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568 The Road Ahead, Behind (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Some things cannot be said.

     The three commentators in the Huaxia District are praying for the players on the field. When the director's camera cuts to the game again, it presents a fierce battle scene.

     In the two teams in the picture, one of them is IG and the other is Underhood in South America.

     "Fuck! Boss Su's mouth has been opened, right?"

     "Please receive your magical powers and stop milking Boss Su!"

     "Wait! How do I remember that the wind team just said this!"

     "It's especially Ruofeng! He touched his nose when he said it."

     "Foggrass! Did the wind team open its nose?"


     The viewers in the live room saw IG baffling and fought with people, and they couldn't help but become somewhat worried.

     The director pulled the camera up to give a God's perspective from top to bottom.

     At this time, the two sides are at the first bridgehead position on the right of Port G, one is beside the card poison, and the other just ran out of the poison.

     Dry wood and fire,

     Naturally, they fought when they met.

     At this time, IG, who had just emerged from the poison, was undoubtedly at a disadvantage right now.

     In this game, they skipped the small power plant and scored a good start. Because Knights sold their teammates decisively, the two sides were not entangled.

     In the next course of drug running, IG is basically smooth sailing, and there is not even a "salute farewell".

     Compared with the encounters of other teams in Asia, it is simply the difference between Heaven and Earth!

     Until this wave entered the circle from the poison,Encountered Underhood.

     "Ze Shao, what do you say?"

     Xiao Jue opened the mouth to ask while sealing the cigarette in his hand.

     Without waiting for Shen Zeyan to speak, the illusion said, "There is nothing to say, if we don't get rid of these dog baskets, we won't be able to make it through."

      "Un." Shen Zeyan looked nodded heavily.

     At this time, they hid behind the car and took drugs, but at the same time, the tires of the jeep were also removed.

     It's not impossible to drive, but the speed estimate is no different from the manual tractor.

     Facing the people in Underhood behind the three-room wall at the bridgehead, IG, let alone knocking out the opponent, even attacking is not so easy.

     Especially Underhood is not an underdog.

     This is an unsigned South American team with ample experience. They participated in almost every offline event in South America for this World Championship, and finally entered the finals as a dark horse.

     The team's play style is extremely aggressive and offensive.

     Regarding this point, it can be seen from their usual offline tournaments, regardless of their ranking, but they are often in the forefront of the kill list.

     In today’s game,

     They still run through the past style.

     The Southeast Asian team Gold was taken away by them in the second wave of poison, and became the first team of dead souls in their hands.

     At this point, it stands to reason that as long as they are in an easily guarded, hard to attack place like the three-room wall, they can be in an invincible position.

     However, what Underhood wants is obviously not undefeated.

     It's a complete victory!After a short test, two of their team pulled to the side.

     European and American commentary on the scene.

     "My God... Underhood's play is too grumpy, right?"

     "I think it is very likely that IG has been shrinking from the front to show weakness, so they have some judgment."

     "As far as I know, this team is the Second Last among the four qualifying teams in South America, but in fact, they actually have the hope of becoming a seeded team and the first to qualify."

     "Yes, the style of this team is indeed a bit radical, but it is precisely because of such a team that makes our game more exciting isn't that so?"

     "Well...I can't deny this, but I can only wish them luck here."

     "In fact, their opponent IG is a team from Asia, hehe, we all know the actual play style of Asian teams. Well, their style of play is generally conservative. In this case, I think there is a wave of Underhood. There is a great chance to completely eat this team."

     In the commentary on the commentary stage, the two assaultmen of Underhood, Alva and Evan, have pulled the gun line from the left side.

     In an instant, they and the sniper Pineas sitting in the housing area immediately hit the IG behind the car in the smoke with three points, forming a three-point cross fire!

     As for KAI, the free agent in their team, he was just grazing on the sidelines at this time and did not directly participate in the battle.

     Because he has a more important task.

     That is to observe the wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble) around, and collect intelligence for teammates’ offenses.From this point, it can be seen that although Underhood's style of play is very aggressive, it is not mindless.

     Perhaps this is why they were able to become a black horse in the South American division with many giants and get a qualifying spot.


     At this time,

     Next, just wait for the poisonous smoke to disperse.

     The two people who pulled the gun line from the left and right of Underhood can take a sideways raid on the IG behind the taxi.

     Speaking of which, the size of the Jeep is not small, but it is still a bit not enough for four people.

     Even if it is not covered by smoke at this time, Underhood can become a South American technician without having to pull the gun line, and help IG people to fix their feet for free.

     But in fact, Underhood did not passively wait for the smoke to disperse at this time.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     After Alva and Evan pulled to the side bunker, they pulled off the grenades one after another, and threw them high into the air.

     At this distance, Precision Blasting with fixed-point timing is obviously unrealistic.

     But the two of Underhood are obviously fighting each other, wanting to draw a prize...



     After being enveloped in smoke, the Jeep at the poison side was covered by the "bombing zone" again.

     But the faces of the two Assaulters of Underhood were obviously not what kind of. They threw four or five thunders on their faces.

     The most recent time was to blow up the jeep in the smoke...At this moment, the rumbling sound is endless, but the attention of the audience at the scene and the live broadcast room is not on the thunder-throwing Underhood two people.

     Under the lens of the director on the big screen.

     The audience at the scene can clearly see a man crawling on the weedy slope like a lone wolf, moving toward the front carefully and prudent.

     When the director gave this person the first angle of view, the audience on the scene could see that every time he climbed forward, he had to pull the angle of view and look to the side.

     Look at it step by step,

     As if some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

     Gradually, the audience followed his rhythm and gradually adapted to the pull of his perspective.

     So in the next moment,

     When he crawled forward, the angle of view did not follow the pull.

     The audience at the scene couldn't help being slightly surprised, and suddenly felt a sense of acceptance...

     But this kind of feeling just emerged.

     The next moment, the man suddenly stood up from a high slope of grass.

     The 98K behind it slipped and immediately appeared in the hands.

     Then I saw the person as the arm moves the finger, opening the lens in an instant, and blasting out in a very quick shot!


     In the picture, a group of eye-catching blood suddenly appeared on the head of a person not far behind the tree!

     "IG-olves used Kar98k to headshot Underhood-Alva!"

     This is attracted by teammates,

     A person who has crawled for a long time like obsessive-compulsive disorder.

     It was Shen Zeyan impressively.


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