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596 One More Don't Me Two More Back!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Scene at Colt Arena, California.

     The European and American audience at the scene watched Liu Zilang drive a little yellow car and saw that the little yellow car was about to rush to the end. His eyes widened in a moment, and the whole heart in his chest was lifted up!

     Although this wave said Liu Zilang's speed was unstoppable!

     But the Ghost people over there have already reacted and exited the smoke, in a posture of waiting!

     Then with the four people working together,

     Maybe the moment the car rushes out of the smoke, it is really possible that it will be swept directly by a wave.


     In the game competition, the extremely fast speeds along the way and the body that was hit by the front of the car one after another gave Liu Zilang a feeling of adrenaline secretion speeding up!

     Seeing the smoke coming out in front of him, Liu Zilang suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart.

     Why is a team missing?

     And it's too quiet.

     There must be demons when things go wrong!

     The next moment, the front of the car burst into smoke.

     The vision ahead suddenly opened up.

     However, Liu Zilang's pupils shrank. He hit the steering wheel very quickly, and the body floated out abruptly.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     The tires rubbed against the bridge surface, and a series of sparks splashed in the harsh sound!

      At the same time, the gunshots in front suddenly sounded without omen.


     The four Ghost shot from their muzzles, intertwined into four fire dragons of bare fangs and brandish claws,

     Toward the body hiding the sky and covering the earth and swallowed it!


     While the bullets roared, there was a hum of metal on the body!

     Just a breath blink of an eye.A burst of black smoke gradually appeared on the car body that was almost full of durability, and Liu Zilang's blood volume was mad!


     Flames are starting to emerge!

     The next moment, just listen to "bang" a loud sound!

     The car exploded as it was sliding, and then it whirled around and screamed at the three people on the bridge!


     Although the three of Ghost had already formed a formation, they were also prepared in their hearts.

     But the width of the bridge deck is that big.

     They never expected that Liu Zilang would flick his tail sideways at the moment of smoking.

     That smashing the body sideways towards the Ghost three.

     At this distance and speed, the width of the vehicle body is basically unable to dodge.

     Liu Zilang's tail-flicking drift smashed over,

      Not surprisingly, a series of three came directly on the bridge, which instantly caused a devastating blow to Ghost!

     But what shocked the audience even more was...

     Liu Zilang himself jumped out of the car to the limit just before the explosion of the car.

     Avoid the end of car crashes.

     The Ghost left Miccoy seeing the three teammates fall to the ground, and quickly reacted from the huge dumbstruck.

     However, he just wanted to raise the gun to make up for Liu Zilang.

     Unexpectedly the next moment,

     Two cars suddenly rushed out from behind.



     After Wei Shen, who was driving a jeep, and Aluka who drove and bounced out of smoke, the two of them swiftly and swiftly rushed toward the man without reducing speed.Water Refak!

     Miccoy's eyes widened suddenly, and the whole person is not good with Nima. Why does this team collide when Nima sees someone? Is this still an FPS shooting game?


     He flashed away quickly,

     The muzzle in his hand is sweeping while jumping.


     A jeep passed by Miccoy, but he hadn't had time to breathe.

     As soon as he turned his head, a bouncing but "Ula Wula" shoveled over!


      Under unavoidable, Miccoy was suddenly bumped into the air and curled up.

     The moment he landed, he only heard a sound of "pop", he immediately looked at the sky with both eyes, dead but will not close the eyes, and fell to the ground...


     what is this...

     In an instant,

     A full formation was destroyed by 4AM.

     And counting the people they hit along the way, at least ten people have been brutally killed. However, after the 4AM wave of The Fast and the Furious, with the addition of the four words just now, there are only five heads in total.

     Those knocked down in front,

     Except for one hapless person who suffered a second crush, no one else had time to make up.

     no way.

      Professional player is no better than passersby after all.

     If a passerby was hit so hard in the smoke that he could not see clearly, he would have been so panicked that he could not find North.

     But for professional player,

     In fact, many teams have reacted just now.

     In that case, 4AM could only close its eyes and rush forward with a sullen head!Where can I find someone to make up?

     But even so, I was able to break through like a hot knife through butter all the way, and successfully took down four heads.

     This has achieved Liu Zilang's expected goal.

     Next, he who had just been beaten to the ground and jumped into the car, he was also pulled up by Wei Shen at this time.

     Liu Zilang fights drugs. After the three of them licked a wave of packets, the four of them quickly got into the car again.

     Because of their task right now,

     Only half finished.

     After all, the safe area is on the opposite side. After Liu Zilang and the others rush forward, they have to rush back before the other party gets out of smoke and crosses the bridge.

     If it is under normal circumstances, it might be too late. But since Liu Zilang dared to lead the team to rush over this wave, he, who has always been thoughtful, naturally considered this situation.

     The answer is naturally too late.

     There is no other reason.

     On the one hand, when they just came over, they knocked down a lot of people, and the teams on the road had to pull people.

      Another aspect is because these teams can work with a common purpose when they are rushing to the bridge. You help me and I help you, and everyone spreads the cigarettes together.

     But when the smoke came out of the bridge, the scene might not be so harmonious, and each other was bound to stand in a stalemate, and this was the chance for Liu Zilang and others to return in a swirl of dust.

     After getting in the car again,

     This time there are 13 teams in 4AM.

     It was still Liu Zilang who drove and explored the way in front.

     Wei Shen drove the jeep, Xiao Xingmu and Aluka leaned out of the jeep window to shoot.If the last wave of 4AM charge through the long bridge was a "bulldozer" invasion.

     So this time,

     They are "main battle tank" heavily armed!

      At this moment, the teams that came from the bridge never dreamed that the smoke that was originally used to cover them across the bridge became their shackles and restraints.

     Because if they were not in the smoke, the remaining four teams on the bridge would basically be unable to coexist with each other.

     Even if everyone has the same goal,

     But in the absence of accurate communication in the game,

     Can you bear another team with a gunman jumping around in front of you?

     Even if he can hold back not to kill you, I am afraid you can not help but want to kill him.

     This is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     In addition to teammates,

      Each person is your enemy!

     In this case, the teams on the bridge can only hide in the smoke and move forward slowly.

     However, the next moment, the familiar sound of cars came from behind again.

     At the moment of hearing the sound,

     Everyone on the bridge could not help but shake their faces!

     This meow... come again?