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562 True Eyes Of The Evil King!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The smoke filled the field, like the mist in the early morning after autumn, and the whiteness made people look at it.

     Want to go,

     Thousands of miles of smoke,

     The evening mist is deep and the sky is wide...


     A loud and tough gunshot suddenly broke the slightly quiet picture on the court.


      In addition, an eye-catching blood light suddenly appeared in the smoke, and immediately one person staggered to the ground.

     "SKK-Satan knocked down 4AM-Cpt with M24 headshot!"

     Smoke moving target headshot!


     There was a controversy in the auditorium around the stadium!

     Even the two European and American commentators on the scene opened their eyes wide, shouting oneself hoarse and shouting inconceivable in exclamation!

     "Not good! Little eye-catching was knocked down!"

     On the Huaxia commentary stage, Rong Ye said worriedly, "This is bad, this situation is impossible to save! How did Satan hit the shot just now? He should have no vision!"

     "It's a predictive gun!"

     Su Changming's eyes were burning, and his eyes revealed the wisdom of a former professional player.

     "Anticipating the gun?" Ruofeng took a breath and subconsciously said, "Does this have to be predicted from at what time?"

     Hearing Ruofeng's words, the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms also suddenly reacted.

     Then there was another inconceivable in my heart.It should be noted, it has been three seconds since the small eye catches the smoke. In other words, the one called "Satan" started to predict at least three seconds ago. There are too many unstable factors that affect its accuracy.

     But the final result is that the other party is in the soul!

     Isn't this... just kidding?

     Su Changming expression dignified, "In fact, Zeyan has a chance to achieve this level of anticipation gun, but it is too lucky. I can only say that Satan's shot is accurate!"

     "I to think of it!"

     Ruofeng suddenly slapped his thigh and said excitedly: "This Satan should be the "True Eye of the Evil King" aimed at World's First in "The Godswar" more than half a year ago, right?"

      "Un." Su Changming said in a deep voice nodded.

     In the game game, Xiao Xingmu did not give his teammates a chance to hesitate. Almost at the moment when he fell to the ground, he yelled, "Go, leave me alone!"

     Hearing this, the gradual pace of the few people was another ill, and they gritted their teeth and rushed towards the trenches of Town G.

     It's him!

     Liu Zilang suddenly narrowed his eyes when he saw the ID that knocked down Xiao Ming.

     There was a strange light flashing in his eyes.

     "Fuck! This ratio is too evil, it can be headshot in the smoke!"

     Aluka murmured, but people started to move in the smog and didn't dare to walk straight.

     "There is no smoke ahead, who of you still has smoke?" Wei Shen looked at a large smoke-free area on the road ahead and immediately shouted in his voice.

     "I'm gone!" Aluka said."I'm gone." Liu Zilang shook the head.

     "I have, I have!" At this moment, a voice suddenly came in the voice.

     Wei Shen couldn't help mind shook when he heard this. He was about to say something, but suddenly complexion turned black!

     Because the one who shouted this was creeping on the ground. At this time, the little eye-catching who was far away from them...

     Three people:...

     Xiao Xingmu just heard Wei Shen's words and habitually answered his mouth. At this time, after realizing his situation, he was suddenly speechless.

     "Can't delay it, otherwise we will be more passive when the smoke clears." Wei Shen thought a little bit before clench teeth said, "Go straight, I'll come first! Vic and Alu help set the gun."

     When saying this, Wei Shen squatted on the edge of the smoke and poured a bottle of Red Bull to fill up the energy.

     At the moment when the voice fell.

     He was like a stray dog running out, rushed out wildly!

     Bang bang bang —!

     When the side motorcycle stopped, there was a burst of rapid SKS gunfire!

     It stands to reason that at this distance, SKS's hit rate is not high, and many bullets will be empty.

     Especially in the case of shooting in rapid succession, "ten in two or three" is considered good.

     But this time is different.

     With the energy bar full, even though Wei Shen could do his best to move, the opponent's bullet seemed to have grown eyes, and madly attacked him.

     With just five shots connected extremely fast, two eye-catching blood bursts burst out of Wei Shen's body.In an instant, even after wearing the third level armor, Wei Shen's blood volume instantly dropped by half.

     What a terrible hit rate!

     For a moment, Wei Shen even felt that the opponent was not holding an SKS, but an infrared rattlesnake tracking missile launcher!


     All this is cumbersome,

     In fact, it's just in the blink of an eye.

     In fact, seeing Wei Shen rushing out was beaten, Liu Zilang and Aluka at the edge of the smoke were naturally not idle.

     Liu Zilang Listening In On Arguments From Afar, his body stepped forward, his hand held the 98K muzzle very quickly.


     A shot burst out!

      has to say, Liu Zilang's shot is not unpleasant.

     Shoot out the gun and take a shot!

     The almost doesn't have any aiming action is entirely dependent on the coordination of abnormal visual capture and extremely fast hand muscle memory.

     However, this time he met an opponent!

     Because at the moment he fired the gun,

     After Vivian, holding SKS, fired five shots very quickly, from a rhythmic point of view, she seemed to also fire the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums, knocking down Wei Shen.

     But the fact is that the rhythm of her gunshots suddenly stopped, and she squatted down inconceivable, it's just perfect to avoid Liu Zilang's sniper!


     All the audience on the scene suddenly burst into an uproar!

     Liu Zilang's eyes suddenly shrank during the game, and he returned to normal immediately.

     Because he knows that this is not so much a reaction, as it is a kind of consciousness and a keen sense of danger to control!The other party knew that he couldn't let her keep fighting like this, so a reflex arc of squatting had already formed in his mind!

     This reflection arc is extremely short,

     Very fast!

     So short that could happen at any moment!

     Almost instantly changeable!

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly complexion changed.

     Because he had played against SKK, he suddenly remembered that this team's offense has always been not a touch and go, but like layers of waves.

     Since the other party closed his hand now,

     Then there must be something to come!

     In a moment, Liu Zilang quickly reminded in his voice, "Wei Shen be careful!"

      has to say, Liu Zilang responded quickly.

     But compared to the tacit cooperation of the other party, it was still a bit late!

     The SKS gunfire from Vivian just fell off.

     On the other side, there was a burst of more urgent and dense rifle shooting!

     On the big screen, the director's perspective suddenly everything.

     I saw Billy, who drove and pulled the gun line toward the other side, holding a quadruple M4 instant cut back seat, and facing Wei Shen was a wave of quadruple pressure guns that were stable to the extreme!

     Whoops whoops—!


     Just a breath blink of an eye, Wei Shen was shot twice in his body, and the third grade armor on his body suddenly split.

     The blood volume is only a trace of blood.

     The situation is critical!


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