesterday.

     However, they were interviewed yesterday, but today they are going to participate in the competition.

     The game site was very close to where they stayed, and arrived within half an hour by car.

     At this time, there were almost two hours before the start of the game, but there was already a vast crowd outside the stadium, tumbling with a torrent of people.

     There were several long queues at the entrance of the stadium. The enthusiastic European and American fans were holding various self-made cheering signs in their hands, and some of their faces were painted with the team logo of their support team.

     Most of these people are European and American audiences, and of course there are also Chinese overseas students.

     At this time, except for vehicles entering and leaving, the road outside the Colt Stadium has been banned, and those passing vehicles have to detour.

     Among the few people, Dragon God Jue and Xiao Xingmu had no experience in participating in international competitions. Seeing the crowds around, Dragon God couldn’t help but take a deep breath and said, "Tsk tsk! Foreigners this battle... of."

     "In fact, our domestic Tencent is taking the lead."

     Liu Zilang said with a smile, "It's an international event, and I can't live without getting a little face.""Let's... won't live on station C?" Xiao Ming asked quietly in a low voice.

     Hearing this, several people couldn't help but stunned, Wei Shen patted the small eye-catching head, and said with a smile, "What do you think about you? So soon I thought we were cold."

     "It's not that it won't be." Liu Zilang also shook the head with a smile.

     A few people relaxed all the way and laughed, and quickly entered the stadium from the channel of the players.

     After arriving in the lounge, Liu Zilang took out a keyboard wrapped in a dust bag from his backpack.

     Upon seeing this, Wei Shen couldn't help but engrossing asked, "This is what Qiu Shen said about the'piano keyboard'?"

     Hearing this, the rest of 4AM couldn't help but get together. Everyone is a professional player and is no stranger to the so-called "custom keyboard".

     But there is always curiosity.

     The keyboard is not Martial Arts Secret Book or Divine Weapon. Since it is brought, Liu Zilang is naturally not afraid of others watching it.

     After noticing the gazes of several people, he quickly opened the dust bag.

     The keyboard is full of dark metallic feel. The style is a bit retro and rustic. All the keys of the keyboard are composed of Black & White, which looks like a mystery of Chinese Yin Yang Primal Chaos.

     The Dragon God couldn't help but stretched out his chubby fingers, cautious and solemnly pressed a key.


     The keyboard made a clear sound.

     It sounds like a steam era. Some sophisticated equipment has completed a transfer.

     The Dragon God couldn't help but sighed, "This sound... really sour!"Aluka suddenly remembered something, cannot bear ask, "By the way, I heard that your keyboard has a different tone for each key position, so it's called ‘Piano Keyboard’. Is that true?"

     Hearing what Aluka said,

     Liu Zilang's fingers swept lightly on the keyboard.

     Suddenly, there was a slight or important, urgent or non-urgent sound, and the sound of different but slowly came, like a big bead and a small bead lightly falling on a jade plate.

     Then Liu Zilang shook the head, said with a smile, "It's not so evil, but the tone and tone of each key position are a little different, far worse than the piano."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's "in deadly earnest" pretense, the 4AM people suddenly felt a twitch in their hearts.

     How dare you compare the keyboard to the piano!

     Several people were chatting, and suddenly there was a knock on the door of a staff member. It turned out that the computer on the competition venue was ready. Let them go over and debug the equipment.

     Walking out of the lounge and coming to the front desk, the difference between the inside and outside of the venue is immediately reflected.

     At this time, looking at the densely packed and crowded spectators in the surrounding auditoriums, many teams that participated in this kind of world competition for the first time felt like to have a dizzy spell.

     But fortunately, 4AM has big competition players like Liu Zilang and Wei Shen. Players like them will not only feel nervous when encountering this kind of scene, but they will feel hot.

     Perhaps for them, playing Pro League to some extent is to enjoy this moment on the stage.

     The two quickly stabilized the team.

     A group of people steadily passed the stage amidst the cheers of countless enthusiastic spectators on the scene, and walked to the side of the competition seat arranged as a cabin.The seats on the bench for this competition are divided by area.

     Three teams, 4AM, IG and Se7en from the same Asian region, as well as ACE from South Korea, Gold from Southeast Asia, and AHQ from Wanwan, were grouped together.

     There are two in each row, and there are three rows in the upper middle and lower rows.

     Exactly six teams.

     Because the game adopts the rule of elimination.

     Thus, the live audience and the audience in the live broadcast room can pass the number of remaining players in each competition area during the game. There is a more objective and clear judgment on the Comprehensive Strength Evaluation of this competition area.

     In the Professional League of FPS games, for Asian players, the European and American regions are undoubtedly an insurmountable mountain.

     Knowing where the opponent is, the atmosphere of the Asian teams at this time seems to be more harmonious.

     On the other hand, look at the competition seats in the European and American divisions.

     Strong teams such as "Liquid" (Liquid) and Faze regard each other as their biggest rivals.

     Therefore, the atmosphere does not look so harmonious, and there is even a faint atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent.

     Of course this is not all true.

     For example, the four teams in the North American Division are on the bench.

     Because of the existence of these monsters of SKK.

     As European and American players, they know more about the gap between them.

     To the extent that in PUBG, luck is a relatively large game, luck can almost be ignored.

     So at this time, the two teams, Slomi and Ghost, couldn't afford to compete at all, so I just asked not to encounter the catastrophe of this team in the game.Instead, Shroud of C9 sat on a chair with his legs crossed, and folded his hands on his knees.

     It seemed that he didn't care at all, and talked and laughed cheerfully with SKK Captain Carl.

     Another quarter of an hour passed.

     Everyone on the game bench received a notification in their headsets, and the game will start in five minutes. Now the final confirmation of all players' peripherals will be performed.

     By this time, everyone's equipment has basically been debugged, and naturally there will be no more what's the problem.

     After a while, three people suddenly appeared on the commentary stage in Huaxia District.

     One is their old acquaintance Su Changming, there is still one is the Rong Ye who explained the Jiang University trials.

     The remaining one wore glasses and looked a little gentle, but his first impression was his nose.

     When Wei Shen looked up, he couldn't help but be a little surprised when he saw the person in the commentary booth:

     "Huh? Why did he come to explain?"