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594 Hyakki Yexing! (4/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Fuck! The real chicken fighting on the shore is scary."

     "Fortunately, thank you for finding this ship."

     "How do we say this wave, cross the bridge and land directly from the middle?"

     "Well, the circle of this game is very positive. I have a hunch that it is very possible to draw concentric circles later."

     "Well, it's possible."

     In the AHQ team chat, the four brothers who had just been snatched by Liu Zilang for the airdrop did not know where they found the ship, and they were about to pass under the bridge.

     But when he heard the sound of the boat, how could the bridge Wei Shen and others let him pass easily, and the salute soon began.

     But they squatted on the bridge like monkeys,

     It’s better to fight farther, but it’s not easy to fight against teams that are about to cross under the bridge.

     Moreover, the four of them were standing on the bridge lined up in a row, and the side target was blocked by teammates, so they could not form a good set of fire.

     "Fuck, you blocked me."

     "Aru, you tilted a little to the right."

     "Squat in front!"

     The four people on the bridge make adjustments,

     Soon, like Peacock Spread The Tail, he staggered the word on the bridge and looked very happy.

     But after they set up their styling, the AHQ side had already rushed to a closer point, and they were about to pass under the bridge.

     "Ahem... this wave of 4AM is a bit difficult to play. It seems that AHQ will still be released."

     "Well, although they have a good posture, they don't help much without too many to hit the boat below."

     But seeing the other party rushed past them,On the bridge, Liu Zilang suddenly put away the spear in his hand, and cut out a fragmented explosive grenade unpreparedly!

     Isn't it?

     Seeing this scene, many viewers in the live and live broadcast room couldn't help but their eyes widened!

      Give up shooting and throwing mines this time?

     Are you kidding me?

     But when I think of this person's various inconceivable operations so far in today's game, everyone can't help but raise a trace of anticipation...

     Maybe it can really be done?


     There was a light grenade string on the bridge.

     Three two one!

     After counting three numbers in my mind,

     Liu Zilang suddenly turned to jump up.

     Struggling to throw the grenade toward the other side!

     At this moment, the boat driven by the four AHQ also passed under the bridge and headed forward.

     "I'm doing it! Frighten me!" 1nner patted his chest, cursed with a curved cavity.

     The assaulter M4 in the team cannot help but laugh, "Why do these people stand on the bridge? Are they monkeys?"

     "Hehe, fortunately their marksmanship is not what kind of."

     K3 shook the head while sailing, and said in a somewhat rejoiced tone, "If we meet the monsters in Europe and America, I guess we will be cold in this wave."

     After speaking, K3's angle of view glanced back slightly.

     In the midair behind, there seems to be a what thing has flown to the forehead.

     not good!

     This is really a grenade!

     At this moment,

     K3 almost threw the mouse out in fright!

     At the critical moment, he quickly turned around and turned frantically to the side.words exceede 5100In the end, he didn't expect the joke to come true. Liu Zilang really killed the boat passing by under the bridge.

     But the next question came.

     Those are the four bags floating on the sea,

     How should I lick it now?

      This time if one person licks it, then the backpack space is definitely insufficient, which is a waste of time.

     But two people went over,

     It will also cause sparse defense on the bridge.

     In the end, they decided to just stay on the bridge, this kind of inedible feeling...

     It's really a bit sad.

     But soon,

      This kind of feeling is gone.

     Because as the drug circle continued to shrink, more and more teams began to gather in Qiaotou.

      this time,

     Everyone knows that this place is crowded with people.

     As long as you find a bunker, you will never fight if you can.

     Because while you are hitting others, God knows at what time the bullet was stolen from.

     As far as a team is concerned, once someone falls to the ground in a place where such people gather, it will often bring a chain reaction, and it is very likely that the whole team will get in with a little carelessness.

     Therefore, only those teams that are slow, have just emerged from the poison, and have just arrived and have no cover, will be forced to fight others at this time.

     Next, with the gunfire on both sides of the bridge, the number of survivors on the field was reduced again.

     When the first wave of poison overlaps with the border of the safe zone, there are only 14 teams and 50 people left to survive off the field.After the first lap, the field was reduced by nearly half.

      has to say, there is no one except the "orphan circle" of this game.

     But at this moment, the focus of the players on the court is not this.

     But the next poison circle is refreshed.

     As a result without a doubt, the safety zone at the head of the other side’s land bridge has shrunk again and is no longer in the next circle. People on the other side of the bridge must cross this strait if they want to enter the circle.

     Not every team can find the ship.

     At the moment, I don’t talk about 4AM blocking the bridge,

     Just the densely packed people over there does not seem to be able to cross the bridge together.

     Is this game going to enter the finals ahead of schedule?

     Suddenly, the hearts of the audience and the commentator were suddenly raised.

     At this moment, the four of Liquid who squatted behind the defensive bunker on the opposite side of the West Bridge suddenly began to throw smoke.

     After the smoke diffused on the bridge head, the Liquid four quickly rushed into the smoke with the help of the cover of the smoke, and then continued to spread the smoke forward.

     Closer to Liquid is Avangar from the Commonwealth of Independent States. They originally saw Liquid suddenly running, and they wanted to steal a shuttle from behind.

     But looking at the long smoke path on the bridge, the Avangar three's minds have changed.

     I saw that they suddenly closed the cigarette after the liquid four entered the cigarette, and immediately came out from behind the bunker followed.

     Next, they helped Liquid continue to spread the smoke on the bridge.In a short while, a long smoke corridor took shape, and the other teams at the bridge quickly followed suit and took the opportunity to rush into the white, pitch-dark smoke.

     Just a blink of an eye,

     Under the director’s God's perspective, five teams have gathered in the smoke corridor on the bridge.

     The heads lined up, densely packed.

     At a glance,

     Just like "Night Parade of One Hundred Ghosts"!