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554 Rigid And Soft, But Stable In The Skin! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

With a burst of dazzling five-color lights and blasting music, the voices of the three people on the commentary stage came one after another.

     "Hello everyone, this is Su Changming."

     "I am 117."

     "Hello everyone, I am very happy to bring you this commentary, I am your Messiah, Ruofeng!"

     After the trio introduced themselves in a wave, although many foreign audiences did not understand it, the foreign students and Chinese audiences at the scene clapped their hands to face.

     "Today's venue, our organizer is really attentive. This kind of stage scene is very similar to our Jianghai scene. The game feels very enjoyable before it starts." Su Changming said with a smile.

     "Yes, huh? An airdrop box fell."

     Rong Ye looked at the red and blue airdrop box that was lowered on the roof of the arena with Hangweiya, and couldn't help but said with a smile, "Let's guess what is in this airdrop box?"

     "Eight times mirror? Geely clothes? Third-level head?" Ruofeng on the side touched his nose and joked:

     "It's impossible for the entire AM or M24 to come out, hahaha."

     After speaking, Ruofeng took the lead and laughed.

     However, the atmosphere at the scene was not driven.

     The foreign audience can't understand it, but the domestic audience feels a bit cold...

     After Ruofeng "hahaha" a few times, he couldn't help touching his nose in embarrassment, then turned his head and asked, "Isn't it funny?"


     "Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

     Su Changming and Rong Ye are very face-off.

     Ruofeng: ...

     Why do you feel more embarrassed when you smile?

     boom!Fortunately, at this moment, the airdrop box dropped from the top of the stage landed.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     After a burst of red smoke diffused from below the airdrop box, followed by a crash sound, the door on the side of the airdrop box suddenly opened.

     The next moment, I saw a middle-aged man with a slightly fat body and a slightly high hairline, holding a tall build, fair hair blue eyes controversy lady, walked out of the airdrop box.


      has to say, this novel, unique and unique way of playing PUBG, immediately caused a sensation and cheers on the scene.

     These two are the hosts of today's game.

     After taking the stage, the two first greeted the audience with their Western-style humor, which caused a burst of laughter.

     Then they took the table and introduced the major teams participating today.

     Every time a team is introduced, the director will show that team shot on the big screen of the stage, and the players in the team will stand up and wave their hands to greet the audience.

     After a lap, among these teams, liquid and Faze in Europe and C9, TSM and SKK in North America are among the favorite teams to win the championship.

     Naturally, I get the most cheers when saying hello.

     As for the teams in Oceania, CIS, and Asia, relatively speaking, the cheers will be less.

     No way, who can let the family play at home?

     of course there are exceptions.

     That is when Se7en and 4AM in Asia.The former is because of the team name. FPS audiences in Europe and the United States are no strangers to the Se7en team, which almost established a dynasty and reorganized the FPS world.

     However, when the camera came to Se7en, I saw this team that had "things have remained the same, but people have changed", and there were many fans in Europe and the United States who sounded regretful.

     Even in Europe and America, in addition to the SKK supporters, there are many people who want to see the rise of a new dynasty.

     Because SKK has ruled the FPS world one game after another for too long.

     As for 4AM cheers,

     It was purely because of Liu Zilang's existence.

     It is not an exaggeration to say that in the European and American FPS gaming industry, Liu Zilang is the most familiar Eastern face to European and American audiences.

     His style of play and his public personality, even in the original Se7en team, are the most accepted and welcomed by European and American audiences.


     After the introduction, the atmosphere on the scene was fully mobilized.

     The next moment, a red light flickered on the scene, and the roar of the plane without omen sounded.

     Immediately after the lights dimmed, a plane heading for Jedi Island appeared on the big screen.

     This also announced the California World Championship,

     The first foursome qualifying on the first match day has begun!

     The course of this game starts from the coastal fishing village under Guangmingding at the top right of the map, passing through villas, prisons and air-raid shelters. The final terminal is a few wild spots on the left side of the airport island.

     Specifically, it is to drive from the direction of two o'clock to the direction of seven o'clock, and cut off a small piece of the lower right part of the map."This route...well, it's actually an embarrassing route." On the commentary stage, Rong Ye frowned slightly at the route, "Because of the resources on the upper left part of the map, many teams basically can't eat it."

     Su Changming nodded, "Yes, the larger resource points on this kind of route map are the three locations of Y city, M city and the airport. For example, P city and study dormitory buildings need to be high to reach."

     "Oh! The most watched SKK has already jumped! This momentum... really deserves to be a King Division!"

     Ruofeng came to explain as a guest, and he obviously did his homework before the game.

     I saw him speak frankly with assurance, "I have seen their previous game records for this team. As long as they pass the route of the bright top of the sacred mountain, they almost must jump, and the sacred mountain is their home."

     Rong Ye nodded slightly, "Yes, but the teams in Europe and the United States are very familiar with SKK's style of play, so basically no one will compete with SKK on this route. This seems to be a convention. got used to."

     "Um... In this game, only the SKK team jumped to the sacred mountain." Su Changming looked at the game screen hesitated for a moment and continued, "The team Savage who just jumped at the starting point has gone to the coast next to Guangmingding In the fishing village, yet another team, Vega, landed directly to find a car."

      After spoke until here, Su Changming couldn't help but shook his head and smiled, "These two teams are not teams in the European and American divisions, but judging from their performance, it seems that they have been well prepared before the game."Hearing Su Changming’s words, Lord Rong couldn’t help but sigh, “Being able to make it to the World Finals from so many teams in the qualifiers of the major competitions, everyone is naturally simmering in their hearts. For the strong of SKK. It's impossible for the team not to do their homework."

     Just as a few commentators on stage analyzed the route situation, the plane had already arrived over the airport.

     All the way down at this time,

     There were only three teams left in the cabin.

     Su Changming glanced at the airport inadvertently, and suddenly frowned, "Huh? 4AM is still in the plane...Do they want to jump to the airport?"

     Rong Ye also couldn't bear shook the head, "I have no idea if they jumped to the airport in a domestic game, but in this kind of world competition, they jumped to the airport in the first game. 4AM is afraid that it is a bit too big?"

     "Well, the two remaining teams on the plane are Avanger from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Indfall from the Oceania Division." Ruofeng carefully returned to the introduction that pondered had read before the game, and continued looking at the game screen:

     "I have seen their information on these two teams. Although they are not European and American teams, they are world-class teams in PUBG. If they both jump to the airport, this would be a tough battle for 4AM.

     Upon hearing the words of the three commentators, the Chinese audience at the scene suddenly became nervous.

     After all, this is the first battle for 4AM!

     If unfortunately landing into a box in the first game of the World Championship, it would be too bad for morale.

      in the blink of an eye, the plane passed over the airport island.

     But at this moment,

     A staggering scene appeared...