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575 It's Him! (2/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Look at the scarlet kills in the middle of the screen!

     At this moment, the 98K that Liu Zilang was holding in his hands seemed to have a red sheen on the gun.

     That is a kind of "red" after being soaked in blood!

     On the stage of the players, the Ghost people walked off the field in a daze, becoming the second team to leave the North American Division after TSM.

     The key player, TSM, suffered a four-man sniper attack from a world-leading team like SKK and was killed by the regiment and left nothing else.

     But Ghost this...

     It's a bit uncomfortable.

     At this time, Ghost, who had reached the edge of the stage, couldn't help but turned their heads and glanced back at the big screen.

     Seeing the figure standing alone on the top of the mountain in the Yuan Yuezhi under the director's lens, the four sensed a familiar aura for no reason.

     Is this the loneliness of the master?

     Died under the gun of such a person,

     Maybe there's nothing about it?

      Thought until here, the injured heart of the four seemed to feel a little better and lost...

     The next moment, but was overwhelmed by the sadness that flooded into the water.

     It's so popular with your sister!

     Labor and management will never pretend to be compared next time...

     On the interpretive stage of China.

     The three of Rong Ye did not expect that this scene would be so dramatic. Looking at Ghost's aura like a hot knife through butter before, it undoubtedly showed a powerful confidence that will kill!

     And their "The Three Musketeers" usually jump off the motorcycle in the air.

     It is full of a visual shock!Obviously, no one thought that the next "shock" would be so terrifying.

     So inconceivable!

     You must know that Lord Rong, their three people, just saw the Ghost team rushing up.

     Almost already preparing a polite and disgraceful "eulogy" for Liu Zilang...

     But right now... the eulogy is obviously not useful.

     "This wave... how to say it, I can only say that Vic's response was really fast, which was beyond our expectations."

     "There is also Ghost's chance. If this wave of them parked down the slope obediently and honestly, Vic had already fallen."

     "Hehe, this is true, but with all three shots fired, I honestly didn't expect him to change the fate against the Heaven and complete the counter-kill."

     "By the way, if I'm not mistaken, Vic's previous operation should have been two waist shots? Is there anything to say?

     "Um... the speed of a waist shot is a bit faster compared to opening a mirror, but whether it can be shot accurately in the continuous shooting process will test the player's gun control ability."

     "Hehe, but I think Vic's wave is like a splash ink landscape painting with a big brush. He wants a quick one! No matter the three sevens are twenty-one, just put all the bullets on your face and let the quantity change drive the quality change. ."

     "That's it. In that kind of critical situation, there's nothing about it. Time to let him aim again. Vic's wave seems a bit rough, but it's actually the best choice."

     "Rough? I don't agree with Lord Rong's words. Have you forgotten Vic's last shot 98K."Upon hearing this, the three commentators on the stage were taken aback.

     Speaking of it, this is not the first time that Liu Zilang burst into crotch, this is really a cat staring at the crotch!

     and many more...

     Isn't this guy on purpose?

     Thinking of the blood bursting from Ghost's crotch at the end, the three of them could not help but feel a pain.

     However, the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms have been enthusiastic about it. After sweeping away the haze just because almost all the Asian teams left the field, the atmosphere in the entire live broadcast room seems to have become cheerful!


     When the third wave of poison brushing and the safe area overlapped, the next safe area was also refreshed.

     Facts proved again.

     Liu Zilang is really not a Heavens' Chosen Person.

     Because this safe area has actually been brushed to the hospital and the third factory next to the Nanshan Mountain of Port G, at this time the mountain top where Liu Zilang is is already not in the safe area.

     If he wants to enter the circle, he has to go down the mountain.

     At present, there are still 44 people surviving on the field, a total of 14 teams, and the death rate exceeds 50%. This is actually rare in the Professional League, which has always been slow.

     On the top of the mountain, Liu Zilang glanced at the three-wheeled motorcycle of Ghost "Three Musketeers" that was slowly sliding downhill just now.

     He looked back at the poison circle.

     At this time, the director's camera has not been cut away.

     In a lively live broadcast room in China, the audience suddenly felt "ge-deng" when they noticed Liu Zilang's pace following the tricycle down the slope!

     "Fogweed! Isn't it?"

     "It's over! Vic's ratio is swollen, and he dared to ride even three rounds.""Vic: Sorry, I didn't force the count! I'm very bloated!"

     "Three rounds! Don't let Vic chase you!"

     "Come on! Run! Come on!"

     All of a sudden, there was a scene of 10,000 people cheering for a three-wheeled motorcycle in major domestic live broadcast rooms!

     However, this three-wheeled motorcycle in the end still did not escape Liu Zilang's "claws".

     After chasing for a certain distance, the three-wheeled motorcycle stuck beside a stone on the mountainside, and Liu Zilang, who finally caught up with not saying anything further, jumped directly onto the three-wheeler.

     Seeing this scene, the hearts of the viewers in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms suddenly chilled.

     The area between the stage and the auditorium.

     Just now, Wei Shen, who was still talking and laugh cheerfully with other Asian team players, saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle, and he complexion changed instantly!

     As for the players of Aluka and Xiaomuou and the domestic Se7en and IG teams, they are almost the same, because they all know Liu Zilang's "two-wheeled god, three-wheeled super ghost" theory.

     Only the players from the three teams of Wanwan, South Korea and Southeast Asia were a little puzzled.

     Why did not speak while chatting?

     At this time, Wei Shen was pursing his lips, dully looking at the figure riding three wheels straight down the hillside in the game screen, as if recalling the first time he ate chicken in reverse, and was dominated by Liu Zilang's three wheels. fear.

     However, the director did not know the inside story.

     Seeing Liu Zilang riding a bicycle to run drugs,

     He quickly pulled the camera and gave it to the two teams of C9 and Faze near Port G in the north.These two teams are the favorite teams to win the championship as the First Step of this game, but they are playing a bit lingering, loath to part.

     The two teams fought all the way to Port G from Qiaotou Sanfang on the north side. Because of drug trafficking, the people on both sides who were beaten on the road were rescued without any means.

     So now there are only two people left.

     However, generally speaking, C9 has the upper hand in this wave of fights in the process of running poison.

     Because they were just replaced by Shen Zeyan, there were originally only three people left, but in the 3V4 situation, they were replaced by two. Of course, this wave was only profitable.

     In this way, the two teams fought and ran all the way, and in a short while they came to the foot of G Port Nanshan.

     Suddenly, the two Faze who were close to the mountain only heard a bang on their heads!

     It seems that what thing flew down...


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