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598 Pursuit And Anti-kill
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"This wave of SKK has done a great thing!"

     "Yes, they tore a hole in the block of the East Bridge, and most of the teams took advantage of the opportunity just now to rushed over."

     "Now the only two teams left behind are the unfortunate Athletic and Underhood teams. One is unable to walk without a car, and the other is unable to catch up with a car. Oh! Both teams are already in the sea, which is very decisive."

     "Hehe, there is nothing you can do if you don't be decisive! Vega was guarding the bridge before, you can still wait and see, but now it's changed to SKK, it doesn't make sense for you to wait and see, it's just a waste of time."

     At this moment, the director's footage was again on the coast of Port N and the west side of the airport island.

     I saw two teams driving the yacht, hurriedly at sea, and finally landed successfully before the fuel ran out.

     The one who landed from Port N skipped the IG of L City at the beginning of the game, while the one who landed from the west of the airport island arrived at Port G at Me First and forced the C9 of the ACE team back.

     Although these two teams spent most of their time running drugs in the sea and finding boats in the early stages of the game, their luck was undoubtedly good compared to other teams.

     Especially compared to the teams blocked by 4AM in West Bridge, at this moment, I saw Liu Zilang supporting his AM and Wei Shen playing a game called "Hammouse".


     Under the effect of silencer, AM's somewhat low gunfire suddenly sounded on the bridge!

     A sniper bullet burst out in an instant, pierced through the sky suddenly, and burst of blood at a certain point on the sea!

     "4AM-Vic knocked down TS-Bigreggie with AM headshot!""4AM-Vic finally killed TS-Bigreggie!"

     Seeing this kill message, no matter how many people were breathing in the sea with their heads bare, they quickly plunged into the water again.

     This is the second one!

     How accurate is this person's AM?

     And you have to know that being knocked out by a headshot in the water is the end of "one gas box"

     For a while, under the threat of Liu Zilang's "mortar" and the guns of the three of Wei Shen, the people in the sea were afraid to show their heads underwater to change their breath.

     For a moment, they suddenly felt that going into the sea was not a wise decision.

     When the director shots arrived, he happened to see a man suffocating his blood under the sea. I couldn't bear it anymore. He hurriedly rose up, trying to get out of the sea to breathe.

     He just showed his clinker, Xiu!!

     A rifle bullet rubbed his head and suddenly hit the water.

     Oh Shet!

     The man's heart trembled instantly,

     Hastily plunged again!

     The moment he entered the water, his red lungs began to lose blood again.

     However, before he had time to detour, he kicked his legs in the water and burped directly.

      in the blink of an eye, a box just floated to the surface.

     "IndFall-Jina drowned and died!"

     Seeing this scene of inhuman, all the people on the scene and in the live broadcast room fell into silence in an instant.

     Even the professional player is drowned... Has this game really become so difficult now?"Too much, too much! The Association for the Protection of Foreigners sent a serious protest."

     "Heart! If you change to labor and management, you don't even think about going to the sea. It's better to just wave directly on it."

     "Sorry, forgive me for laughing out loud."

     "Life has been so difficult, please don't expose some things."

     In the end, this wave of people who went to the sea was actually killed by Liu Zilang and the three of Wei Shen.

     There are only five to six people left, rolling and crawling looking for opportunities leaving distance in between, landing on various beaches.

      At the same time, the 4AM team killed this game and came to 21 kills early, which was a very rare high kill in the first half of the game.

     As for Liu Zilang alone, he scored 11 kills in these waves, accounting for half of the team's kills, and he is also the holder of the highest individual kills currently.

     Seeing the crowd fled in embarrassment not far away, the 4AM on the bridge couldn't help but hehe.

      At this moment, these people who have just come up from the sea, and many of them have been suffocated to the point that there is not much blood left, in their eyes, they are like moving heads of 10 minutes.

     "Here, the two from the east are handed over to Vic." Wei Shen quickly decided, "The three of us will chase the four from the west."

     "Hurry up!"

     Liu Zilang glanced at him and reminded, "Before they have time to fight blood, it's best to be reckless, otherwise it will become difficult to chew even if they are not in a team."

      "Un." Wei Shen nodded.

     So next, in the director's God's perspective.I saw that the 4AM soldiers were divided into two groups. One way, Liu Zilang drove and jumped, chasing after the two of Liquid in the Qiaotou fishing village to the east.

     On the other side, Wei Shen Aluka and the small eye-catching three people chased after the remaining four people of indFall and TS on the west coast.

     On the interpretive stage in Huaxia District.

     Seeing this scene, Lord Rong couldn't help but eyes shined and said, "4AM is okay. This is the rhythm of cutting grass one must eliminate the roots."

     "Well, I just want to seize this opportunity." Su Changming said with scorching eyes, "Otherwise, once these people are filled up, and if they want to get rid of them, the price paid will increase exponentially."

     "Speaking of Li Kui, these two games are also relatively unlucky." Ruofeng said with a smile, "The last game was killed by Vic solo at G Mountain. This game was blocked by the 4AM team and jumped into the sea. He has only survived now. Two people."

     "Hehe, Vic has caught up. It's not certain whether these two people will survive."

     "Hey wait, Liquid has spread smoke on the beach. This team is very cautious. They seem to have guessed that someone will come after them, so they plan to fight medicine on the coast."

     "Well, I thought they ran out of smoke on the bridge just now. I didn't expect there is still one. Looking at the direction of the smoke bomb, Liquid seems to want to enter the bridgehead fishing village of the West Bridge and then recover. ."

     "It's not bad's choice. To be fair, this fishing village is quite big and there are many houses. Even if Vic is full of blood, if he can't accurately grasp the specific information of his opponent, he can easily be killed if he rushes forward."

     "That's true, then this wave depends on Vic's choice."Buzzing—!

     During the game, Liu Zilang saw the opponent's shop smoke rushing into the fishing village, but he didn't hesitate too much.

     After stopping the car,

     The M16 behind him quickly slid to the palm of his hand, Liu Zilang held the gun, boldly and decisively quickly.

     After a while, he heard the footsteps outside a house.

      at the same time, in Liquid's voice.

     "He is under me."

     "Move it! You move it."

     "I moved, he should have heard my footsteps just now."

     "That's good, I'm here."

     "Humph! He must die in this wave!"

     In the game screen, only two of Liquid were seen in the room and the other in the wild.

     This wave of two people coordinate outside and inside offensives, quietly cast a net towards Liu Zilang.