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570 The Last Hope For All Of Asia! (Below) 4/4
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The director’s perspective suddenly rises from the ground,

     Pulled into the air.

     In an instant, the IG who had just finished playing on the field and the two teams that had just arrived were all presented in the vision of all the audience.

     In the middle, there are only two IGs left after just finishing a wave.

     On the other side of the river to the south is the C9 group who just drove over. Shroud is holding a handful of SKS and looking towards this side.

     And in the west of them,

     It is Faze four from Shangcheng District.

     The moment the viewers in the domestic live broadcast room saw the names of these two teams, their hearts were immediately chilled...

     "This... ahem, IG really meets with many difficulties in one's life!"

     Seeing this scene, Lord Rong on the commentary stage also couldn't bear shook the head. He no longer knew how to describe how bad IG's luck was...

     I just entered the drug circle and encountered Underhood also just sufficed, but with great difficulty, I didn’t catch my breath after playing, and suddenly came two top European and American teams.

     This is so why not let people play!

     Thinking of IG's first blood and smooth sailing in the first two circles, Ruofeng touched his nose and said:

     "Hehe, I guess it's because IG ran out of luck before this game, so I will be so back."

     "The question now is to see how the two teams from North America and Europe, C9 and Faze, choose." Su Changming touched his chin and continued, "If the two teams can fight each other, maybe Ze Yan and Shot Coco The two can still find a slim chance of survival here."

     Upon hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room also eyes shined!words exceede 5100In fact, the position of Shen Zeyan did not pose a threat to the people in the wall, otherwise he would not allow KAI to replace two teammates just now.

     But this is not what Faze is defending against.

     They mainly prevented that after the car stopped, Shen Zeyan outside found that he could not hit people, and then unloaded the tires of their car...

     It can be seen from one point that Faze is a very detailed team.

     The Battle Start inside is fast and ends faster.

     Faze the two assaulters of a strong team like Faze surrounded by left and right, under be at an impasse, the shot Coco retreating from the wall all the way into the room is like a Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot being forced into the corner by two strong men.



     Bang bang!

     The two white guys of Faze took out their guns and fired side-to-side. After shooting Coco, they suddenly gasped and fell feebly...

     At the same time, C9 on the other side of the river saw the cooked duck being eaten in front of Faze.

     Where can I stand it?

     But they also understand the truth of persimmons.

     At this time, C9 did not go straight to the subject to find Faze and fight, but drove three cars to surround Shen Zeyan on the slope...

     It's cold!

     It's completely cold now!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room instantly sank their hearts.

     "This Nima... these foreigners are too shameless!"

     "Distressed for a wave of Ze Shao, four fights and one blue man!"

     "It's just that! Bullying! There is a kind of singles out with my husband!"

     "I'm dripping turtles! Ze Shao's wife group started?""If you don't understand the game, don't scream, please don't hack Ze Shao!"

     "This is a game. Killing and getting points is the most important thing. Only a fool can compete with you."


     The few people in C9 are not fools.

     In the situation where there is still one foursome glare like a tiger watching his prey, they just want to eat this lone wolf as soon as possible.

     So at some point in the next,

     The C9's four cars and three cars suddenly rushed over towards Shen Zeyan in the middle at the same time.

      What is clearly and easy to see is that even if Shen Zeyan can knock down one car at this time, or even limit two cars.

     But a car coming from another direction,

     Without even shooting,

     You can rush up and hit him to death directly, leaving him with no chance to make up.

     Obviously, this is a lore!

     However, the shocking scene appeared next, and Shen Zeyan did not shoot.

     When the opponent's three cars appeared simultaneously, he suddenly put away the gun.

     Just standing there quietly.

     The few people on the opposite side of C9 couldn't help but feel confused.

     "TF? What is this situation?"

     "Oh! Could it be that there are no bullets?"

     "Then you have to run at least, hum! It's boring."

     "Hehe, maybe the teammates are dead, so I don't have the confidence to play anymore."

     The car is drawing closer,

     The three of C9 also guessed in the voice.

     Only Shroud looked at the figure in front with a thoughtful look on his face.

     But before he could react,I saw a shock on the ground ahead!

     With a bang, a flame of fire suddenly rose!

     C9 drove and bounced to kill Moody, who wanted to directly kill Shen Zeyan. As soon as the car got closer, it was enveloped by the flames and heat waves from the explosion.

     The whole person and the car were blown up!

     And Shen Zeyan himself, who was in the center of the explosion, was naturally not immune.

     Immediately afterwards, in the shocking gaze of countless European and American audiences at the scene, a series of two kill prompts appeared from the upper right of the screen.

     "IG-olves detonated the vehicle and killed C9-Moody!"

     "IG-olves killed himself with a grenade!"

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     The remaining three of C9 braked quickly and looked somewhat dullly at the corpse of the teammate hung on the tree and the box lying quietly in the center of the explosion.

     This is so much so that I would rather die than give someone a head!

     "Ze Shao's wave is really supporting the'Asian backbone' alone!" On the commentary stage, Rong Ye clenched his fists and waved, shouting excitedly:

     "Who said that our Asian players are not bloody, but will only be ranked? Huh? Ze Shao told them this wave, what is rather die than submit, what is war dead!"

     "What else is there is Instantaneous Explosion!" Ruofeng yelled with some middlemen.

     But at this moment they forgot...

     Once Shen Zeyan died, Liu Zilang was left alone in the entire Asian region.


     Iced Midnight says

     Late at night, fourth more tickets~

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