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602 I, Vic, Are You Afraid? (4/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At the scene of the game, Huaxia District hosted the commentary stage.

     Lord Rong raised the spirits and said, "All right, there is nothing to say about this wave. I can only say that the limit of what a player can do has been beaten."

      "Un." Su Changming was nodded silently.

     Then he resumed a state of commentary and continued to analyze, "Not only is it the limit, but he is also very smart in this wave."

     "Smart? How to say?" Ruofeng asked somewhat uncertain.

     Before Su Changming could answer, Master Rong took the conversation and stared at the game screen and said two words.


     Hearing what Rong Ye said, Su Changming was slightly surprised, but still seriously nodded, "Yes, this wave of his split is very pretty!"

     Su Changming Pausing, continued, "Just now Zeyan faced a strong team like SKK and wanted to one against three is really too difficult, but the reason why he was able to complete a series of two is because he went back and returned to the building. Above, a division was completed for the three of SKK at the edge of the balcony."

     "In addition to his calm handling, it is possible to complete a series of two operations under almost mortal circumstances, although only one was replaced in the end."

      Spoke until here, the three of them could not help but feel sorry.

     After finishing this wave,

     The circle on the field began to shrink.

     After a wave of three of SKK cut into and defeated IG, they were regarded as taking the lead in the lower left part of the safety zone.

     At this time, a four-man team was stationed here, and the teams who came to drink soup with SKK from the bridge naturally hurriedly detoured.But soon, the next safe area on the field was refreshed. This is a circle that wraps the entire mountain range north of the Airport Military Base. Compared with the safe area just now, it is undoubtedly a concentric circle.

     West Bridge Bridge Head.

     Liu Zilang first saw a row of screen prompts, and then he saw all four IG people standing up not far away.

     It's this SKK again...

     Liu Zilang squinted slightly, an imperceptible edge flashed in his eyes, but it quickly converged.

      At this moment, the biggest problem before him was how to get into the next circle under the eyelids of C9 not far away.

     One dozen four?


     If it is in TPP third-view mode,

     Liu Zilang might try it again, and the card bunker steals waves of shadows.

     But from the FPP's first perspective, both sides have the same vision, and a strong team led by Shroud like C9 will definitely not have any problems with the team's coordination.

     If you put it right, the gun line on the opposite side will be opened.

     When he showed up,

     The bullets from the opponent's four guns will gather from all around like "Myriad Buddhas Makes A Pilgrimage Toward Sect".

     It's a geoduck!

     So things like 1V4,

     The key point is not whether Liu Zilang thinks about it.

     But lies in,

     The other side is willing to give the opportunity.


      At this moment, just after that wave of C9 made up the Wei Shen three behind the car, helped them counterattack Wei Shen’s TS and the remaining two indfall from the flanks.

     Naturally, there is no escape.After C9 learned that 4AM was defeated, he was searching for the most important person in 4AM near the bridge.

     That's Vic the sniper!

     Because according to normal logic, the three of Wei Shen went to hunt down the people on the west coast.

     So Liu Zilang, a team sniper, didn't keep up, so he should be setting up a gun on the bridge head.

     But the people from C9 cleared the bridge and went to find a wave of poison on the opposite side.

     However, Liu Zilang was still not found.

     However, the more so, the C9 people became more cautious and careful in their hearts at this time.

     Who is Liu Zilang?

     It was the monsters of the black whirlwind Li Kui Liquid and the North American Spectre Ghost in the single-player extinction team!

     It was the man who dragged SKK to death in the finals alone and made them "destined to eat chicken" in the last game.

     Such a player, even if only has one?

     C9 did not dare to take it lightly.

     But seeing that no one can be seen around, C9 did not stay at the bridge.

     Otherwise, God knows if Liu Zilang will suddenly get into trouble, he suddenly jumped out from where and beat them a no time to deal with it.

     Even if they can’t be destroyed, if they are knocked out and reduced their staff, it is not good news for C9.

     At the moment, when it is not in the safe zone, it is still a wise choice for C9 to get on the car and transfer.

     Qiaotou Fishing Village.

     Liu Zilang, who was squatting in the bushes outside the house, heard the sound of cars moving away.

     I couldn't help but relieved a little.He just finished the mental preparation of C9 clearing all the way to the fishing village, forced to violently shoot.

     But now that C9 was not coming, Liu Zilang didn't drive the Bounce that he had just hidden. Instead, he picked up his double guns and ran away in the direction of the C9 car.

      At this moment, C9 is like Liu Zilang's swift scout to explore the way ahead.

     If there is a team on the road, he will hear gunshots, which can act as an early warning.

     "Huh? This wave of Vic's way of entering the circle is really a thief!"

     "Well, if C9 is playing forward, he should be able to avoid the two teams, ACE and Underhood, who have just crossed the East Bridge and circled around."

     "Yes, it's interesting to say, the last game C9 only got the chicken with Vic's help, so in this game they raised Vic, in fact, nothing else is wrong."

     "Brother raise his hand to Big Brother, what's wrong with this, oh! Look at the map, C9 was driven by South Korea's ACE, but their speed is very slow, currently already stopped."

     Along with the commentary, the scene of the live director quickly reached the breaking point of the game.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     At the moment when C9 was hit, he braked and stopped behind the trees and rocks.

     At this time, the two teams are fully staffed, and once they stand up against each other with bunkers, the battle will naturally end in a short while.

     And Liu Zilang in the back heard the gunshots in front, and he also had a sense of relief. Although he might have played fish in troubled water in the past in this kind of melee,But once he was accidentally spotted by two teams halfway, that was the end of the instant that eight guns were aimed at his head.

     As the hope of the 4AM village at this time, he must play more cautiously.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang did not follow C9 anymore, but turned to touch in another direction.

     He thought there should be There's no problem on this road, and he could find a safe point in the next circle.

     As a result, I heard gunshots halfway through, and I swiped the prompt "Underhood killed XXX" on the upper right.

     However, Liu Zilang's position at this time has already arrived. There is no need to forcibly transfer him.

      Thought until here, he couldn't help but looked around, trying to find a tree to lie down.

     As a result, he did not expect that at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly saw a person under the tree.

     At this time, the man seemed to be a lone wolf,

     He was holding a gun under the tree, carefully aiming at the direction of the gunshot not far away, but he did not dare to shoot.

     Liu Zilang looked at him with a serious look like an old man with a film under the overpass, and suddenly he felt a distressed feeling in his heart...