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593 Four Monkeys On The Bridge! (3/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     A speedboat rushed to the beach quickly, and then red smoke filled the bow of the ship.

     On the West Bridge, the 4AM people who were blocking the bridge looked dumbfounded at Liu Zilang, who had returned from the airdrop.

     For a time, their whole person was bad.

     "The boat can still be used like this?"

     "It might work."

     "Oh, it seems that Vic was a wise choice just now."

     "Next time you have something like this, leave it to him."

      At the same time, the six members of the AHQ and Gold teams, who were struggling to swim back in the sea, turned their heads in the sea from time to time to look at the sailing yacht.

     Six faces bewildered.

     A moment ago, they were still enemies of life and death, but at this moment, a feeling of people of talent appreciate one another suddenly rose in my heart.

     So that after landing, the two teams that were downhearted didn't have the thought of going on.

     no way.

     Not hit a person with a gun,

     Short shots were also intercepted.

     You can only rely on the poison,

     Running laps like this to maintain the ranking.

     Liu Zilang, who just picked up an AM and Geely suit from the airdrop box, hadn’t thought that his own wave of airdrops, like spring wind and rain, affected two life and death enemies and avoided a wave of in-competition battles. Keep fire and hope for the Asian region...

     It can be described as no end of virtuous achievements.


     But just as Liu Zilang was making emergency transportation in the sea, on the competition field, at this time, almost all people from the northern mainland gathered at the bridgeheads on both sides, including coastal fishing villages.The radiant blue radiation network that continues to spread from the north has reached the area of City P.

     There are currently 20 teams and 77 people left on the field.

     Except for the Vega and 4AM at the east and west bridges, the airport island in the south is not a soul in sight.

     From this, we can imagine how dense the people around the east and west Qiaotou fishing villages are on the northern land.

      At this moment, it is no longer Liu Zilang and his team blocking the bridge here.

     In the first circle, part of the coast near the two bridgeheads in the north is still a safe area. Those teams that arrived first will "spontaneously" form the first defensive line at the bridgehead for 4AM.

     Before Liu Zilang and others on the bridge head saw the figure, the gunshots from the bridge head had already come.

      This can be considered only to hear the sound, but not to see the person.

     Of course, all roads lead to Rome, not all teams will choose to take the road.

     There are also some teams, such as looking for a car at Port G and City L on the right of the map. They saw an airport circle, and after searching things, they all came directly looking for a ship.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "There are more and more bridgehead teams now."

     Su Changming took a deep breath and continued watching the game screen, "It seems that at this point in time between the first lap and the second lap of this game, there is likely to be a large-scale drop in the number of people! "

     "In fact, there is still something wrong with this circle after all."Master Rong smashed his mouth and said with a smile, "You said you just use the airport orphan circle, then we have nothing to say, but like this kind of circle, it is in the north of the bridge at the same time as the scourge Many anti-drug teams have left a buffer zone, which is a bit problematic."

     "Master Rong is right." Ruofeng nodded on the side, continued: "This buffer zone is actually the most deadly. It will cause many teams to subconsciously regard this as a foothold, with more and more people. ..."

     "After arriving, Boom! Instantaneous Explosion!"

     Ruofeng is worthy of being a second-level commentator, and at what time he can't forget his classic "Instantaneous Explosion".

     But the fact is exactly as he said.

     At this time, from the God's perspective drawn to the highest point by the director, the stranded and assembled teams of the East and West Bridges are getting denser, and the icons between teams can be described as crowded.

     Most of the teams drove all the way.

     However, after arriving at Qiaotou, it was discovered that the car had to blow up by itself as a bunker.

     Want to cross the bridge? There is no door.

     In this case, 4AM and Vega, who were guarding the other end of the bridge, almost fell asleep, and no one crossed the bridge.

     "The people on the other side of the bridge are too strict. Anyway, you can send a team over." Aluka said a little depressed.

     When Wei Shen heard it, he couldn't help but said, "It's okay, after the poison is reduced and the next circle is brushed, I can't help them."

     At this moment, the two suddenly found Liu Zilang climbing towards the bridge railing on the side.

     Soon, he walked along the bridge railing and climbed all the way up the beam at the top of the west bridge.Seeing this, Xiao Xing couldn't help wondering, "Why are you climbing so high? Can you hit people so far?"

     "I will try." Liu Zilang replied conservatively.

     However, the operation in his hands standing on the beam is not conservative at all.

     From the eightfold AM's open vision, he could just see the figure shaking behind the bridgehead fortifications.

     But here comes the problem.

     Even if he was so far away, he shot into the soul and knocked people down with a headshot.

     But over there Qiaotou are mostly formations.

     And there are almost all bunkers, which means that he has almost no chance to make up his opponent.

     After a few shots like this,

     Even if the other party doesn't feel bad about the helmet, he still feels bad about his own bullets. After all, AM's bullets are limited, and one shot will be missed.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang's eyes couldn't help but narrowed slightly, and he saw that he opened the eight-fold mirror to pull back and forth on the bridge and the nearby beach, searching for his target.

     After a while, when the bridge head shot sounded again.

     The eightfold in Liu Zilang's hands opened again,

     Quasi-heart slammed!


     In an instant, a sniper bullet crossed the long bridge!

     As if the sky traverses the sun, it flies over to a certain point on the bridge head in an instant.


     The scarlet blood burst suddenly!

     Before the person who had just been knocked down had time to crawl back behind the bunker, he shot AM directly.

     "Really killed?"

     Aluka, who was staring at Liu Zilang, couldn't help but stunned.

     Wei Shen found out that it was wrong and couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch said, "It was made up."Soon he suddenly reacted, grinning, "Yes! The other party can't make it, but we can provide them with long-range firepower here!"

     Next, I saw the four people of 4AM crouching above the bridge like four monkeys. Whenever gunshots sounded from any side, the guns of the four of them moved quickly.

     Under normal circumstances, four people steal chickens to make up for those who have been knocked down.

     Of course, Liu Zilang shot a headshot, and then the three of Wei Shen made up for it.

     The four players played well, and the continuous screen prompts were quickly noticed by the Qiaotou team.

     After a while, there was an obvious fault in the gunfire at Qiaotou.

     "Fight? Why don't you fight?"

     Several people were playing righteously, and they couldn't help feeling a little depressed.

     At this moment, a speedboat suddenly bypassed the fishing village wharf from the west side of the sea and approached them.

     It seems,

     I want to pass under their bridge.