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582 Come On O'Neill Sauce! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

First place: C9; total score: 460!

     Second place: SKK; total score: 450!

     Third place: 4AM; total score: 400!

     fourth place:...


     Best MVP of the whole game: 4AM-Vic!

     Individual kills: 17! (highest)

     Headshot rate: 84.5%!

     Percentage of output damage: 78.3%!

     Seeing this series of data, there was another cheer on the scene!

     Although Liu Zilang was not able to eat chicken in this game, he started from the third lap alone and led 4AM all the way to the top three. Everyone sees in the eyes.

     The output accounted for this item. Because Wei Shen and the others went early, the rest is naturally Liu Zilang's damage, which is normal for it to be higher than the average.

     However, the 17 kills and headshot rate of the top individual kills, which reflects the actual personal ability.

     It’s a pity that although SKK’s individual kills are not as good as Liu Zilang, the combined kills of their entire team seem to be particularly terrifying!

     Only 1 point behind the first place!

     So they still dominate the second place!

     Even if it weren't for C9, it was a team that had just shot along, and they had scored a lot of head kills.

     If you change to another team, I'm afraid you've been overtaken long ago and won the first place directly.

     Therefore, it is not difficult to understand Su Changming's words "fortunately Liu Zilang did not let SKK eat chicken".

     If SKK eats chicken in this game, 300 chicken points plus terrifying team head points.

     Then they will inevitably make a huge gap with his team in the first game!But now, the 50 points gap is within their acceptable range.

     After C9's chicken-eating interview is over,

     The first game also came to an end.

     In the backstage lounge, Long Shenjue held his thermos cup and was holding a small meeting for several people.

     How can you become stronger without a meeting?

     After a while, the backstage contestants lobby received a notification from the staff member.

     The second game is about to begin.

     When he went out, Liu Zilang put a familiar bell in the locker in the lounge.

     Have a text message?

     He hesitated for a moment, raised his hand and said hello to the three of Wei Shen to go out, motioning them to go first.

     Then he opened the cabinet, took out the phone, and saw the words "Xiaotongjiang" displayed on the illuminated screen.

     Why did you send text messages?

     Liu Zilang act without taking time to think and swiped the screen, but saw two text messages.

     The above one is very brief, with only the dry word "Come on" without even a punctuation.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help the corner of his mouth crooked.

     Looking down, I realized that this girl might feel a bit dry herself.

     So I sent another "(???_??)?"


     This is the meaning of giving me a punch after losing the game?

     Liu Zilang scratched the head, raised his phone to reply to the text message, and punched her backhand "(???_??)?"!

     Then he smiled and put the phone back in his bag,

     Quickly went out to catch up with Wei Shen and others.

      At the same time, the China Rivers and Seas separated by thirteen time zones.

     Five o'clock in the morning,In the dark bedroom.

     Zhang Xiaotong stared at the live video on the computer screen. At this time, she was lying on the edge of the bed wrapped in a quilt, showing only a small head.

     A little nervously holding the phone in the bed.


     A trembling sound suddenly came.

     Zhang Xiaotong complexion turned happy, quickly took out the phone.


     Seeing the screen, she couldn't help being slightly surprised, and whispered in doubt, "Is this... you want me to cheer at school?"

      Thought until here, her face suddenly smiled with joy.

     Then he rolled over and leaned back to the ceiling, raised the phone with two small arms, looking at the screen with joy on his face.


     Then let us, work hard together!


     Colt Arena, California.

     After a short break, the audience seemed to have regained their passion.

     When the backstage players appeared again, tens of thousands of spectators around the venue suddenly burst into cheers of hiding the sky and covering the earth!

     Most of the cheers were given to C9 who had eaten chicken in the previous game. Of course, there were also many spectators cheering for the teammates they supported in this game!

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     After a brief greeting, Su Changming and the three began to analyze and look forward to the game.

     "In our first C9 chicken-eating game that we just ended, the problems of many Asian teams were also exposed. I don't know if you have not thought, why would we not be able to beat them?"As soon as he came up, Rong Ye asked a very sharp question. The audiences in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms were stunned when he heard him.

     Rong Ye asked and answered himself, and continued, "First of all, I think it is a model. The FPP model is more competitive and enjoyable, but I believe that for the six Asian teams on the scene, many of them should participate for the first time. , It is inevitable that there will be some discomfort."

     "Well, Lord Rong is right."

     Su Changming nodded, then said, "There is also a hard power gap between team cooperation and tactical command."

      spoke until here, Su Changming sighed saying, "In FPS games, this has always been a weakness of our Asian teams. Otherwise, the FPS events that year would not be dominated by Europe and the United States. To some extent From the above, this can be considered a historical issue."

     "But as far as I know, there was a team called Se7en that once changed this phenomenon."

     Ruofeng took the conversation and continued with a smile, "Then I have the training for the first game today. I am here to hope that our Asian and Chinese teams can play something different in the next two games. ."

     "Yes." Rong Ye nodded, looking at the big screen and saying, "Just received the news from the director that our players have all been seated and ready to take their seats, so what I will bring to you next will be our PUBG California World Invitational 4 The second match of the people group qualifying."

     Rong Ye just finished speaking,

     There was a roar of airplanes at the scene!In the blink of an eye, a plane slowly approaching from sea level appeared on the big screens on all four sides of the stage.

     The second game began!

     "Okay, let's take a look at the route first! The route of this game starts at 7 o'clock on the bottom left of the map and heads toward the one on the top right of the map.

     "Yes, this route is conforming with the norms of society, the map is cut diagonally, I want to jump from the airport to the airport, I want to go to P city to P city, it is really impossible, and G port is not without the opportunity to float."

     "Well, compared to the last game, this route is too friendly to our players. It can be regarded as a route with a more even distribution of resources, and no matter how the safe zone is brushed, it will not be too damned..."

     In the analysis of the commentary,

     The plane has come to the upper left of the airport.

     Under the eyes of everyone,

     The first team to jump out of the cabin appeared...

     "It's 4AM!"

     Ruofeng's exclamation instantly attracted the attention of countless domestic audiences.

     Wait, jump to the airport again?