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603 Fish, What A Big Fish, Tiger Shark! (5/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Host the commentary stage.

     "This... should be gone. I didn't expect Vic to meet Athletico's Mfreeca player in this place."

     "Mfreeca is still looking at the fight between Underhood and Navi. He didn't even notice Vic entering the circle from behind."

     "No way, I think on the one hand, Mfreeca is not careful, but the main reason is that the gunfire over there is too intense, covering Vic's footsteps behind."

     "Huh? Wait! Vic put away the gun, he is about to cut out the grenade."

     "No, brother! Can I call your brother? Don't mess around at this time."

     "Play like this in the game? I'll be honest... this wave is a bit unnecessary, right?"

     During the game competition, Liu Zilang held a grenade in his hand, as if pinching the hearts of countless viewers in the domestic broadcast room.

      At this moment, everyone who was watching the game widened their eyes, watching Liu Zilang's operation like a "marseille on the edge of death".

     However, Liu Zilang, who was holding the thunder in his hand, did not throw it out immediately, not even pulling the string.

     There was a pause because of gunfire not far away.

     He is waiting!

     Da Da Da—!


     The moment the gunfire rang,

     Liu Zilang pulled the lead abruptly.

     At this time, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms can clearly see from Liu Zilang's first perspective that the thunder in his hand is warming up, and it is constantly predicting where it will fall. What seems to be looking for?

     Are you so particular about throwing a thunder?This idea just surfaced in everyone's minds, and immediately after that, Liu Zilang's thunder had already been shot.

     In the picture, the fragmentation grenade drew a low parabola in the air and then landed on the grass, then rolled to a short distance beside Mfreeca under the tree.

     If you can't hear the sound at this time, you have to consider going to the ear department.

     Mfreeca apparently heard a "poach" too.

     Something is waiting!

     He was staring at the side with a thump in his heart, and when he got up, he quickly turned his body.

     At the next moment, Mfreeca not surprisingly saw the grenade on the ground, and was immediately stunned!

     Foggy grass!

     He subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but the grenade was thrown out after Liu Zilang's hands warmed up.

     Everything comes without enough time.


     The fire flashed, black smoke billowed.

     The dust and turf on the ground were blown up everywhere!

     The huge impact was like a bulldozer hitting Mfreeca's body, making him fly backwards uncontrollably, and slammed into a tree!

     Then he slid down and lay down, leaning against the tree, and sat down on the ground, looking like Daoist Monk suddenly realized under the tree

     "Sitting" on the spot ascends to heaven.

     The only thing that is somewhat discordant,

     Probably it was his eyes that were so round.

     It the Mfreeca player himself in front of the computer at this time.

     and many more!

     Since this person has discovered me a long time ago... then why does he throw thunder?Suddenly, Mfreeca couldn't help but feel the pain scratched the head, and fell into a state of autism where she could not ride her...

     At the same moment, the European and American audiences on the scene saw Mfreeca's death sitting posture, and they were speechless for a while, and the eyes looking at Liu Zilang on the stage were full of weird.

     This guy is too funny!

     I went to a lot of trouble and prepared for so long just to arrange the funeral. Who plays the game like this...

     This is so deranged!

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Seeing this scene, the three of Su Changming couldn't help but looked at each other with a wry smile, and shook their heads one after another.

     Fortunately, there is no what happened in this wave, so this is the best news for the only remaining of the great Huaxia team.

     But then again,

     Is this kid really not afraid of accidentally getting into trouble and being sprayed autistic by audience fans when he goes back?

     However, Liu Zilang's move was to make the three commentators dazed for a moment.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     When Liu Zilang walked to the box beside Mfreeca's body and picked up something, he suddenly walked around behind the tree and squatted down motionless like a statue.

     Everyone at the scene:...

     This is so obvious that I want fishing law enforcement!

     On the commentary stage, Su Changming glanced at the map, and suddenly reacted, "Wait, Vic is the location that the entire East Bridge area must pass through for the teams coming from, maybe he really has some chances to be so dark. .""But this corpse will disappear soon, right?" Master Rong touched his chin and smashed his mouth. "But there is a box on the ground, which seems to be a little decoy."

     At this moment, everything happened suddenly in the director's camera.

     In the big screen picture.

     I saw a full four-man team, at this time quietly walking along the hillside towards the safe area.

     And the direction they touched,

     It is this position that Liu Zilang is in.

     "My God! It's the European Vitality team!"

     "Crap! I feel that Vic has caught a tiger shark by fishing!"

     In an instant, the eyes of countless spectators on the scene gathered all of a sudden.

     You must know that this wave is different from any previous wave faced by Liu Zilang. Although he was equally inconceivable in the last game, he defeated Liquid and Ghost solo.

     But when he hit Liquid, although he killed four, only three were able to move at the time.

     Later, he took advantage of a flash bomb.

     As for the wave of a single person confronting Ghost, it was a long-range spear that brought down one person, and then while the other person was helping, an ultra-long distance world wave struck a "C" in the air, directly Two people fell down.

     Then in other words,

     On the frontal battlefield in this world.

     Liu Zilang has not actually played 1V4, and there may be no such thing as "1V4" at all.

     Therefore, seeing the Vitality team approaching Vic, the atmosphere in the domestic live broadcast room suddenly became tense.

     "It's over! What a mess! It's cold!""Fuck! Will not so, will you turn the water?"

     "If we die now, none of our three teams will be able to make the top ten."

     "Grass! Vic is too ridiculous! Any one of you has an address. If you die this time, you just die!"

     "Go and go together!"


     During the game, Vitality was also very cautious in listening to the gunshots not far away.

     The two of them looked at the front and the two looked at the back.

     The four of them showed a forward and backward linkage posture, slowly advancing towards the edge of the safe zone.

     At this moment, the Shado1k who was in charge of watching the front suddenly eyes twitched, and the muzzle in his hand was pulled quickly!

     "There are people under the tree!"


     Da Da Da—!

     The rapid gunfire suddenly sounded!

     Shiv, who was watching the front with him, also immediately pulled the gun.

     However, in the next moment, the two could not help being complexion stiffened.

     Because they suddenly found that the tree was beaten to blood by them...

     It seems to be a corpse.

      At the same time, Mfreeca, who was eliminated from the audience, watched as he was being beaten to the corpse again, and his heart instantly convulsed!

     Is this person... the devil?? !