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584 Marseille On The Brink Of Death! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the dimly lit police station,

     Wires and material boxes are placed criss-crossed.

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     The rush of footsteps echoed in the back, giving people a sense of tension for no reason!

     "Crap! Vic was caught for stealing chicken in this wave!"

     "To the effect, he might think that the other party was busy searching for things in the early stage and didn't have a chance to come over and control him.

     "Well, this wave of Vic is indeed a bit big, and the main reason is that the people from TSM came too decisively, and his luck was a bit bad. After searching most of the warehouse, he didn't even have a gun."

     "Oh! There is a small pistol on the ground in front. Can you pick it up?"

     In the footage of the director, Liu Zilang was chased all the way from the back warehouse to the front door. When he saw the small pistol, his whole body suddenly became bad.


     This Nima is a geoduck!

     But at this time there is no room for haggle over price.

     As soon as he passed the small pistol at the door, Liu Zilang swiftly pulled the small pistol into his backpack.

     A gun is better than no gun, right?

     But what he never expected was,

     Before running two steps forward, the footsteps on the right side door suddenly became louder!

     not good!

     The other party came around!

     Liu Zilang's heart trembled, the forward footsteps closed sharply.


     The fire flashed,

     A group of shotguns suddenly ejected from the right door.

     Anticipate spray!

     Obviously, he just had to go one step further.

     It should be lying on the ground now.But even so, Liu Zilang's situation is not much better.

     There was only a "click" in the ear!

     The next moment, Viss, who was holding the sprayer, rushed to his face and directly forced him into the corner!


     Run! Call it!

     Struggling! Rebel!

     No one will come to rescue you even if you break your throat.

      At the same time, when Liu Zilang saw that the big gun in the other hand was raised, his heart was "wow cool".

     But it's not his style to wait for death in place, Liu Zilang quickly raised the P1911 in his hand and picked up the bullet.

     Heh, dare to change bombs?

     When Viss saw Liu Zilang in this situation, he still wanted to play and couldn't help but sneered in his heart.

     Raising your hand is a spray!


     Fire from the muzzle bursts, and no shots are scattered like Rainstorm Flower gushing out!


     The moment a shot was ejected,

     Viss suddenly felt dull.

     Just these two things, come to steal the chicken?

     But the next moment.

     His eyes widened abruptly, opened his mouth suddenly, almost crippled his tongue!


     The European and American audiences on the scene also made an uproar, shocked!

     "Oh buy it! Is this a joke!?"

     "My God, there is still this kind of operation?"

     Under the big-screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang playing in his hand at the moment when the opponent burst out.Standing on the clutter in the corner, he suddenly took off. He was so horrified that the opponent's spray passed under his crotch, and countless bullet holes were ejected behind the wall!

     Shet? !

     After a short stun, Viss also reacted very quickly.

     With a click, another large 12-caliber lead bullet was pushed into the chamber.

     In front of the computer, Viss's typical European and American face flashed with a hint of spicy color!

     Labor and management still don't believe it today!

     He acted without taking time to think and shot Liu Zilang again!


     The moment the gunfire rang,

     The hearts of the audience seemed to hang in the air!

     In the next moment, everyone's eyes suddenly popped up, as if they had seen something hard to believe.

     Under the director’s lens of God,

     It's like a scene reappearing, and the moment Vis hit it, Liu Zilang was a jump of it's just perfect, and once again escaped Vis's fatal spray!

     However, due to the uplift of the muzzle of Vis, this gun did not completely empty as before, but a part of the shotgun hit Liu Zilang's crotch.

     It looks scarlet, extremely bloody!

     However, under the defense of Level 3 A, this part of the bullet that hit his hip did not cause much damage.

     What's different this time is that the P1911 small pistol in Liu Zilang's hand was already completed at the moment when Vis was shot!

     Hearing a slight "Rumble~" sound in his ear, Viss glanced at Liu Zilang's Black & White pistol.

     His face suddenly turned pale,But in my heart is unprecedented panic!

     Crazy testing on the edge of death... No, it should be Liu Zilang, who is circling crazy Marseilles. At this moment, there is a feeling of turning over and singing!

     He let out a sigh of foul breath.

     Tap the bottom of the pistol!

     The next moment, facing the head of Viss with the first-class green helmet, there was a burst of "bang Bang Bang"!



     It connects very quickly for a while,

     Viss's green head was immediately stained red with the bloodbath.

     "4AM-Vic knocked down TSM-Viss with a headshot of P1911!"

     The back door of the police station.

     When I heard the fourth shot from his teammate, SmaK, who was rushing, had a bad feeling in his heart.

     But he didn't expect that Vis was actually killed by the opponent with a small pistol!

      It should be noted, Viss is the assaulter in their team, all kinds of flashes have the words at hand,

     It's almost impossible to make mistakes in which fish pond players can't hit people with a spray.

     So what's going on again?

      At this moment, Vis, kneels down on the ground, was also a little confused. His first shot was avoided by the opponent by jumping. At that time, he thought it was a coincidence.

     At this close distance,

     Who can use human body reaction to avoid sprays!

     So when he fired the second shot, he was shown off by Liu Zilang and saw that the opponent was playing.

     The muzzle was just subconsciously raised a little bit, and it was sprayed directly, wanting to solve it quickly.

     In fact, deep in one's heart,He still feels that labor and management just don't believe in evil.

     However, at this moment, he kneels down on the ground and looked at that person's ID.


      This time, he finally knows who can do it.

     Just like this monster in front of me.

     In a moment, Vis, who kneels down on the ground, felt regretful in his heart, if God gave him an opportunity again.

     He promised,

     From the first shot,

     He will hit his head with one shot!

     It is a pity that when Liu Zilang's gunfire sounded again, he kicked his legs and left one's mortal frame...

     "4AM-Vic finally killed TSM-Viss with P1911 headshot!"

     After making up for the opponent, Liu Zilang did not lick his bag, and ran directly towards the front entrance of the police station.

     Although he didn't hear the footsteps just now, he looked at the way the man who fell on the ground was crawling towards the back.

     Liu Zilang guessed in his heart,

     The opposing teammate must have entered through the back door.

     It turns out that

     Liu Zilang's consciousness and sense of smell saved his life.

     As soon as he left the front door, there was a rush of footsteps from the back warehouse.

     Someone has come in!

     And it's more than one!

      This time, if he only holds a handful of P1911 in his hand, if he still wants to fight back, it will be really funny.

     But running around is not a solution.

     So between Lightning Spark, in his heart, there was a decision again.

     Little hidden in the city, big hidden in the cluster!

     Liu Zilang wants to play the second largest.