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607 Who Is The Destiny?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

If there is a choice, Liu Zilang was of course more willing to raise his hand to Faze's little brother.

     But it is a pity that all three of SKK were behind the car, and the burning jeep blocked his gun line.

     In line with the principle of human head would be a waste not to take, he could only make up for the three Faze who were knocked down near the point.

     "SKK has played at the extreme limit! Faze is also a pity, just a little bit, they can kill the team recognized as the strongest in this world championship."

     "If I was right, Vic seems to have stolen a man's head just now. Now SKK is helping people with drugs, Vic! Oh! He's here!"

     "It's an opportunity! Captain Karl's condition is very poor, and the first aid kit is only halfway through. Vic's wave of shooting can directly clear SKK, the biggest opponent."

     "Huh? What's going on? Vic was beaten!"

     "It's Savage on the flank of SKK! Wait, don't shoot! Sino-Vietnamese friendship, buddies!"

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that Savage, who had just been beaten by SKK with his head full of bags, lifted up people, because the SKK behind the jeep all climbed to the concave slope where Karl had hidden before.

     They raised the head to look, no one on the front.

     Looking at it again, a stranger came from outside the circle.

     Why doesn't this hit you?

     Liu Zilang didn't expect that he was accidentally stolen by the Vietnamese team Savage over there.

     Whoops whoops—!

     There are four people on the other side,

     This kind of mid-range rifle burst, not to mention how accurate the marksmanship, but the firepower is absolutely spectacular!

     In the pouring bomb rain,Liu Zilang's body shape suddenly left, suddenly right, crazy snake skin.

     In my heart is crazy MMP!

     After being shot three times, he found a thicker tree halfway and hid with great difficulty.

     Many viewers in the domestic live broadcast room saw this scene, and the bullet screen suddenly exploded!

     "I'll make it together! This group is no different than the enemy!"

     "Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Your own people, old irons!

     "Distressed a wave of Vic, reaching out a helping hand of internationalism, but was interrupted by the other side with a hammer..."

     "It will get cold if this goes on! When the monsters of SKK fight blood, Vic will be blocked out of the circle!"

     The audience in the live broadcast room can see this, and Liu Zilang in the game is naturally very clear.

     Seeing things cannot be done,

     Naturally, Liu Zilang did not force it.

     After pulling up the blood in a first aid kit behind the tree, he poured another bottle of Red Bull. Before the person on the SKK side had not pulled it up, he quickly spread the cigarette and circled in from the other side.

     No matter what, let's talk about the advanced circles.

     Otherwise, it will be difficult for him to get into the circle after the poison is brushed.

     After entering the circle, Liu Zilang dressed in auspicious clothes went into battle. He threw the pan behind his buttocks and immediately found a bush in the shadow of a tree and lay down.

     After the three of SKK got up, they didn't immediately control the Savage on the flanks, but immediately searched for the trace of Liu Zilang.

     However, at this time Liu Zilang had sneaked into the circle a long time ago, where can the SKK trio find it?After the smoke dissipated, the SKK trio who carefully opened the gun line saw the tree as empty as anything and couldn't help but look at each other in dismay.

     Vivian blew the bangs on the front of her forehead, slightly annoyed, "Huh! Let him run fast!"

     "Okay." Karl shrugged the shoulders, smiling helplessly, "It's okay, if that guy follows us like the last game, that's not good news."

     Hearing this, SKK’s voice could not help but a spell of silence. All three of them subconsciously remembered that Liu Zilang suddenly jumped out from behind in the last game.

     In the end, the scene dragged to death.

     It feels like victory is right in front of you, and the future is bright. Suddenly, a shameless person carries a brick and gives you the back of your head.

     "He won't have that chance again!" Satan squinted slightly, as if a few words were squeezed out of his teeth.


     Next, the fourth wave of poison soon began to shrink.

     The three teams, C9, ACE, and Underhood, who entered the lap from the west, also greeted each other when they entered the lap.

     ACE, who was lucky, was caught in the middle,

     Soon after being surrounded by two teams, C9 and ACE, they were directly defeated.

     The situation of Savage on the east side is relatively better.

     But which is only relative.

     After two of them were defeated by SKK, the remaining two resolutely abandoned their teammates and drove off the southern slope of the mountain over there.

     When the radiation spreading from around the Jedi Island coincides with the boundary of the safe zone, the next circle will be refreshed."This circle...oh! Ness! Vic is in the circle of fate!"

     "It seems that this is also the fourth sister of God Blessing, oh no, now there is only one sister left."

     "Hehe, we can see that there are 5 teams and 13 people left on the field, so what Vic said is the top five in this game."

     "Yes, third in the first game. If you get the top five in this game, then hope for the next game."

     "Well, but the problem now is that the first C9 in the last game and the second SKK also survived the top five, which is probably not good news for 4AM."

     "Yes, the current situation of 4V3V3V2V1, except for the Underhood four-man team from South America, SKK and C9 are both three-player teams, Savage is a two-person team, only Vic is a lone wolf, so his situation is not optimistic."

     "But fortunately, the final round was a mountain circle, with lots of grass and trees, which is very helpful for Vic to hide. If it is a wheat field circle or a real estate final circle, this auspicious suit will not help, but will become a drag."

     "Well, we can see that Vic has thrown the pan behind his ass, and it seems that he is ready to hold his hand."

     This time, the three explanations in Huaxia District are not wrong, and Liu Zilang is indeed preparing for a wave of OB.

     If only one SKK is used, he might also use the silencer AM to sneak down.

     But at this time there was also a C9 Demon King Shroud on the field, and the two sides were scattered on both sides of the circle.

     If Liu Zilang is still thinking about stealing people this time, he is using his AM to insult these monsters' Listening In On Arguments From Afar ability.So next,

     In the penultimate finals.

     The four teams, including Liu Zilang, were all stuck on the edge of the safe zone, showing a five-pointed star as a whole.

     Although the four teams over there will come in a few shots from time to time, in fact, they are far away from each other without slamming their faces.

     Unless a lone wolf like Liu Zilang,

     Several other teams are more difficult to make up even if they are knocked down.

     In this way, wait until the countdown of one minute and thirty seconds has passed, including the next thirty seconds to shrink the poison.

     Due to the fact that all five teams on the field were in the circle, there was no attrition on the field.

     But when the radiation poison circle overlaps with the safe zone boundary again, the next circle refreshes.

     The audience who had been praying for the Fate Circle for the team they supported couldn't help being taken aback!

     Because Second Last,

     It is actually a concentric circle.

     Then in other words, none of the four teams stuck on the poison side have destiny!

     The distance from everyone to the next circle,

     Almost as if the difference.