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583 Dream Start? (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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The plane passed the coastal town at the terminal.

     In a short while, it disappeared on the endless sea level.

     Looking at the God's perspective of the director at this time, the entire long route is densely packed with parachutes.

     "The 4AM game chose the airport again. Do they still want to go around the airport and go to the jungle like the last game?"

     "Um... this is really inaccurate, but judging from the direction they fly, I think this time they should jump directly to the airport."

     "There are a total of four teams on the airport island in this game, but the Vega team from the Commonwealth of Independent States has already opened their umbrellas at high altitude. They should want to go to Port N."

     "Yes, in addition to 4AM, the remaining two teams at the airport are TSM from North America and Gates from Europe. Tsk! These two European and American teams are rivals! It seems that you have to be careful when jumping to the airport in this 4AM game."

     Seeing this scene, domestic audiences also raised barrage in the live broadcast room.

     "Airport Overlord Si Amei to return in a swirl of dust?"

     "It's swelled and swelled! In other words, with great difficulty, take the third place once, and you must be steady!"

     "But having said that, if the game starts at the airport Alu to sacrifice to the sky, 4AM in this game should be stable."

     "Aru sacrifices to heaven, Boundless Mana!"

     "Huh? Why did Vic fall outside the airport? Could it be that 4AM is the start of the airport jungle again?"

     In the scene of the game at this time, the director shot Liu Zilang who suddenly fell on the road outside the airport.

     After landing, he immediately rushed over to a motorcycle beside the road at the fastest speed.It's a two-wheeled motorcycle!

     And because the airport was not on the right route, Liu Zilang's vertical landing outside of the direction undoubtedly made him faster.

     Other teams, such as TSM and Gates, are still floating at low altitude towards the two positions of the C-building and the large factory building.

     As for the K-Floor and A-Floor, which are relatively close, there is no one left. The reason is precisely because they are relatively close, which is prone to scramble.

     Although everyone jumped to the airport.

     But few teams are so stupid that they land in a crowd like in a passerby game.

     In the Professional League, everyone even skipped the airport.

     More just want to develop better, not to say that it is just right to land, life and death are ruled by fate, wealth depends on the gun.


     "There is a team in Port N. There are still two teams besides us at the airport."

     High in the sky, Aruka, who has been gathering information, said quickly:

     "There are no people in the K Building and the Fifth Factory, so you can search with confidence. Oh, yes, there is no one in the police station.

     The location of the police station is between the C building and the boiler room, that is, between the two teams of TSM and Gates.

     The room structure of this place is the same as the K-floor building. It is easier to search and fatter at the airport.

     Hearing what Aluka said, Liu Zilang, who was already riding a motorcycle, act without taking time to think, said:

     "Then you search the K-Floor here, I went to the police station to steal a chicken, the airport jumped a total of three teams so big, this kind of place can't make them cheap."

     For Liu Zilang's "Rowing Without Paddles" style of play.The three of 4AM have not to wonder at strange sights anymore.

     Because Liu Zilang's single spear and horse abruptly entered the top three in the last game, he also dragged the three SKK monsters to death by the strength of oneself. He has proved his just as in the past ability in this world game. .

     So when I heard Liu Zilang's words, brows slightly wrinkled Diwei just said:

     "Well, eye-catching Fifth Factory and Building A, my K Building and Small Three Factory, Aluka clears the overhead guns by the way. After the search, we will gather and leave if we can't fight."

      has to say, Wei Shen's idea is undoubtedly "stole the chicken and leave."

     We give you big resource points such as the boiler room and C building, and we put the small resource points to stole everything.

     In this case, even if you hit does not raise at the end.

     They are also the most profitable team among the three airport teams in this game.

     After Wei Shen finished speaking,

     The four quickly acted.

     Ula~! Ula~! Ula~!

     Liu Zilang rode his happy motorcycle, fast as lightning along the road from the fenced entrance to the back door of the police station between the C building and Dachang.

     Surrounded by a peaceful land,

     It really didn't look like someone.

     Although Liu Zilang was irritated, he also knew that stealing the chicken had to be done early.

     After stopping the motorcycle at the back door, he quickly touched it in from behind. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the eight-fold mirror placed between the barbed wire and the material box.

     He couldn't help but sigh in his heart that this trip was worthwhile.

     However, what Liu Zilang didn't know was,

     Just as he was parking at the back door of the police station, the iron gate on the east side of the C-shaped No. 3 building suddenly opened.A person holding S189 came out secretively from inside, and touched the police station quietly.

     Seeing the movement of the teammate icon, SmaK, the commander of TSM who is still in Building C, frowned slightly:

     "Hey buddy, are you going to the police station? There seems to be a car going in there."

     "I know, but this guy came directly on a motorcycle, he probably hasn't got a gun yet."

     Vis, holding the sprayer, looked at the police station ahead and squinted slightly, "If you want to steal something under my eyelids, I have to go and teach him a lesson."

     Hearing that the other party had no guns, SmaK was a little relieved, but he said with caution:

     "Well, it looks like a reckless man, let me help you to prevent accidents."

     They were completely wiped out by SKK not long after the start of the last game, ranking relatively low.

     But It should be noted, after the points system was changed in this World Championship, head points accounted for a very high proportion of total points.

     That's why TSM will start from the airport in this game, ready to fight from the beginning.

     So able to fight,

     They naturally choose to take the initiative to sortie.


     Level three!

     Three-level package!

     Medical kit!

     Plus two first aid kits and a bottle of drink.


     Looking at these things on the ground, Liu Zilang suddenly felt that he was definitely not short of medicine in the early stage of this game.

     But you are so cute, give me a gun anyway!

     Looking at the front door that hadn't been searched yet, Liu Zilang prayed silently in his heart to give him the gun.

     It is best to be an M16 or a Kar98K.That was the perfect start.

     But many times, life is not perfect.

     As soon as Liu Zilang took his steps, there was a sound of footsteps in the side room in front of the police station.

     The footsteps were very fast, even a little unscrupulous, like an executioner rushing over to kill a pig with a butcher knife.

     and many more!

     Labor and management at what time became a pig?

     Liu Zilang was still a little dazed, and a person's silhouette appeared at the front door.

     The next moment, the two four eyes met!


     At the moment when the opponent's muzzle was raised.

     Liu Zilang reacted swiftly, and his body style quickly escaped the shot behind the barbed wire fence.

     SmaK, who was coming by TSM, was surprised when he heard the gunshots, "what's going on? Is it fighting?"

     Viss grinned, "Haha, don't worry, this kid has no guns!"

     Then he looked at Liu Zilang's back in the barbed wire and couldn't help licking his lips.

     There was a cruel smile.

     Baby, here I am!


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