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578 Qi Said Without Clothes! (5/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"4AM-Vic finally killed Vega-Auzom with M16A4!"

     Seeing that Liu Zilang's wave was perfectly mixed into the enemy's gunfire, he also took the opportunity to make up for someone who was knocked down by Satan.

     All of a sudden, the European and American audience on the scene all had a "Spartan" expression!


     Is there such an operation?

     However, many old viewers of Liu Zilang's live broadcast on major domestic platforms burst into laughter after seeing this scene.

     "6666! This Poppy is flying!"

     "The identification is complete! It's not a fight, that person must be Pipilang himself."

     "I knew it! Vic lay there more securely than impossible."

     "Hurry up, hurry up! Come on!"

     "Satan said: It's a mess! Who robbed the head of labor and capital? Damn, it's Vic again!"

     "Puff haha! LMAO, I guess they killed them and didn't expect Vic to be on top of them."

     "This is Vic, except for him who dares to play like this on someone's face, it's strange that SKK can think of it!"


     In the game,

     The three of SKK also found something wrong.

     Satan and Karl look at each other in dismay.

     He then looked around and couldn't help raising the eyebrow, "Where is that guy stealing the chicken?"

     Karl could not help shrugged the shoulders, "Who knows ne?"

     After speaking, his eyes also became sharp.

      It should be noted, the other party used M16 to snatch the head from under his eyelids.

     And he holds the same M16 in his hand.So for Karl,

     It is undoubtedly an indirect insult.

     Of course, if he knew that he did not take the M16, Liu Zilang might not even dare to fire a gun.

      does not know in the heart What will you feel about it.

     But Karl, who didn't know about it at this time, picked up the M16 in his hand again and squinted slightly, "Go on, I'll help you make up this time, I don't believe he can grab it."

     Satan is nodded, but he is more concerned about his surroundings.

     Trying to find the trace of Liu Zilang.

     Only Vivian, who was holding the "Sister Control", couldn't help but frowned, and a look of doubt appeared in the dark blue pupils.

     It feels a bit wrong...

     Next, SKK wanted to find out Liu Zilang who had put a cold gun in secret through a fight again.

     But after experiencing just this wave of "uninterrupted cooperation" between them and Liu Zilang, the surrounding team has nothing to provoke them anymore. Many people have found that this team has an evil spirit!

     After a while,

     The fourth wave of poison began to shrink.

     But Liu Zilang and the others are located at the poison side of the inner circle, and those who ran in from outside the safe zone have nothing to do with them.

      At this moment, what Liu Zilang cares most about, naturally or how to brush it in the next circle?

     Time goes by as the poison ring shrinks.

     Soon, when the boundary between the poison and the safe zone coincided, the next circle refreshed.

     The hearts and minds of all the audience at the scene and throughout Asia are tied together at this time!

     During the game, Liu Zilang's pupils shrank suddenly.Immediately revealed a ray of light!

      At the same time, the place between the stage and the auditorium, Wei Shen and others burst with joy, with a bright smile on their faces, looking like a child of a thousand pounds.

     "Fogweed! Awesome, this is really a circle of fate!"

     "Stabilize! There is no need to run poison now."

     "Don't milk, don't milk! Now I want this one to be more peaceful than lying there and stay still, even if he hangs there and plays with his mobile phone."

     "Uh...this, do you think it's possible?"

     And at the same time,

     At this time, SKK is as happy as Liu Zilang.

     Karl sighed in contentment and said with a smile, "Finally, there is no need to run poison anymore. I didn't expect that we would also have the fate of life."

     Satan tilted his head and said casually, "Frankly, I prefer the feeling of getting in from outside the circle."

     "Um... alright."

     Vivian looked out of his eyes and blew the long bangs on his forehead, "I'll give you the car, we're here to watch you come in."


      "Oh, right." Karl suddenly thought of something, and couldn't help but squeeze his chin and asked, "You said that he still running poison outside the safe zone?"

     Satan9 couldn't help but eyes shined and nodded said, "I think it's very possible! Maybe we have to raise our spirits with people coming in outside."

     Vivian is silent on the side, she just vaguely feels in her mind,

     They seem to have overlooked something.

     But anyway, the third-to-last safety zone in the finals is on their side.This is always good news.

     However, this is not good news for those teams that have just played against SKK but were brushed out of the safe zone.

     as expected.

     When these teams started to move towards the next safe zone, they unavoidably walked to SKK's muzzle.

     Just now under the complex terrain and numerous bunkers, these teams and SKK may have stregth to fight.

     But at this time, they were facing each other, especially when they had to run poison at the gunpoint without cover.

     In an instant, these people became a group of little piglets exposed to the butcher knife.

     At this time, I saw Vivian fighting against Shroud, who was holding the "Girl Control" and the third factory on the side.

     On the other hand, Satan and Karl cooperated to attack the team that ran into the circle from the outside.

     Under this circumstance, even if the teams that ran the poison spread their cigarettes forward, the sound of the muffled M24 gunshot in Satan's hand sounded every time.

     A sanguine light will splash in the smoke on the court.

     Although it is not a headshot, the damage caused by the M24 bullet is also not low.

     Coupled with the M16 replenishment gun in Karl's hand and the help of the hidden "allies", Satan can be surprisingly straightforward to fight people here.

     Every time he sees the other person falling down, his from head to toe has the feeling that every pore is relaxed.

     He glanced at Karl beside him,

     Satan is slightly uncertain.


     Why didn't it feel smooth before?Soon, when the one who was knocked down in front of him was filled again, and a kill prompt appeared on the screen again, "4AM-Vic finally killed Luminosity-soe with M16A4",

     Satan's eyes twitched,

     Finally found something wrong!


     That guy is still stealing chicken.

      At this moment, Karl, who had just put down his rhetoric, also had a black face.


      how can it be?

     The gunshots of this guy,

     It seems you can't hear it at all?

     Thinking of this, Satan and Karl both stopped shooting at the same time.

     Want to secretly observe in secret a wave.

     But as soon as the clinker gunfire stopped.

     The field suddenly became quiet, except for Vivian, who was facing the gun with Shroud not far away.

     From all around, no one hit someone who came in from outside the circle. After seeing this scene, both Karl and Satan's face suddenly became darker!

     This guy is addicted to picking up cheap,

     Just thinking about human heads, but not willing to exert any effort.

     And just when the two of SKK stopped trying to catch Liu Zilang, the team running drugs outside the safe zone suddenly seemed to have stepped from winter to warm spring.

     They don’t care about you,

     Hurrying to take the opportunity, Sa Yazi ran into the circle.

     After the penultimate wave of poisoning was finished, there were only 6 teams and 16 people left off the field.

     The final battle,

     Has quietly arrived unconsciously!


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