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573 Pian Ruo Jinghong, Floating Like A Dragon! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Temptation can also be interpreted as death in many cases.

     At this moment, the austin, who was jumping like a gopher, almost added a "funny face" expression on his face.

     It’s ridiculous max,

     Expensively cheap!

     For a moment,

     The audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but think...

     Or don't bear it,

     To endure, kill that Muggle first, then endure.

     This idea just came to everyone's mind.

     In the next moment, Liu Zilang really couldn't bear it.

     In other words, he had been holding 98k in his hand and was looking for opportunities in secret, but he never thought of forbearing.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw in the next moment,

     Liu Zilang suddenly came out from behind the stone, holding up 98k with an electric hand!

     Behind the slope of the mountainside.

     Prophie, who has been helping his teammates all the time, looked happy when he saw the appearance!

     However, the next moment, in his eyes, a look of astonishment suddenly rises!

     It looks...like death suddenly appeared in front of you,

     Raised the sickle towards him.

     And at this moment, there was indeed a death god who raised his "sickle" towards him.

     But that is eight times 98k!


     The crisp gunfire suddenly came from the mountain!

     In an instant, a sniper bullet shot through the sky like an electric light, suddenly lasing towards the propie!


     In an instant, the second-level head on Prophie's head shattered, bursting out a scarlet blood.

     Wow!The European and American audience at the scene suddenly heard the sound of unable to suppress exclamation and holds breath cold air.

     This is... what operation?

      threaten the east and strike to the west?

     Prophie, who was knocked down by a headshot, was also a little dumbfounded, with black question marks all over his head.


     Why is it fat? what's the situation?

     Brother...Did you hit the wrong person?

     The gopher was my teammate just now,

     It's not me!

     Your marksmanship is too real!

     Wait...Is he intentional,


     In a moment, all kinds of thoughts flashed through Prophie's head.

     But even so, he couldn't understand that his teammate just now was so cheap that he couldn't stand it anymore.

     Why didn't Liu Zilang hit that person, but instead came to hit him.

     And it's so accurate, which is a bit of a breakdown!


     After knocking down the opponent's sniper with a single shot, Liu Zilang put away 98k and eyebrows raised, "Madan! Labor and management hate others for pointing a gun to my head."

      has to say, this sentence can be said to be a must-have in a film and television drama.

     Take both pros and cons, suitable for all ages

     However, after Liu Zilang subconsciously finished speaking, he realized that God Wei and the others were no longer around.

     Turned his head and looked around,

     The surrounding area is even more empty.

     For a while, he couldn't help rubbing his nose a little boringly, and sighed in his heart that life is really Lonely Snow!

     Of course, just knocking down is still not enough.

     The most important thing right now is to make up for the opponent.Liu Zilang squinted slightly, but the next moment he cut out a grenade.

     "Vic, do you want the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums to take one away? Isn't it difficult?"

     "This distance is a bit reluctant with a grenade. Otherwise, the ghost will not unscrupulous the three temptations in that position just now."

     "Yes, but now there is no other way. It's okay to try. Of course, I suggest that since he has already exposed himself, it is better to slip early before the other party reacts."

      at the same time, in ghost's voice.

     "Buy it! This man is too fast!"

     "I think this is normal, haven't you seen his id?"

     "Vic? Oh my God! It turned out to be that man!"

     "By the way, I to think of it, he was at 4am."

     "4am? What happened?"

     "Four not, four silly, you, at 4am, three were knocked out by the skk monsters!"

     "Oh! You mean... he is a lone wolf?"

     "Fak! We were fooled."

      In a few words, Ghost quickly judged by knocking down the information. They had been probing for a long time but it was a lone wolf.

     And they were bitten by this lone wolf, and all of the ghost's four people suddenly became somewhat angry!

     This is so absolutely impossible to throw!

     Soon, they took action.

     I saw that ghost was left among the three, one looking out and the other moving the car, there is still one in charge of helping people.

     Everything is so everything clear and in good order, ready to go.

     Until that grenade appeared in forehead...And about four seconds ago.

     Under the camera of the director, I saw Liu Zilang holding a grenade in his hand, retreated several steps in the surprised eyes of countless audiences.

     Then quickly run a few steps,

     Leaped into the air and threw Lei Gao out with his hand!

     Liu Zilang did not pull the string in advance to warm up this wave of thunder, because the retention time of the grenade in the air was long enough to complete the warm up.

     And the moment the grenade was released.

     The camera of the director followed the grenade, moving all the way down, and the hearts of the audience were also raised.

     In the picture, after crossing a long parabola in the air, the grenade finally flew to the top of the slope where the ghosts were hiding.


     Accompanied by a loud sound and fiery waves of fire.

     Thunder exploded in the air.

     And because the two people under the mountainside slope did not hear the sound of the grenade landing, they were even more unable to see through in the fpp mode, so when the grenade exploded above the two people's heads, the two of Ghost were a little stunned!

     Walter Refak? ? ?

     Under the huge impact, the wave of the grenade instantly lifted the two of them off.

     "4am-vic finally killed ghost-prophie with a grenade!"


     On the interpretive stage in Huaxia District.

     The eyes kept moving with the camera throughout the entire process, until seeing this "explosive" scene, the three commentators of Gaze Pierces the Limpid Waters suddenly shouted oneself hoarse! !

     "Pretty! It's exploded, Pian Ruo shocked, floating like a dragon, Vic has exploded two people in this wave!""Inconceivable! Too inconceivable! This wave of world-class remote mines actually completed an air-to-ground devastating blow!"

     "That's right! Ghost two were also blown up! Vic is really the reincarnation of Thor!"

      at this moment, not just a commentary.

     The countless Chinese and even Asian audiences at the Colt Arena in California are also boiling!

     To be honest, all the Asian teams in the third round of the game were all out. When I heard the two European and American commentators on the scene, they were ridiculed.

     All Asian audiences from China, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia were embarrassed on their faces, but they had no alternative.

     Because reality is here.

     However, at this time Liu Zilang is facing the total defeat of an army in all Asian teams, this wave is facing the North American ghost four.

     Kill two directly!

     It is really a wave of morale for the Asian teams and audiences!

     You are not strong, aren't you better than cattle?

     What do you say about this wave?


     Genius remembers this site address in one second: .. Mobile version reading URL: m.