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574 I Come, I See, I Conquer! (1/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

What do you say about this wave?

     At this time, the remaining two of Ghost, known as the "North American Ghost", were also stunned.

     They looked at the distance from the top of the mountain.

     I still don’t understand why the enemy’s thunder was thrown so far... so accurate?

     This is so special that even Xinyue members cannot?

     But this is not the time to think about it.

     The remaining Ghost hurriedly let his teammate climb into the slope, and then dared to come up to help his teammate.

      At the same time, Miccoy, who was moving in the team, also moved the tricycle.

     Recalling the shame of the four being "played" by the other, the three Ghosts acted without taking time to think and sat for three rounds after finishing the blood medicine.

     Then around the hillside,

     All the way to the top of the mountain rushed over!


     Can only be washed with blood!


     On the top of the mountain, Liu Zilang couldn't help being surprised when he heard the sound of the fast motorcycle engine below!

     Obviously, Ghost wants to drive closer in this wave, and then use many to defeat few to take advantage of the number of people.

     Doesn't this kill one of your teammates?

     Is this going away?

     Don't you really think about a good intention to break up?

     Everyone harmony is to be prized?

     When he was thinking about these, he had already quickly switched 98K to M16 in his hand.

     On the commentary stage of the Asian region.

     "This wave...Ghost seems to have reacted, and they decided to take Vic, the lone wolf directly!"

     "What did Vic say? Do you have a chance to snipe halfway?""Can't hit it! Can't hit it at all! Ghost didn't charge directly. They circled the mountain road. Vic's seat happened to be blocked by a rock."

     "Then it would be bad! I think if Vic has a car on this side, you can really consider slipping away."

     "There's bad news. Vic's Bounce has just been blown up, and he can't go now."

     "It's a wave, or it's too wave. If you don't leave earlier, it will be fine?"

     "Oh! Ghost here has already rushed up with a tricycle, facing the other three people, can this wave of Vic perform miracles?"

     The voices of the three men on the commentary stage gradually became high, and the hearts of the audience on the scene and in the live broadcast room were suddenly lifted.

     In the director's perspective of the big screen.

     I saw that the motorcycle driven by the Ghost three was like a Hummer, meandering and circuitously galloping on the hillside.

     At the next moment, the distance between the two sides was only one slope, which seemed to be only One Step Away.

     However, the three of Ghost didn't stop the car on the slope and then touched it again.

     They did it in one step,

     Rush forward directly along the slope on three wheels.

     On the top of the mountain, when Liu Zilang heard the sound of cars on the slope behind him, he turned and pulled the muzzle quickly.

     But at this moment,

     He couldn't help but his eyelids twitched slightly.

     As he turned around, he saw a tricycle stood straight from behind the slope!

     The car was in the air, but the three people in the car jumped at the same time!

     The next moment, the three of them drew their guns in the air and started shooting!

     Suddenly—!Da Da Da—!

     Da da da-!


     The European and American audiences at the scene were in an uproar when they saw it, and they immediately became hooked.

      has to say, Ghost’s entering the stage method is really extraordinary, practically the same level, the blockbuster scene completely ignited everyone’s attention and it looked so exciting!

     At this moment, a sense of identity and pride rose in the hearts of countless European and American audiences!

      This is me, our European and American teams!

      This is me our European and American style!


      Between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang, the subject and the first witness on the field, couldn't help being slightly surprised.

     What is this operation?

     Flying three grasses?

     Three dragon riding face?

     He was thinking about some of these in his mind, but the operation in his hand did not fall at all.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     At the moment when Liu Zilang raised the M16, he didn't open the mirror, he squatted and shot in the waist!

     In an instant,

     A burst of M16 gunshots blasted to the extreme!


     As the muzzle spit out, I saw countless bullets bursting out of the gun at extremely fast speed!

     While firing in a rapid burst, Liu Zilang's muzzle pulled slightly through an arc in the air.

     If the game can be slowed down at this time, everyone on the scene and in the live broadcast room may be surprised to find the bullets swept by his waist shot.

     A fan was formed vaguely in the air.

     It looked like someone raised his hand and waved his sword, drawing a Sword Qi in the air!It's almost a breath blink of an eye!

     The 40 bullets in the M16 were shot by him with a hand speed of "Asia's fastest M16" in this wave of waist shots!

     Puff puff puff -!

     Under the rain of bullets, the bodies of the three people in the sky suddenly splashed with blood!

     On the spot, two people spurted blood in the air and covered their lower abdomen, and their bodies instantly rose up like shrimps.

     When the audience saw this scene, they couldn't help but cried out in surprise!

     But correspondingly,

     Under the opponent's "Three Dragon Riding Face".

     Even though Liu Zilang's third-level head armor is on his body, his blood volume has suddenly fallen, and he has fallen to the bottom of the valley!

     At this moment, Define, the last remaining person among the three Ghost in the air, slammed down.

     Support the ground with both hands slightly.

     In this Life and Death Instant,

     Liu Zilang did not find a cover, nor did he avoid it.

     I saw him raise his hand casually and naturally, and in a blink of an eye he changed the 98K behind him into the palm of his hand.

      at the same time,

     Define who fell in front of him raised his gun!

     On this occasion of a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, Liu Zilang did not take the shot!

     He was like holding a "fire stick", and he shot the bolt directly from the waist, and instantly pulled the pinpoint and blasted over!



     In a short time, Define's powerful gunshots were like a river entering the sea, as if being stopped by someone!

     With a grunting sound it stops!

     One Sword Severs Mountains and Rivers!

     Just now, under Liu Zilang's M16 shooting and the damage caused by a fall, he was already dissatisfied with his blood volume, and a bright blood burst out of his crotch!Burst a shot!


     There was a gunshot, and instantly the whole body seemed to lose strength, and one fell down on his back.

     His body rolled several times along the hillside, and came to the side of the two teams who had just been brought down by Liu Zilang in the air.

     Three people gather, neat and tidy.

     Seeing this scene of many twists and turns, the European and American audiences who were so excited just now were almost scared with their cheering tongues!

     Everyone's eyes widened, looking at the man in the picture with inconceivable expressions.


      win the battle!

     And it's the ultimate 1V3 with no cover on the front!

     At this moment, the scene suddenly fell into a terrible silence.

     But soon, the overseas students and many Chinese spectators off the field burst into cheers of up here, down there in various locations of the venue!

     "Vic cow ratio!"

     "Haha, this wave of sorrows must fly!"

     "666! Beat it beautifully! Kill these crippled calves!"

     This burst of cheers was like a single spark, and started a prairie fire!

     The next moment, the entire Colt Arena burst into cheers overturning the roof of the stadium!


     This is to conquer opponents with operations!

     Just like the boy wearing a black mask back then.


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