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579 Want To Leave And Ask Me? (6/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the game screen on the big screen.

     The viewing angle of the director was pulled into the air, giving a top-down bird's eye view.

     Under the sky, I saw the six surviving teams in the open space surrounded by the blue radiation net: SKK, Gates, TS, C9, Vega and 4AM with only Liu Zilang left.

     At a glance, the first four of them are European and American teams, and Vega is the old Maozi's teammate in the CIS.

     For the Asian team,

     Indeed, only Liu Zilang is left, so it is not an exaggeration to say that he carries the hope of all Asia.

     At this time, I saw the icons of several teams constantly moving between the mountains and the weeds and trees, looking around.

     After all, when it comes to the finals, each person is very nervous. Even if they are sure they are safer, most of the time, they will not stand or squat still.

     Of course, except for Liu Zilang.

     He doesn't want to move, but they aren't capable of moving.

     He had already stolen three heads from SKK, facing the violent SKK trio below, he could only lie there peacefully, looking extremely well-behaved.

     Liu Zilang is a human being, not a Buddha.

     Facing the three of SKK like wolves and tigers,

     If he is found out of chaos, he will probably be beaten into a sieve immediately...

     Fortunately, after the countdown poison contracted,

     The Second Last finals on the field have been refreshed.

     This circle did not allow Liu Zilang to Mandate of Heaven Returns again, but gave the C9 two people who occupied the third field factory south of Port G a destiny circle since the fourth circle.And the three workshops occupied by C9 are the only buildings in the safe zone that can be regarded as bunkers.

     So when this safety zone was refreshed, the six teams on and off the court were all caught in the wait and see.

     The so-called "the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out".

     In this kind of field finals, you may not bother you if you are lying on your stomach.

     Once moved,

     I am afraid that you are the first to focus on each team.

     On the commentary stage in Huaxia District,

     Upon seeing this, Lord Rong said somewhat worried, "Now there are only fifty seconds left before this wave of poisonous contraction! What did Vic say? He is a bit far away from the safe zone, this wave of poison is still very painful, Vic must be early Made plans."

     "This is really no way." Su Changming couldn't help shook the head when he heard Lord Rong's words.

     "Once the circle gets out, it is a dead end for him. If the people of SKK don't move, he can't move at all."

     Ruofeng, who has been staring at the game screen, is looking thoughtful. "SKK doesn't seem to be planning to enter the circle ahead of time. They have two cars and seem to want to wait until the poison is brushed, so they drove the circle directly. "

     "Well, the choice of SKK is actually very good." Rong Ye couldn't help being nodded, nodding slightly:

     "Even though the game ended in a wild circle, five of the six teams currently on the field are not in the next safety zone, so SKK seems to drive in although it is more arrogant, but in fact they just need to beware. C9 in the factory is fine. The other teams should be very busy at that time and there is no time to take care of them."Ruofeng followed the analysis and predicted, "By then, SKK only needs to grab one of the three games, and then defeat the neighbor C9 next door, then their game is basically stable."


      has to say, this time it was really guessed by Su Changming and Rong Ye.

     In the game at this time, SKK is indeed taking advantage of the chaos to enter the circle, and then grab a factory idea.

     But in this case,

     But it was Liu Zilang who couldn't move on it.

     It would be okay if SKK left early. With the "cross screen" of other teams around, they might not have time to follow Liu Zilang who is following behind.

     But if you really wait until the poison sticks your back before leaving.

     At that time, the SKK three got in the car, patted their butts and left. Liu Zilang who was following behind was miserable, and he might be poisoned alive!

     No way!

     This game is all over here,

     You must not be poisoned to death!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but crawled forward quietly, and glanced at the SKK who was still holding back one's troops without moving.

     He touched the M16 in his hand,

     I was hesitated in my heart.

     In this kind of quiet surroundings,

     As an old opponent,

     He can assure himself as long as he attacked.

     The opponent may only need 0.1 seconds to react and find his location.

     Because it's the same with him.

     Then even if he can do sth when least expected and knock out one, but the two remaining opponents stand behind the stone, he will be ruined by the poison.Thought until here, Liu Zilang glanced at the refresh time of this wave of poison.

     Thirty seconds.

     He looked at the three SKK below be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time.

     In a moment, Liu Zilang's eyes flashed with a sharp light, as if he had finally made up his mind.


     When the last fifteen seconds were left before the poison reduction time, there was a sudden burst of gunfire on the court!

     "Oh! It was Vega and the South American TS team that encountered each other during the drug run. One team is full and the other is a three-person team. They are fighting!"

     "Yes, my God! Vega's assaulter MuMiNo knocked out one of the opponents! TS has only two people left!"

     "Wait a minute! MuMiNo changed the bullet, oh! The second person from TS came up!"

     "A beautiful assault! TS assaulter 993 directly defeated MuMiNo and his teammates. MuMiNo, the'replacement cancer', is too deadly..."

     "But 993 was also knocked down by the back! TS freeman Drainys pulled from the side to the slope."

     "Nice! This sideways Drainys directly knocked out the remaining two of the Vega team and completed a wave of 3V4 backhand lore!"

     "But now that the poison has come, Drainys has no chance to save his two teammates, he can only give up!"

     "Wait a minute! When Gates on the other side was in the circle, he was also sniped by C9 in the factory!"

     Accompanied by the on-site European and American commentary, the voice was raised, and the excitement of the commentary was raised!

     In just a blink of an eye, the number of survivors on the court dropped sharply to seven.

     at this time,The director suddenly gave the camera to the foot of G mountain.

     The two of SKK saw that there was a sudden dispute on the court, and they didn't wait anymore and jumped into the car and left.

     However, as soon as they got into the car, SKK hadn't thought in a dream.

     Directly above their heads,

     Jumping down abruptly!



     A burst of violent gunfire sounded!

     Liu Zilang was in the air, but a flying grass directly stole Karl who was in the car.

     In the next moment, he quickly dodged from the left to hide behind the airdrop, and waited until the opponent's jeep slammed to a halt, trying to clear his troubles.

     However, Liu Zilang suddenly jumped from the left side of the airdrop box, hand-speeding the M16 gun, and directly exploded the two side tires of the jeep!

     In an instant, Satan and Vivian, who just got off the jeep, suddenly corner of the mouth twitch...

     The whole person is bad!


     Iced Midnight says

     The sixth is over!

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