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563 I Have A Shot To Drive The Mountain!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing Wei Shen in imminent peril.

      This time, if someone helps suppress the opponent’s firepower, Wei Shen might have a slim chance of survival.

     But Liu Zilang, who had just finished hitting 98K, at this time, whether he was pulling the bolt or cutting the gun,

     All already comes without enough time.

     Fortunately, there is Aluka with a gun nearby.

     When he first played Vivian, Aluka slowed down Liu Zilang a step. At this time, seeing Billy on the right attacked again.

     He leaned forward quickly to get out of the smoke, raised SKS to face Billy's bounce position, and connected points very quickly!

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     In an instant, the 7.62 bullets of SKS and the sparks of the sniper rifle smashed through the air quickly.


     Billy, who was not in a hurry, was shot in the head with a white shaking head.

     The moment of blood bursting!

     Accompanied by the violent shaking of his vision, and his sudden drop of three out of four blood volume!


     "Well done Aru!"

     "One more shot, one more shot can kill one!"

     Seeing Aru trigger a headshot, a surprise roar suddenly sounded on the commentary stage in China!


     The next moment, a loud gunshot suddenly pierced the sky above the wheat field.

      caught off guard between...

     The second-stage head on Aluka's head was suddenly torn and shattered by a penetrating sniper bullet!

      plop sound!

     Aluka was knocked to the ground immediately.

     "SKK-Satan knocked down 4AM-Aluka with M24 headshot!"It turned out that it was Satan, who was holding a gun at the back of SKK, changed according to the situation, moved the jeep to avoid the smoke, and blasted this deadly sniper at Aluka who was shooting!


     The next moment, it seemed like a chain reaction.

     As soon as Aluka fell, Wei Shen, with only a trace of blood, also blasted a deadly blood on his body again, and fell to the ground one after another.

     "SKK-Vivian used SKS to knock down 4AM-GodV!"


     In the smoke, Liu Zilang just pushed a sniper bullet into the chamber.

     Because all this is cumbersome,

     But it happened only between electric sparks.

     Seeing Wei Shen and Aluka who fell to the ground one after another under the circumstances of one after another, Liu Zilang's heart sank suddenly!

     "It's over! 4AM fell three at once, and Vic is now hard to support!"

     "Well, SKK really deserves to be the Yizuo Great Mountains that weighed on all the teams in this game. They have achieved a certain degree of extremeness whether it is the individual strength of the players or the teamwork!"

     "That's it. In contrast, although 4AM has a disadvantage in this wave, when encountering such a strong team, their cooperation problems have also been exposed."

     "There are still many teams on the field, but 4AM is left with only Vic, who is surrounded. If they are eliminated at this point in time, they will be out of 20 in the first game. This is probably for them next. Whether it’s objective results or subjective mental state, it will have a great impact.""Yes, I heard that the 4AM team looks eye-catching with the wind, Aru against the wind, Wei Shen at the deadlock, and Vic! I don’t know if Vic faces a world-leading team like SKK this time. It's a miracle."


     During the game, Liu Zilang looked around at the smoke that had gradually become thinner.

     Could not help but took a deep breath again!

     He knew that he had to make a decision this time.

     And he knew better in his heart that it was not others who threatened him most at the moment, it was the iron sniper behind him who looked at him like a wicked demon-like!

     The man who once defeated himself with a radical tactic, like a nightmare.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang swiftly moved sideways and smoked, and the moment a figure appeared in his vision,

     The muzzle pulled suddenly.

     But the next moment,

     Liu Zilang's pupils shrank suddenly!

     Because he suddenly found that the iron sniper muzzle of the other party seemed to be glowing with a gloomy light during the astounding glance that he pulled by the quasi-center.

     Also watch yourself icily!

      Without a doubt, M24 is an airdrop sniper rifle, and its performance in all aspects is completely better than 98K.

     Liu Zilang was convinced.

