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592 Faster Than Hand? Sorry! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,

     Airplanes often mean airdrops.

     The moment I heard the roaring roar from the distant sky, it was not only 4AM at the head of the West Bridge.

     Even the few people of Vega stationed at the East Bridge unconsciously raised their perspective.

     It looked like a person from a long-arid area. When people noticed that raindrops suddenly fell from the sky, they immediately raised their heads and stared with expectant eyes.

     After a while, an airplane appeared in everyone's eyes.

     The viewing angle of the director was also pulled into the air at once, giving a clearer flight path.

     "We can see that the plane is coming from due east at four o'clock. To see the route, we have to pass two bridges."

     "Yes, then the question now is where the plane will drop into the airdrop."

     "Well, except for the small probability of landing on the beach or on the bridge, I think there is an 80 percent probability that this airdrop will fall in the sea."

     Accompanied by the commentary.

     The plane has flown over the east bridge, but it has not dropped any airdrops.

     Seeing this, the Vega people who were staying at the West Bridge were disappointed.

     However, compared to the airdrop, blocking the bridge is more important. Since it is not on their side, Vega will naturally not force it.

     At the same moment, I saw that the plane coming from the East China Sea was very firm and not littered, and it continued to fly towards my side.

     The 4AM people in West Bridge were suddenly excited!

     Aluka said with a chuckle, "This airdrop looks like we are Mandate of Heaven Returns, we won't really hit the face.""Um... it's too conspicuous to smash your face and throw it on the bridge, it will be easier to throw it on the shore." Liu Zilang touched his chin, and there was no arrangement in his heart.

     The next moment, the plane passed over the heads of four people.

     Several people immediately raised their heads, and stared at the plane earnestly with large sincere eyes.

     Obviously, this aircraft is very strong.

     And it is the strength of beyond expectation.

     It flew over a few people just like that, and it didn't mean to stop at all.

     Seeing the plane heading west, the corners of their eyes twitched.

     "What's this... you have to throw it into the sea?" Wei Shen couldn't help but muttered.

     As soon as his words fell, Clinker's field of vision was under the plane a few people further and further away.

     Suddenly a small black spot appeared.

     The airdrop is down!

     Everyone has complexion turned black because the airdrop actually landed on the sea near the fishing village pier.

     Among the four, Wei Shen's words finally came true.

     Seeing this scene, several people couldn't help but look at each other in dismay.

     Then the problem is coming.

     Is this airdrop taken or not?

     At this time, the sea surface of the airdrop landing point is not very far from the West Bridge, and there are boats below. If you drive down and set off, you will be able to arrive soon.

     However, the purpose of this wave of 4AM is to block the bridge.

     When they come back,

     I don't know who owns the right to speak of this West Bridge.

     After a few people weighed it in their hearts, they quickly made a decision.

     Airdrops must be taken!

     The bridge has to be blocked!Because the airdrop is in the sea, no one except people on the shore can shoot.

     There is no need to go to the sea in a group at 4AM. The three of them will continue to be on the bridge, and only one person will do.

     So who will this lucky kid be?

     The next moment, Wei Shen, Aluka and Xiao Xing Miao all cast their eyes on Liu Zilang.

     Although Liu Zilang had already prepared in his heart, he couldn't help but twist his mouth when he saw it.

     Too much!

     This meow...you are not afraid that I will never go back.

     Eloping with an airdrop?

     Liu Zilang thought a little depressed in his heart, but his body had already jumped on the bouncing very honestly, and slid towards the yacht by the sea.

      at the same time, the location of the fishing village wharf.

     At this time, the two teams are engaged in a fierce gun battle here, you come and I go, bullets shuttle constantly.

     The gunshots are endless!

     However, it played for nearly three minutes,

     But even a knocked down person did not appear.

     Suddenly, an atmosphere of awkwardness filled the court, and the corner team AHQ and Southeast Asian team Gold hiding in the dock couldn't help but feel anxious...

     Director’s shots,

     Isn't it here?

     But in the next moment, the two teams discovered the New World at the same time, and the plane on the sea actually sent them an airdrop!

     All of a sudden, the two teams that hadn't decided the outcome for a long time had a new goal.

     That is to grab the airdrop in front of you!

     The two teams quickly visually inspected the distance between the airdrop and the shore, and then they chose to swim past at the same time.Because the landing point of this airdrop on the sea is not far from the fishing village pier.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "Our two Asian teams, AHQ and Gold, also discovered this airdrop. They seem to have a lot of ideas for airdrops."

     "Go to the sea! Go to the sea! The two teams each left one person on the shore to pick up a gun, and now all six of them are in the sea!"

     "Yes, it seems that the two teams are very thoughtful. After all, they can't shoot in the water. This time they can only fight with a lot of people, and the hands are fast and slow.

     "The director's perspective gave the airdrop box, let's take a look at what's inside."

     "Oh! Good guy! AM! If I didn't remember correctly, I didn't seem to get AM in the airdrop of the last game?"

     "Hehe, this is called the time comes, fortune turns. In addition to AM, there are also auspicious suits, tertiary heads and sniper silencer. For snipers, this airdrop is at least 95 points or more."

     Just when the three commentators on the stage sighed.

     For the six teams of AHQ and Gold who just went to the sea, the swaying ground drop box above the head at this time seems to have been within reach...

     However, at this moment, there was a "buzzing" roar in the ears of several people!

     Is there a boat coming?

     They hurriedly looked around and turned around!

     I saw a yacht brave the wind and the billows, flying towards the airdrop that was about to fall on the sea!

     not good!

     The people of the two teams couldn't help being shocked, watching the airdrop right in front of them, and hurriedly dig into the sea frantically.If you swim in this wave for a long time, you won't get anything.

     And then swim back like this,

     Then you have to be laughed at by the audience of entire worlds and realms'!

     And look at the distance between the two sides...

     Whose does this airdrop belong to?

     For a time, a race against time and enemies kicked off!




     Seeing the airdrop less than three meters away, the AHQ and Gold teams couldn't help but burst into ecstasy!

     In the hearts of everyone, they opened their backpacks while waiting for the simulation, and dragged the contents of the airdrop box into the bag with the fastest hand speed.

     At this moment, the European and American audience who had been staring at the scramble suddenly exclaimed!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     Liu Zilang, who was driving a yacht, was dragging a white train on the sea, and when he approached the airdrop, he suddenly drifted sideways and flicked!

     While inserting the bow of the ship under the airdrop,

     The hull of the ship was throwing a "Divine Dragon Tail Swipe" towards the heads of several people swimming nearby.

      Forttunately, the two teams were always on guard against Liu Zilang who was sailing. When the hull was thrown, they quickly dived into the sea.

     Wait until the hull just swayed,

     They quickly rose up again.

     But at the moment of resurfacing, the two teams AHQ and Gold were dumbfounded at the same time!

     The airdrop that was less than three meters away from them just now...

     It was gone at this time!

     The next moment, several people stared at the bow of the yacht not far away carrying the airdrop box, holding up a long thick red smoke on the sea, and sailing towards the other side of the sea...Is this a...transporter?


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