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577 Go With The Son? (4/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At this moment, there are not many teams left on the field, such as Athletico in Oceania, Vega in the Commonwealth of Independent States and seven teams in Europe, North America and South America.

     As for the Asian Division... best not to mention it.

     And because of the Professional League, other teams on the court played very rigorously.

     In other words, the linkage is very strong.

      one prospers, all prosper,

      one suffers, all suffer.

     Except for Liu Zilang, who is a lone wolf, the other surviving teams are at least two people left.

     In the fourth lap right now, there are indeed many teams with ideas about airdrops.

     But basically none of them really dare to take.

     The terrain at the foot of G mountain is undulating, dense vegetation, very suitable for hiding, everyone is around holding back one's troops without moving, watching silently.

     Until a jeep followed an orange car, two cars march straight in unchallenged (military), when they cut directly into the field.

     The several teams lurking around and watching secretly couldn't help being taken aback.

     Really dare to take the airdrop?

     Some teams who were sure that there was no one around them, took out their guns on the spot and started "saluting off".



     A gunshot resembling a stapler suddenly sounded!

     The eardrum of one of the people who attacked the team seemed to be gently massaged.

     The next moment, his head spilled juice, like a watermelon smashed by a hammer.

     "SKK-Satan knocked down Vega-KeeN with a headshot of M24!"

     Very fast response!

     Accurate headshot!At the moment when he saw this kill prompt, the gunfire on the field suddenly stopped.

     Because everyone realized that this team is not a stunner, but a team of real bosses.

     Of course, not everyone is convinced, such as Shroud of the C9 team at the third factory.

     Shroud, who made his debut under the name of "North American Number One Genius", is currently among the "Twelve Titans" in the FPS circle in Europe and America.

     But even in the face of a "master god" player like SKK, Shroud didn't have the slightest timidity in his heart.

     Because reality is not fantasy,

     There is no such setting as exceeding level challenge.

     E-sports level is often just an affirmation of its honor, rather than a gap that cannot be crossed.

     No one is Undying Body,

     It just depends on whether you stabbed deep enough.

     At this time, Shroud's attention was all focused, and at the door of one of the factories of the third factory, Satan and his party who had already arrived near the airdrop box shot their guns.

     Both sides are European and American giants with reflex arcs and ordinary people not on one level, so it is naturally difficult to tell the winner in a short time.

     And the distance between the two sides is also 300 meters away,

     Even if someone knocks someone down, there is a teammate by his side and he won't be killed immediately.

     However, even so, the two sides swiftly flashed in each other's high-powered vision, but they still watched the audience heart alarmed, body leaping!

     At this time, Liu Zilang, who was lying down behind a big rock on the hillside, also heart alarmed, body leaping.

     Because the airdrop unfortunately landed right in front of him, I can see the inedible pain aside.The most painful thing is that the SKK who killed them in this game was actually right below him.

     The vertical distance between the two sides is about seven or eight meters, but the straight line distance is only three or four meters.


     Facing a three-person team like SKK,

     Liu Zilang didn't think that when he was cutting a gun or pulling a thunder, the other party would not respond.

     So at this time, he seemed to relax even his breath, lying on the rock motionless like a statue, it looked like he was practicing Turtle Breath Great Art...

      great plans can be ruined by just a touch of impatience!

     Labor and capital endure it!

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Master Rong smashed his mouth and said with a smile, "Tsk tsk... Vic, this is the enemy who can’t move in person, it’s a bit painful.

     "Well, but I think it's also a good thing." Su Changming looked at the game screen and continued slowly:

     "There is an airdrop box underneath. He seems to be safe lying there, but it is easy to be spotted by people who repeatedly spy around. But now that there are three people from SKK standing there, it is tantamount to placing three at the door. A door god, the little devil who is waiting really dare not come near.'

     "Um...this is also true."

     Rong Ye nodded, and immediately frowned slightly, "But Still have another issue is just to wait for the third to last round to leave the foot of the mountain, how can Vic run poison?"

     "Haha, this is a problem, we will look at Vic's tail in time..." Ruofeng stopped talking and changed his mouth with a dry cough, "Ahem, it depends mainly on his...stalking ability."

     Hearing Ruofeng's words, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room also reacted after a moment."Tail? What is the tail? The nose has you started?"

     "Ruofeng deserves to be Ruofeng, I didn't expect it to be okay."

     "Fengjiang you have changed! Do you remember Miss on the shore of Daming Lake?"

     "But what did Vic say about this wave? Is it really going to be cold?"

     "Fuck! What are you? If you change to me, labor and capital will just do it!"

     "Yes, so you can only send barrage with us here."


     When the commentator and the audience were deeply worried and sick at heart about Liu Zilang's current situation, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel a pain when he looked at the few people below who were opening the airdrop box.

     But under the eaves of others, he has no alternative.

     After a while, I saw Vivian throw the SKS behind him on the ground in front of him.

     From the airdrop box with attractive red smoke, I replaced it with a black girl with two tripods!

     As soon as he saw this gun, Liu Zilang's right hand holding the mouse couldn't help but tighten!

     But soon, he calmed down again.

     If you can't bear it, you mess up!

      He must be calm this time, all airdrops are Hu Yun!


     The purpose of this wave of SKK is to collect kills, so naturally they will not leave with an airdrop.

     Seeing that the terrain here seemed to be pretty good, the three SKK settled down at the feet of Liu Zilang and began their hunting around.


     Da Da Da—!

     At a certain moment, noisy gunfire suddenly sounded,

     Immediately he couldn't stop anymore.It's not that each person buys your SKK account. Since you don't walk by the airdrop box that is so conspicuous, some teams naturally don't mind a wave.

     But in this kind of terrain, it is naturally impossible for SKK to beat anyone to death, stare at anyone...

     But on the whole, one of their teams doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position under the siege of so many strong teams, and they played back and forth, so many European and American audiences suddenly exclaimed!

     But gradually,

     Suddenly someone found something wrong at the scene.

     At the next moment, the director's camera was suddenly pulled up and it was given to Liu Zilang behind the big rock above SKK's head diagonally.

     I saw that he was holding M16 right now, following the rhythm of M16 in Karl's hand below.

     Every time Karl’s muzzle flared,

     Under the cover of his gunshots, Liu Zilang shot a bullet towards the far point.

     Right now he is almost half hit by a bullet,

     It hasn't been discovered yet!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but stay for a while!

     It's so...technical!


     Iced Midnight says

     Fourth, ask for votes to encourage you~

     There are two more later~

     Saying six is six, sei can't stop me today!

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