     If he confronts the opponent head-on,

     Even if there is a slight difference in the shots between the two sides, it must be himself who was smashed first!

      between flash of lightning, morning dew,

     There seemed to be a lightning flash across Liu Zilang's head!

     In the next instant, he suddenly pressed the Z key to lie down while shooting out the gun, but the mouse suddenly pulled upward!

     Vertical throw!

     However at the same time,Satan on the opposite side also responded.

     The moment Liu Zilang leaned down, he realized the other party's intentions.

     Strong muscle memory and perfect coordination of hands,

     It made him almost in the moment of firing the gun, he pulled the center, and made an inconceivable vertical swing operation!

     Ever since...

     One upward, one downward!



     For a moment,

     A series of two sniper bullets from different directions, like electric fire traveling through the air, staggered over the wheat field!


     There was a sudden splash of blood on Liu Zilang's shoulder.

     However, at the same time, Satan's dark third-level head suddenly exploded with a striking blood light, and his blood volume instantly hit the rock bottom!

     Even if there is no kill at this moment,

     But one hit the body, one headshot!

     Sit down!

     In an instant, all the spectators who witnessed this scene of extreme confrontation, also couldn't bear erupted in exclamation!

     "Oh Maka! Vic Liu blasted Satan!"

     "This... Am I right?"

     "I said, buddy, what's surprising about this. Even if Vic Liu lost last time, I never doubted his strength."

     "Oh yeah! Great! I knew it! Vic Liu will definitely kill Satan's little bitch!"



     In the game match, Liu Zilang lying on the ground saw the bleeding on his opponent's head!He has lost half of his health, but from head to toe suddenly rises a kind of unspeakably comfort.

     The next moment, before the opposing teammate reacted, he quickly squatted up and slipped back into the smoke like a fox stealing the old hen.

     At this time, his heart seemed to have a kind of enlightenment!

     You know that Liu Zilang can be said to have become famous when he was young, and he has a pleasant journey.

     Before meeting Satan, I had never seen a mountain.

     Even when he first entered Se7en, he was naturally conceited and never regarded Shen Zeyan as a mountain.

     Until I met Satan,

     And the fiasco more than half a year ago!

     Since then, he has subconsciously regarded Satan as a mountain.

     An insurmountable mountain!

     But just now, he suddenly realized that the most difficult mountain in his career was not Satan.

     But... himself.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was well-intentioned, suddenly felt confident in his heart.

     An extremely strong confidence!

     I saw him change the bomb with 98K in his hand, suddenly switch to his best M16!

     At the next moment, Liu Zilang suddenly turned sideways and smoked, facing the place where Vivian on the left was on the left, three bursts of fire quickly!

     As soon as Vivian exposed his head behind the bunker, he was weakly pressed back.

     "Flower Q! This guy is crazy!"

     Vivian couldn't help exclaiming in her voice, "Billy! Are you watching a show?"

     Billy, who was just headshot by Aluka,

      of course not watching a show.I saw him lying on his back, does not hesitate at all, interrupted packing, seized the opportunity, and quickly got up and shot!

     But what he didn't know was.

     Liu Zilang and others also have this opportunity.

      At this moment, it seems that the scene of Vivian's wave just reappeared!

     I saw Liu Zilang who has been madly suppressing Vivian,

      Without omen, the gunfire cut off,

     At the moment Billy's bullet hit, he pulled himself into the smoke.

     The next moment, when he smoked again, his body was already facing to the right.

     The M16 in my hand has been replaced with a 98K!


     Simply, neat!

     As soon as the gunshot sounded, Billy, who was too short of his body, was shot in the chest and fell suddenly!

     But the bullet he hit by Liu Zilang became invalid damage. This is the suppression of reaction and the advantage of gun bullet speed.

      At this moment, the four of SKK looked somewhat stunned at the faintly silhouetted figure accompanied by the fading smoke, and doubts arose in their hearts.

     Is this guy... taking drugs?


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