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555 Who Is The Best Jungler In The World! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Behind the stage, in the game picture on the huge electronic screen.

     I saw that 4AM did not head straight to the airport after jumping from the plane, but landed towards the wild area in the southwest corner of the airport.

     Seeing that the former overlord of the airport actually fell into the wild, for a while, the audience on the major domestic live broadcast platforms were a bit stunned.

     "Meow meow meow? 4AM is this the BDG team from Japan?"

     "I'm a ghost! Airport wild king? Square jungler want to know more?"

     "4AM: I will prove on this stage who is the World's First jungler!"

     "The Muay Thai warned once, next time I will be depressed by the sword technique!"

     "Puff haha! I think it's okay to play wild at the airport. The 4AM wave can be considered stable. I hope they can really stabilize this time."

     After a brief surprise, the audience in the live broadcast room rejoiced.

     After all, this is the World Championship, and the domestic audience is still on paper about the strength of these foreign teams.

     4AM is the No. 1 seed team in the Asian qualifiers. At this time, everyone still generally hopes that they will not be just but not just, and we will observe in secret first.

     In professional events, three teams, including more than three teams, are easy to fight in places like airports.

     If there are two teams, the probability of a fight is very low. It is even more likely that the two teams "cross and search" and leave directly after the matter.

     At this time, the two teams of Avanger and indfall in the airport saw the 4AM turn temporarily, and they felt relieved.

     Next, they tacitly jumped to the K-Floor and the boiler room, two places far apart.Naturally, the first shot of the director was given to the airport, because this place is the easiest place to fight.

     But at this time, seeing that the airport could not be played, the director quickly sent the camera to another place.

     And because Liu Zilang and the others were the last planes to get off, when they landed, the other teams in front of the skydiving team basically started to search for a house except for those driving to other places.

     At this moment, the director's footage was suddenly shown to a person holding a "fire stick" in his hand.

     Or more accurately,

     It is a Kar98K that doesn't have any sight.

     In the picture, Shen Zeyan is holding 98K, his back is close to a gap in the wall around the power plant.

     "Oh! It's Ze Shao, everyone in the IG game jumped into the small power plant, but what does Ze Shao want to do in this wave?"

     "The wild area on the left side of the small power plant just now is the two red two-story buildings in Maple Leaf Land below the logging yard...it seems someone has gone into the jungle."

     At this moment, the camera lens of the director pulled and turned from Shen Zeyan into a God's perspective looking down.

     In an instant, everything below appeared before everyone's eyes.

     "Oh! It's Draedon, a freeman from the Knights team in Europe and America. He seems to be riding a motorcycle around the logging field to provide information about his teammates."

     "Well, Draedon should have known that the small power plant jumped, but he hasn't noticed that Ze Shao is staring at him."

     "Yes, according to the information I have learned, the Knights are a Pittsburgh champion team." Ruo Feng became exhilarated, continuing in a somewhat eccentric tone:"This team has a very code of chivalry. They are tough, humble, hungry... The goal is simple, and that is to hold the Holy Grail of this World Championship..."


      without omen...

     An abrupt and crisp gunshot suddenly exploded on the scene!

     Or to be more precise, this is the first gunshot sounded in this World Championship!

     On the commentary stage, Ruofeng’s sound with a grunting sound it stops!

     The European and American audiences on the scene were shocked at the moment when the gunfire rang, their eyes widened and their faces were inconceivable!

     "IG-olves used Kar98k to headshot Knights-Draedon!"

     It turned out that Shen Zeyan, who had just held 98K in his arms, climbed to the second floor in Draedon, bends down and picked up things and raised his head.

     Across the road from the gap in the low wall,

     Through the window,

     A gun sight 98K directly exploded the opponent's head!


     On the presiding commentary stage, Su Changming, who had been sitting upright, suddenly clenched his fist hard!

     "Nice! well done!"

     "The timing of this shot is really good! The machine is aimed at 98K, Ze Shaochun, it is a fraud!" Rong Ye also praised it greatly.

     Ruofeng was a little embarrassed on the side, so he could only touch ????? and said, "Ze Shao's sniper is still possible, you can't accept it.

     "Well, then, in this case, Ze Shao's shot was our first kill in this California World Championship! It also successfully fired the first shot for our Chinese and Asian players!"

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms also became excited.Compared to other countries, many domestic audiences believe in metaphysics or superstition.

     Shen Zeyan's "good start" with this shot undoubtedly showed them the hope of this California World Championship.

     In the game, Shen Zeyan made a shot into the soul.

     Several other people in IG couldn't help but smile, and quickly acted, and the four of them surrounded and suppressed the past.

     Draedon was also a little confused.

     He knew that there were people in the small power plant, so when he was investigating, he just scratched the edge and didn't go deep.

     But in this case,

     He was actually attacked and fell down.

     Looking at the System Notification, Draedon wondered if the opponent was "possessed by the emperor of Europe", and found 98K and an eight-fold mirror within such a short time of landing?

     and many more!

      It's not right!

     So who is the European?

     If Draedon knew that Shen Zeyan had taken him away with just a 98K sight,

     I don't know how it will feel...

     But at this time Draedon basically had no hope of surviving, because he was riding a scooter out to investigate the surrounding situation.

     In other words,

     It's a bit out of touch with teammates.

     So in his case, he was shot headshot by someone baffling, and he really couldn't die anymore.

     as predicted.

     After a while, there was a sound of footsteps downstairs, and the icon of his teammate had just crossed the mountain.

     Da Da Da—!

     After a burst of gunfire, Shen Zeyan succeeded in putting This human head in his bag and scored ten points.And Draedon also became the first person to leave the world.

     Under the camera of the director, he got up and left his seat and walked towards the stage.

     The natural optimistic personality of Europeans and Americans makes his expression not much depressed. After all, this is a four-person qualifying match. As long as his teammates are still alive, there is hope.

     When I walked near the auditorium,

     He also waved his arms, and the audience applauded back.


     However this is only the beginning.

     Next, the game continues.

     The conflict of small power plants only one One-on-one small-scale battle, not even a battle.

     But a moment later, when the director's shot was given to the big power plant.

     The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became tense!

     It turned out that the South Korean ACE team that occupied the large power plant first, and the C9 team that was led by Shroud from the outside and touched in, caught the fire!